The Zetas – Greys


Of the countless extraterrestrials that have visited this planet or interacted with it, the Zetas would seemingly have had the greatest direct contact with humans and are thus probably the most active alien culture on Earth.

These are the familiar large-headed ETs with huge black eyes, and stature about four feet. They appear to be responsible for the majority of abductions comprising a massive program on planet Earth.

Nevertheless, human abductions by the Dracos-controlled group of Zetas would be the most dangerous, in which captives are taken to underground bases where horrific experiments are conducted, much of this apparently under secret government complicity and security. Abductees of the pure Zeta groups are generally taken aboard their spacecrafts.
The Zetas are named as such since they are from Zeta Reticuli – a double star, 39 light years away – in the constellation Reticulum of the southern hemisphere, though some reside in the Orion and Sirius systems known as the Greys, and in general are now somewhat spread around, having cloned bodies that can tolerate varied environmental conditions. Countless varieties now exist.
Though the Zetas can operate as a single mind they paradoxically have split up into numerous groups varying from benevolent to the highly negative and treacherous Zeta-Dracos hybrids.

Their mass mind has been compartmented, though they can still access the mind of other groups within the Zeta mind.
The more negative groups appear to have a notoriety for lying.

This was noticed and commented on in the early days of the captured single entity by the government referred to as an EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity).

This alien, which was apparently a Dracos-Zeta, known as the Rutilia by the Guardian Alliance, was confined – following the Roswell crash in 1947 – until 1951 when it became ill and died in 1952.

It was found that a zoologist rather than a medical practitioner was the most helpful in assisting this sick ET. Its body functioning had a resemblance to plants regarding its method of absorption of nutrients, which was apparently through the skin.

Moreover, the Dracos types are said to bathe in blood to absorb the valuable life-giving hormones and enzymes.
These Zetas/Greys (and presumably the hybrids) tend to turn bluish in skin coloring when hungry but can fast for many days without food. The reptilian Dracos can similarly go for weeks after one large meal.
Many Zetas have channeled information through humans. It cannot all be relied upon.

We are not referring to the channeling unreliability, that is, errors occurring, but to the possibility of the source deliberately falsifying information in channeling. We are told they began regular visits to Earth around the 1940s (though the earliest was in the ’20s), initially contacting the human collective, requesting help in handling their problems.

They were apparently suffering from cell deterioration and inability to experience spiritual inspiration, with very low adaptability and virtually no instinct. In return for providing human medical information, Earth people would learn to understand their weakest emotion, that of fear, and how to turn it to a strength.
According to this Zeta information, agreements were made at the human collective level. That means there were soul agreements, the soul level of each individual agreed to avail themselves for genetic information.

We now know, however, that some abductions, which would be by the more unenlightened Zetas and Greys, were made without agreements. (On the basis that the soul level is inviolate, these disagreements must have been overridden by enforced agreements – Zeta trickery? – based on karmic needs.)

As a result, many of these poor individuals are in mental institutions, though the final straw was provided by friends, relatives, and professionals who disbelieved their experiences.
Now it is important to realize that the Zetas existed in a higher- frequency spectrum and were not visible to humans, and there was no possible adequate communication at the physical level. Hence initial abductions were done astrally in dream states.
Nevertheless the Zetas, for practical purposes, created an altered state. In fact there were three forms of Zeta in our midst.

There was the basic Zeta in its natural condition of higher frequencies, very high energy, and could not interact with humans; only in dream states (astrally). Then there was the Zeta that has been altered to enable it to interact with us. This was achieved by placing the alien in a denser environment to step down the frequencies to the physical level with a change in consciousness.

This could be permanent or temporary.

Finally there was the Zeta/human hybrid, of which some of the earlier lines were unstable and few could communicate with us. In addition, human DNA was cloned with the altered Zeta in an attempt to find a physiological condition that might trigger emotions.
The hybridization was achieved by abducting a suitable female, implanting the hybrid embryo, and again abducting the female and removing it from the womb after a gestation period of a few months. There are documents to prove this.

Such hybrid children, whose parents were said to be a Zeta male (the fact that we are told male and female were the same isn’t actually a problem) and a human female, could not survive on Earth and were kept aboard the ships. Further research utilizing different scenarios and altered DNA has been successful, enabling a child to survive on Earth – and has apparently been done. See below for information on hybrids.
The Zetas/Greys have been watching us throughout history for millions of years – they found themselves strangely drawn towards us.

Prior to their existence in Zeta Reticuli they were of human-Vegan lineage inhabiting a planet named Apex in the Lyra constellation (according to Zeta information). In the Voyagers book writings the planet was apparently called Apaxien Lau.
The planet was similar to Earth with a genetic mixture of races.

A civilization of diverse viewpoints and individuality was emerging even more pronounced than has occurred on Earth. They increasingly digressed towards an imbalance of technology and consciousness with over-emphasis on technology and science, as in the human case, but the Zetas did this to a greater degree and blamed their wars on their emotions and passions.
Now much of the above is corroborated but regarding the actual destruction of the planet and their cellular deterioration we have two more versions from the Voyagers series and the Explorer books.

In the Explorer series the Zeta, Joopah, admits that the word ‘war’ is not completely accurate. Joopah is a Zeta, one of only three evolved into the 9th dimension, in effect is from the future, supplying information to Earth about the Zeta agenda and aiding the Zetas in their struggle for survival.
We are told by this source that millions of years ago the presently-named Zetas were not unlike humans but with even greater displays of emotion. Their government scientists unknown to the population conducted an experiment to observe the emotional effects of excessive breeding. The drive for procreation was stepped up by lacing foods with drugs, but creating permanent effects on the mind, resulting in insanity.

Civilians killed to obtain resources, becoming scarcer as the population expanded.

No mention was made of birth control to arrest the over-population but considering separate information that their females were allowed to die when giving birth to babies with excessive sized heads since hysterectomies were unthinkable, then it seems possible that birth control was an unacceptable custom – it is all a matter of society’s programming.
Many scientists and government officials either left the planet or hid in bunkers and planned a new design for the species. This was the beginning of the idea of cloning a new genetic type.
Now the informative book Voyagers, volume 1 gives us another explanation for the destruction of the planet.

The Zetas were experimenting with dimensional locks to expand their knowledge by draining energy from parallel versions of their planet and combining these reality fields with their own. But they destabilized the time portals and dimensional bands of their own system.

A linear-time sequence would not take hold and a black hole was produced. They closed it but the black hole fragmented. Apparently black holes cannot be closed until all the information, material, etc. which has gone through is recovered and realigned in time.

They observed that they had sealed it and forgot about it, but since the matter hadn’t been aligned it shifted to another location that took them years to find again. During this time the dimensional imbalance which had now trapped them was causing mutations.
The dangers to the local universe region was recognized by other ETs and an intervention occurred from the Guardian Alliance. They handled the black hole but the Zeta planet was ‘sucked in’.
More generally available information on the Zetas, including what they have told us, refers to their planet becoming highly toxic following a war. The planet’s atmosphere began to deteriorate from pollution and radiation.

Plants could no longer produce enough oxygen, and over many generations preparations were made to move underground. Many resisted and died from diseases caused by the toxicity. Some of these beings have since reincarnated throughout the galaxy with the purpose of warning others to prevent them from falling into similar dangers.
Finally they all were moved underground.

They had to learn how to adapt. It became a combination of evolving characteristics through living underground plus cloning and genetic alterations to achieve better survival. This involved restructuring their bodies so they would absorb certain frequencies of light beyond the visible, and changes in body functions so that nutrients were absorbed in a different way – apparently through the skin.
They built cities underground and gave great thought to the problem of emotion. As a result, they cloned out all physiological responses to emotions; they took out the neurochemical reactions.

The result was there was no varied response – it was the same to everything. They estimated feeling by different degrees of curiosity.

(Nevertheless, Joopah, mentioned above, stated that they did not experience curiosity as we know it. One must realize that their understanding of emotions was virtually nonexistent and thus disagreements would be expected.)
They state they do not have any understanding of the concept love, or even vulnerability, and have extremely poor survival instincts compared with humans. They state they do not have the right chemicals in the body for emotions. And this is why they put organic implants in humans to absorb neurochemicals in our brains secreted by emotions.

Later the implants are removed and processed in their laboratories. They are trying to change their brains to simulate these chemical responses and understand the spiritual nature more. Humans are extremely individualized, whereas they function as a mass mind – the whole motivates them. This factor difference, however, enables each to learn something from the other.
Earthman is now exhibiting similar problems to what the Zetas created in their early history, that is, secreting similar chemicals.

The Zetas have apparently lost their records of the genetic information gathered in their past when they cloned themselves. Nevertheless, with their time-travel technology they could have recovered such knowledge. Unfortunately it was genetic information derived before their crisis, and it would not resolve their problem now. This procedure and material did not have the answers.
Before humans were abducted, the Zetas experimented with animals from Earth such as cattle (but note that the majority of cattle mutilations were done by the negative Sirians and the secret government).

Further to this they used human corpses. but the results were unsuccessful and the abduction program was commenced.

They thus sought out races with Vegan DNA of sufficient development.

Humans on planet Earth satisfied this condition. We in fact have both Vegan and Lyran (the particular Lyran group) ancestry; thus we represent the Zetas’s survival and future. Furthermore, we are told that what we are getting out of our interaction with them is much more valuable than we’ve ever realized.
Note that the Zetas do not use the word ‘abduction’. They claim they only detain humans.

This will invite very varied viewpoints depending on the experiences of the abductees. Many insist they have benefited from the experience spiritually – even if it is only a greater reality on past lives – in spite of the extreme trauma in many cases of the abduction process.

In fact there was an unfamiliar interaction between the aliens and the human abductees. In almost all cases there was fear. Ironically, although the Zetas had no reaction or understanding of emotion, such as fear, they were affected by this energy from the human. In fact they realized it could destroy them.
They handled this problem by surrounding the abductee in an electronic field. This prevented effects of the fear energy on the aliens but unfortunately concentrated it around the human – also preventing proper outgoing communication from the human to the alien.

It was a one-way communication from alien to human. This sometimes intensified the fear into terror for the abductee. The field is only visible to the human by its effect of creating a more grey appearance of the alien.
Each alien mission, however, apparently has a Zeta over- seer – the ‘friendly one’ as noted by abductees. This seer would come over when the person was in fear and pass its hand over the human’s third eye, bringing instant release from fear.
They eventually discovered the neurochemicals responsible for emotions.

This information combined with the sterile condition caused by the radiation encouraged the project of cloning. Such techniques were gradually introduced and genetic modifications were conducted to produce a species better suited to the underground conditions. After countless years of genetic experiments there are a great many varieties of Zetas/Greys, brown, grey, and blue in color; even blue-eyed in the case of the very benevolent ones.
It appears that their overemphasis on intellect and science had created enlarged skulls, even prior to the cloned bodies of which we are familiar – the Zetas as we know them today. As the skull increased in size it became increasingly difficult for the female to give birth. Since hysterectomies were unthinkable, even sacrilegious to them, many females died.
Thus the cloned body program was a solution to all this.

They stated they cloned them small to give more relative space in their underground cities and would then, in general, require less resources for easier survival. The cloned eyes were large (though they were larger than human’s previously) to let in more light, since even bright, artificial light is inferior to sunlight.

Furthermore, the eyes would evolve still larger to accommodate more light and their pupils dilated to the whole eye after thousands of years underground.
They were now suffering from cell deterioration and a blockage between the spiritual self and the physical self, with inability to receive spiritual inspiration, which they seemingly began to realize was due to removing all emotional reactions. Cloning had created a weak cellular structure and there was poor adaptability.
They do not experience any form of pain, mental or physical.

All emotional effects were foreign to their thinking. Nevertheless, curiosity was apparently strong and different degrees of this were used to evaluate certain experiences.

It is interesting to note that in more recent times they had the cognition that curiosity was an emotion and this seemingly became a confidence boost to encourage them to continue to strive to recover their emotional reactions, which, as we have stated, they had recognized to be the principal factor in their deterioration and limitations.
The fragmentation of their society occurred over hundreds of years underground.

Various groups had no communication with one another (and presumably didn’t make the effort to connect up underground). Thus during this period of adaptation very different cultures developed, resulting in the many variations of the Zetas and Greys we know of today.

Note that the Greys had slightly different genetic structures from the Zetas – the latter more insectoidal and the Greys more reptilian.

Although the abductions are mainly associated with the beings from Zeta Reticuli, the Greys are reported to have been manipulating Earth much longer. Motivations towards humans from one group to another is quite varied.

The Greys tend to be subservient to or mercenaries for the reptilians.
When the Zetas eventually returned to the surface of their radioactive planet, their astronomers discovered something amazing, according to Zeta sources (this is not stated in the other two versions of the destruction). They looked at the stars in the night sky and realized they were in a different region of space. Somehow the planet had been transported to the Zeta Reticuli double-star system.

Fantastic though this may appear to us, new physics theories are not so incompatible. Also the highly intelligent version of the destruction of the planet in Voyagers, mentioned above, did say the planet was sucked in.
Proceeding with an explanation of the previous version, we know that radioactivity destroys atoms. It is a reaction taking place in the nucleus of atoms where exists a powerful 4D node. This is a black and white hole – mainly a white hole (energy coming out of the centre) giving the positive charge, expressed by the protons.
When an atomic explosion occurs, a neutron splits the nucleus (fission), which tears the 3D matrix at this point, causing 4D energy to rush in (that is, from beyond/inside), which then pressures out of the centre into our 3D reality with enormous explosive force before the tear is sealed and stabilized. This was happening with radioactivity, only gradually.
Thus intense radioactivity will cause myriads of these effects, and it is not inconceivable that one big tear from the accumulation of small ones was the result. (Imagine making many pin holes in a piece of taut tissue paper. It could result in a large tear.)
This large rift in spacetime would bend spacetime. It would be a dimensional vortex with the properties of a black hole that, as has been speculated by physicists, connects to other universes or other parts of our universe.
Consequently it is not an impossibility even with our limited thinking that the Zeta planet fell through this dimensional portal and ended up elsewhere. Of course, the energy shift would have to retain balance. Our present science, however, knows nothing of the inner-interconnecting energy network throughout the universe (even the proton and the electrons are interconnected internally – that is, 4D wise). Though quantum physics does speculate on this network.
Thus the Zetas’ planet had apparently shifted to Zeta Reticuli.

From there, with their new bodies, they eventually segregated into groups, though ironically they operate via a single mind (this would of course be a separate mind for each group, although the full species collective would still be functional on a higher-dimensional level).
The negative Zetas built spacecrafts and relocated to other planets in the Constellation Reticulum. Others ventured into the universe for exploration purposes establishing colonies in Orion and Sirius.
It appears likely that much of this is true but that it is deceptively presented (a Zeta viewpoint) to steer recipient human’s thinking in the direction of sympathy and help towards them.
For example, the more negative Zetas would enslave this planet if circumstances were favorable for them.
Now the cloning procedure was surprisingly sacred (according to channel Zoosh). They had what looked like a test tube sliced down the middle, tilted against a wall in which the cellular development occurred.
Once the body was fully formed, a liquid (crystal) was drained off. At this point it was only a body with closed eyes. A ritual was conducted in which three-to-five sacred seers stood around the body, and further out were members of the general population standing in this forum.
The sacred seers performed a ceremony to invite the soul personality to inhabit the body.

The body would then begin to move as the soul personality entered and the eyes would open. Members of the population would approach and communicate very benevolently. When carried out in this fashion the ceremony ensures that the personality is appropriate (for example, not an evil spirit – clones will not generally attract normal souls).
The cloned body remains the same throughout its life cycle. It does not age but eventually just ‘crumbles’ and the heart just stops. They obtain a warning of the body expiration about three days before, though a seer will know a month before and the council will be warned if a replacement on a particular project is required.
The Zetas cloned only a neutral body, neither male nor female.

They are generally between three-and-a-half, and four-and-a-half feet tall. They are hairless with grey skin, have large, slanted black eyes, seemingly lidless, in a disproportionately large head, with virtually no nose, and small inoperative slit for a mouth. No marked ear appendages are apparent.

Their gait is quite robotic due to their propensity for design efficiency. They can diffuse through walls, etc. The material of their bodies is not biological but more plasmic. Joopah explained this as like ‘compressed light’ or if that is a difficult concept, like ‘compressed electricity’. And if it was sufficiently compressed on Earth it would turn to liquid.
Abductees have complained that when looking into the large black eyes of the Zetas it is as though they are being swallowed up. The data on this is that when looking into these eyes the subconscious of the human is brought to the surface. That is, any past experience associated with their current experiences rises to consciousness.

This then amplifies the emotional effect on the Zetas.
The Zetas have a moderate ability to shape-shift into animal forms, etc. but are limited by their lack of emotional body and will invariably resort to interference with the perception of humans. This is achieved by scrambling the brain-wave patterns of those viewing them.

This perceptual interference process, giving distorted data, is processed through the neurological system, causing strange odors to arise. This is thus an indicator that scrambling is taking place.
The question may arise as to why a large head is necessary; in other words, a large brain. There are many extraterrestrials equally as brilliant and even more advanced, with normal, humanoid-type sized heads – or without bodies at all.
A somewhat unexpected explanation was given in the Explorer series of books but quite logical.

The Zetas deliberately focused on technology and philosophy at the expense of other subjects, particularly as this was compatible seemingly with their unemotional mental state. They desired to filter out other distractions.

This was achieved by the overdeveloped brain, which enforced formatting of consciousness for intellectual pursuits.

In general, ETs will develop higher abilities through the mind and spirit but there will not be an automatic selection of material being absorbed – one would not be able to prevent attention on and interest in other subjects. The brain, however, is a formatting mechanism and acted as a filter for a specific channeled ability but enabling that ability to reach great heights.
What is the Zetas’ motivation in coming to planet Earth?

We have explained the viewpoint that it is to obtain help from Earthman:

to acquire genetic material in their search for a solution to their deteriorating physical and spiritual condition.

The viewpoint of the unenlightened Zetas is to take over Earth; preferably to retain humans but only in so far as they would not get in the way and act as obedient slaves.
This viewpoint may be accurate for the Dracos-Zeta groups but not for the more benevolent and enlightened, who have recognized that they need humans and for humans to succeed for the resolution of their problems. In general, they realize that human mass consciousness agreed to aid them and permitted them to conduct medical experiments on humans. They are operating on the basis that every human abducted has agreed at the soul level to cooperate.
In fact, ETs unfamiliar with humans may not understand the soul/personality paradox.

The Zetas, on detaining, as they call it, a human for research purposes, claim they were puzzled at the resistance that the human offered in this agreed-upon (at the soul level) interaction. And in fact, one Zeta, in channeled communication, claimed it was like hitting a brick wall of understanding.
The human was agreeing at the soul level but disagreeing at the human personality level, and was reacting in fear.

We might note, however, that there was initially an inability by the aliens to recognize fear since it did not exist for them. In addition, as mentioned previously, unenlightened Zetas are involved in abductions not agreed upon.
Nevertheless, we cannot accept that with their intelligence they would deliberately not quickly grasp what was going on. It seems that they would turn a blind eye to the suffering, and as mentioned earlier, use electronic fields, justifying all this by the importance of the needed information, and, we presume agreement by the human at the soul level.
It is of interest to mention though that there have been examples where a woman has been abducted and she spoke firmly and overtly to them, pointing out that they were violating the person’s rights and God’s laws by taking people against their will.

The result, as stated by these people, was that the abductee was immediately freed and returned home. Note, however, that they do not acknowledge a god, but Universal Law.
We might also add that whenever the Zetas completed an abduction of this kind, the individual was returned home safely and where appropriate, made comfortable in bed. Furthermore, the Zetas, in their defense, assert that without any agreement from the human (soul) they could not ‘find’ the (preselected) person.
Let us keep in mind, however, that the Dracos-Zeta kidnapping carries the greater danger to humans. There is abundant references to underground vats of human parts and grotesque experiments in which varied species, animals, humans, insects, etc. are genetically combined, creating horrific and pathetic monsters.
Our secret government has also its own programs of a similar nature.

There are reports of armies of clones of different genetics:

  • computer-like human-type beings
  • cloned ETs of the Zeta type
  • in particular, a lizard-like species with reports of not infrequent escapes from the underground bases

Contact newspaper related such incidents, and stated that the locals became used to such appearances and probably saw them as retards.

An example was given of a small – presumably underdeveloped and not yet programmed – cloned lizard-like creature that was fascinated by switches and technological gadgets, even the slamming of a car door.

Such escapades are short-lived and anxious security men will always bring their brief freedom to an end.
We might add that according to Joopah there is a kind of ‘student exchange’ program between the Zetas and the secret government, except that Zetas do not study on Earth. Scientists from scientific inner-circles of the government voluntarily visit the Zeta planets where they conduct research relating to their own disciplines.

Remember that these are not ordinary academics and probably never were, but would be carefully nurtured and programmed for their roles.

Biologists are encouraged to become involved in genetic research, and Zoologists will be directed to physiological areas since there are no animals. There is, however, a zoological library that can be experienced holographically.

Prior to visiting the Zeta planets the humans must undergo intensive orientation in preparation for their alien environmental encounter.

Suitable atmospheres must be set up. Samples of food are brought by the humans for the Zetas to replicate. Great care is taken by the Zetas to make the humans comfortable and at ease.

It is interesting to note that even the human’s trip to these planets, 39 light years away, is manipulated for least disorientation. Instead of rapid transit with the sensation of no motion, the humans are taken via an initial trajectory near Saturn, then instant transportation to Zeta Reticuli, and again another course is taken involving motion to the final destination.
The Zeta group which has repeatedly refused treaties with the Guardian Alliance is the so-called Greys, from a planet Rigel in the Orion constellation called the Rigelians (the Guardian Alliance knows them as Futczhe).

This group, however, formed treaties with the secret government and previously orchestrated the Sun manipulation (see ET/Government Interactions). These are the most aggressive and militant of the Zeta/Grey races and are extremely dangerous to humans, and will even present themselves as Guardians.
Let us continue the Zeta story under hybrids…


The Zeta interaction with Earth brings us the most important study of hybrids.

One of the main justifiable reasons for the abductions, from their point of view, was because the Zetas feared their own extinction was imminent and that they must create a hybrid as indicated to them by their ‘teachers’ from the ‘ninth dimension’. But the more benevolent Zetas also considered the plight of the human race, which was heading towards destruction, and that they should therefore also reproduce humans.
Unenlightened Zetas were also abducting, but for purely selfish purposes of perpetuating their species and enslaving Earth.

This group of resistance Zetas/Greys, including Dracos-Zeta hybrids and Zeta-human hybrids under Zeta and Dracos control, are now numbered in the hundreds of thousands only; successful treaties having been formed by the Guardian Alliance with the others.
The purpose of the hybrid was not only as a durable physical vessel to replace their own deteriorating bodies but one that could withstand the Earth’s vibrations and environment; in particular, oxygen and carbon, both toxic to the Zeta body.
In the early hybridization experiments there was limited success and the hybrids lived short lives. Many abductees claim to have been taken aboard ships to spend time with the hybrid children, with the purpose of providing the children with interactions of human energy so they would not be too energy-biased towards Zetas. These hybrid children are described as very placid compared with human babies.
After hundreds of attempts, more viable structures were developed, though a short while ago there was still only reference to a hybrid being able to tolerate the human environment for a limited period.

The aim was to produce a hybrid, 51% Zeta and 49% human (explanation of percentage not given).

The problems have by now apparently been overcome. A relatively successful type was one with jet black skin (Explorer Race books); no hair, or eyebrows or eyelashes.

Amongst the many hybridization experiments was also a 60%/40% Zeta/human in attempting to bridge the communication gap between Zetas and humans, or Zetas and hybrid Zeta/humans.
A more recent version, the 51%/49% type, referred to as the ‘Whites’ or the ‘Borendt’ has been successful. This hybrid is created either by egg donor (on the ship) or by fetus transplant. In the latter case, a human female is abducted, given a fetus transplant and returned to Earth.

The gestation period in the womb will vary according to the amount of silica matrix in the DNA the female possesses. With more of the silica matrix, or full quota, the gestation period can be about four months. After this period, frequencies of the hybrid are becoming too high for the host and the environment.

This would destroy the hybrid and probably kill the woman by drawing too much on her energy reserves. The female is abducted again after a maximum tolerable gestation period and the fetus removed.

In some cases the gestation period is only about two months governed by the lack of silica matrix. The longer period of incubation is preferable since this will produce a hybrid which will be able to withstand better the Earth environment and be able to relate more effectively with humans.
When the Zetas began their program of testing and observing humans they did not know the full implications of what they were getting into. The big picture was of course beneficial to both humans and Zetas.

It appears that owing to the compatible origin of humans and Zetas (Lyran and Vegan genetics), and furthermore the relationship of their problems – war/emotions; Zeta decreasing population/Earth increasing population; Zeta past similar to our present/future; and also learning of how they have destroyed their race compared with humans heading for similar destruction – the linear time lines (were) merged to cause our present to be a probable past for the Zetas.

In other words, the whole plan was overseen by higher ET councils and engineered for the benefit of both species.
The Zetas thus eventually attained the realization of this bigger picture (inspired from higher realms) and adjusted their program accordingly.

They understood they couldn’t handle their condition in any short period of time and that their destiny rested with humans. They considered there was little future for their old body form; they needed a new structure to continue their consciousness. They thus directed their attention to contacts with humans more conducive to maximum benefits for them, with a view to perfecting the hybrid human-Zeta.
The hybrids form an ideal bridge between Zetas and humans, in particular, to enable Zetas to understand humans better. But essentially they were created as an alternative in case the Zeta race became extinct.

As stated, however, it is now known that the Zeta body is becoming more biological with the potential to recover their spiritual connections through balanced emotional- body development, and they will not require the hybrid.
The Zeta-human hybrid is taller than the Zeta, and is about 5 feet. The female has hair, which is white; the males no hair, as with the Zetas.

Their faces are a compromise of human and Zeta, which means the head and the eyes are a little smaller than the Zetas; the nose and mouth a little larger but still very small. Earlier versions had four fingers and a short pointed ‘thumb’ with no nail but recent types have five fingers; the thumb as long as the fingers giving increased dexterity.
This hybrid is the species, genetically speaking, known as the ET called Essassani.
Regarding the agenda for the preservation of the human population, a position was reached in which human babies were sustained on the ships but no one knew how to look after them. They were dying. Women were abducted for the purpose of nursing the babies but the problem of suitable environments arose and the babies needed direct contact with the females.

Moreover, a further hope was to extract from the minds of the women information and pictures for infant care. Unfortunately the Zetas came up with chaotic material from their point of view – information from films, abuse of children, etc. They couldn’t handle it.

Finally it was decided to create another hybrid: about 90% human and 10% Zeta to care for the infants.
This was apparently successful, and women from Earth were brought in to teach the hybrids. Remember all this can be achieved leaving the women with no more than a dream-like memory.

At some point the project of preserving the human race via these children was found not necessary and that humanity was not destined to become extinct. In spite of the apparently wasted time and energy on this project something purposive and extremely positive was revealed. These hybrids were discovered to be healers with amazing powers.

According to the Explorer series, to be merely touched by these 90%/10% hybrids instantly removed all stress, mentally and physically. They themselves had complete immunity to all mental and physical disease.

Furthermore, if contact by them is continued for 20 minutes or so, all karma is erased:

diseases healed and mentality balanced.

They are now being trained for this purpose and it was said that they are very much looking forward to coming to Earth.

Note the synchronicity that these healers of humans were created initially to nurse human babies and save the race – and they have now turned out to be healers for the human race.
These hybrids average over 5 feet, have hair, nose slightly smaller than the average human’s, eyes wider apart, but all in all could essentially pass as humans.
We see that both Zeta hybrids were no longer required for their original purpose: preservation of the Zeta and human race. We can also see why the Zeta obtained from the higher realms the motive to create these new species – even though a ‘white lie’. They are both a viable and valuable genetic type. They are being given their own planets for the development of their own societies.
From the unenlightened Zeta viewpoint the 51%/49% Zeta- human hybrids, which were being created to safeguard their dying species and into which their consciousness would be transferred, and which although found to be now unnecessary, manifested unexpected gratitude towards humans for their existence and would in no way harm them, except those hybrids under programmed control of the negative Zetas and Dracos.
Let us include a summary from such a hybrid’s statement, channeled through O’Ryin Swanson in 1997 in the Shining the Light series of books.
This being offers profuse thanks to Earth people who helped bring their species into existence. The hybrid states that without Earth’s contribution their race would not be alive and flourishing today.

He then went on to say that the trauma, the pain, heartache, fear and all of the residual emotions in humanity, resulting from the Zetas’ lack of understanding of human emotion and the Zetas’ scientific approach to beings they did not understand, was not in vain. It brought the awareness that we are not alone; that what we have been told by the controlling Earth rulers is a lie.

Earth people who interacted consciously or unconsciously with the Zetas since the mid ’40s were pioneers, courageous adventurers, who on a soul level were willing to subject themselves to unpleasant experiences because they cared enough to want humanity to advance.

The unnamed hybrid added,

“Without your contribution there would be no bridge between our races that creation of this magnificent race had achieved, of which I am a part. All of you, whether you remember it or not are owed a great debt – a great, great debt by our race.”

We now come to the next part in this Zeta/hybrid scenario, which will stretch the readers’ credulity to its limit.

The Zetas did not realize their destiny at the time the abduction program began. Now since all negative actions have to be uncreated, or so we are told, the Zetas with their new perspective will conduct a procedure to uncreate unfavorable elements from this period of trauma. They are restructuring their past, which is our present.
Thus even though the experiences will be uncreated, a part of the soul of those humans involved (the abductees, etc.) will always know that when courageous beings were needed to do something beyond human understanding they allowed themselves at the soul level to be subjected to these experiences, knowing the value of what the soul of both races were trying to do.
Certain events in which there was negative government interactions will be uncreated such as providing technologies that the secret government then used negatively against the public instead of for their benefit.
This restructuring of the past will have little effect on our public technologies since the ET knowledge was retained by the government. It will, in particular, erase most alien contacts of a negative nature. Devices implanted in the sinus cavities and brain areas will never have occurred.

Zoosh indicates that 87% of these incidents will be uncreated, ‘unbraided’ – they will not exist for people.
All this will weaken the hold the secret government has on the population. Further to this, the remaining 13% of the human-Zeta interactions will remain and be sufficient to hold in place the benefits the Zetas gained (and also humans) regarding their emotional plight.
The full relationship between humans and Zetas probably goes beyond our comprehension.

Our time lines have been interconnected – possibly due to common genetics brought about during some period in the Atlantis era (where they were then known as the Zephilim), plus the original connections.

A result of this is the Zeta viewing and visiting us from the future but reliant on our success in avoiding the disasters they incurred. How well we do, determines the ascension level they will reach. There are already Zeta masters at the higher levels, for example, ones nine-dimensional.

This restructuring of their past will finally disconnect these interconnecting lines – we will not be connected.
Another example of how our lives are interwoven with the Zetas is that our oriental race, according to the Zeta named Joopah, is originally related to Zeta Reticuli. In addition, and collectively speaking, the orientals hold the mental body of the human race, which absorbs 40% of their energy/’attention’.

The reason, not specified, probably assumed obvious, was to stop us from falling into the same trap – mental development at the expense of the emotional.
A source of entertainment for the Zetas is to utilize their powerful mental ability to create holographic light forms. A member of a group may create a holographic sculpture in space and then others may join in, adding their versions.
We have covered a fair amount of material on the Zeta-human interaction and we can see how the varied human viewpoints may arise. Moreover, there is always a higher level monitoring the lower level, even one ‘above’ the non-physical dimension of the Zetas.
The Zetas also created other hybrids. There are many strains of the Zeta/human hybrid, each tailored to fulfill certain functions in the Zeta plan.

One of the earlier designs produced a tallish, thin and white-skinned body with wispy hair. These have the ability to understand human emotions even better than later versions of a more sophisticated nature. Their biology and psychology is closer to human’s.
There are small blue Zetas seen by abductees, and browns for the purpose of providing workers. These species, however, contain other genetic material from animals and other dimensions. These workers are less intelligent and are programmed to serve higher minds as guards or soldiers, etc.
Another category of hybrid is one combining human, Zeta and one other ET’s genetic material. One such ET is the Aethien, tall mantis-like being acting as teachers for the Zetas. They are advanced spiritually and only work with benevolent Zetas.
Thus a new hybrid emerged combining human, Zeta and Aethien genes.

The Guardian Alliance (Voyagers book) refers to them as the Zionites. This has created a master race, but the genetic material from humans wasn’t of the present. It was taken from the distant past by sending hybrids back in time to directly interact with humans (free of mutations) from advanced civilizations.

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