Triangle UFO Travels Under 150 Feet Above Toledo City In Ohio

An Ohio resident had witnessed a fast-moving triangular shaped UFO under 150 feet in altitude while driving along Toledo road in southern direction, Route 475 approaching Turnpike underpass, according to Case 61353 testimony from the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.
The witness thought that it was a plane, particularly a Lear jet flying at very low altitude across the highway. The UFO had one light at each end and one in the center. It had no strobe light and the witness did not hear any sound from the moving UFO despite flying at very low altitude.
When the object was half a mile away, the witness turned his head to the left and saw its rear view. The witness was surprised to see what looked like a rectangular panel of solid, bright, red lights made of about 6 to 8 smaller panels bordered together. This time, the witness had a strong feeling that he saw an unidentified flying object.
When the witness turned his focus back on the road, he lost sight of the object and never saw it again. The witness made good drawings about what he witnessed, but he does not know how to send them by computer as he needed to use the U.S. Postal Service.
Toledo is one of the most populated city in Ohio with 287, 203 residents. Ohio had recorded 13 UFO reports in October 2014, which translates to 1.30 sightings per million population. Currently, Ohio is in UFO Alert Rating 5, the lowest among 5 levels.
States with 2.0 or lower reports per million residents are categorized as Alert 5; 2.01-2.5 are Alert 4; 2.51 – 3.0 are Alert 3; 3.01-4.0 are Alert 2; and Alert 1 are states with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents.

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