the Question of Contact with Aliens

The UFO phenomena is quite an elusive topic.

Despite many years of documented encounters, there is still no confirmation from any “official” authorities, be it mainstream science or government, that there may be something “otherworldly” going on.

On the contrary, there is often ridicule and avoidance whenever this subject comes up. Yet most of the general public believes that extraterrestrial UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist and that the government is hiding information from us. Many people had UFO sightings themselves. However, most people also don’t give it much attention or thought, believing that it doesn’t really affect us anyway and that we’ll deal with it once official “contact” has been made.

But what if the UFO phenomena is not what we thought it is, but has influenced humanity and the world at large for thousands of years? What would be the implications?

Our views on life and existence, science and religion, spirituality and evolution, consciousness and psychology as well as reality as we know it would take on a whole new understanding when looking deeper into the UFO phenomena and the possibility of a higher alien intelligence affecting our world. Perhaps we’re not the “main show” here on earth and maybe not even on “top of the food chain”.

Let’s not forget, not too long ago we believed that the earth is flat.

What else will we discover?

The Baptism of Christ

by Aert de Gelder (1710)

In general it is impossible to get into any discussion about this topic with people who dismiss something right away without having sincerely looked into the evidence and research.

 There is no point in discussing beliefs and set view points. Discussion is only constructive when it is not limited by personal preference, beliefs, or a conditioned world view. Open-minded objectivity is essential when seeking truth.

With that in mind, everyone who starts to study the UFO phenomena will eventually find out that there is valid information and there is disinformation. Truth and lies are all mixed together, especially in a fringe topic outside the realm of “official culture”. It’s a big swamp but the sincere seeker, who approaches this subject with a critical but open mind and effort to dig a bit, can see that, without any doubt, something “otherworldly” IS going on… and has been going on for a while.

The question is, how to separate truth from lies? How can we find out what is really going on in this elusive field?

There is one important issue that needs to be considered when dealing with such fringe topics:

Our own level of cultural conditioning.

Many people project a certain typical image on the extraterrestrial phenomena based on Hollywood movies and Sci-Fi literature which mostly tends to “humanize” intelligent alien beings in some way and keeps it on a very physical level with aliens supposedly coming from another planet and acting out human qualities.

 What we see in the mainstream does affect how we view this topic, even if only unconsciously. The conditioning through “official culture” which has “fictionalized” this topic is deep and far-reaching. It cannot be underestimated.

We need to understand this vast conditioning as well as the immense public ridicule of this topic, where most sightings are being explained away by weather anomalies, the planet Venus, or weather balloons. However, many people do believe in UFO’s.

 But what do we actually really know about the intention of these “visitors”?

There is a huge difference between belief and knowledge.

What do we really know and what do we just believe or assume? We should never underestimate the trap of wishful thinking and/or denial.

Looking at it all with what the Buddhists call “Beginners Mind” helps in the process of finding out truth. No preconceived ideas or assumptions, but simply looking at it as it is, cross-reverencing the data/research out there, using logic and intuition alike, separating disinfo from reliable information, slowly putting together the pieces of this puzzle.

It is obviously a topic where no one has all the pieces and there is still much to discover. But at one point, when you have a certain amount of pieces of a puzzle, you can start to see an image arising.

Let’s look at some of these pieces and how the image could look like.

UFO’s and the National Security State

When it comes to well documented UFO cases, especially involving Government and Military documents, there is one book to point out and that is Richard Dolan’s “UFO’s and the National Security State – The Chronology of a Cover-up“.

 Dolan has an academic background with the much-needed critical but open mind when researching such matters. He holds an MA in History from the University of Rochester and a BA in History from Alfred University. Prior to his interest in anomalous phenomena, Dolan studied US Cold War strategy, Soviet history, and international diplomacy.

“UFOs and the National Security State” is the first volume of a three-part historical narrative of the national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon from 1941 to the present.

 Included are the records of more than fifty military bases relating to violations of sensitive airspace by unknown objects, demonstrating that the US military has taken the topic of UFOs seriously indeed.

 Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell called Dolan’s book “monumental,” while Dr. Hal PuthoffDirector of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, declared it to be,

“a must-read for serious students in the field.”

Some believe that UFO’s are just developed Nazi technology or secret military projects but have nothing “ET” like to them, others explain UFO’s with Jungian psychology as a projection of our collective.

 For anyone who doubts that the UFO phenomena is real needs to read this book.

 It is well documented and clearly shows that government and military are very aware of the UFO issue and also that they do not have a handle on it.

“There is more than enough documentation to establish military interest in UFO’s. Attempted interceptions and military close encounters are a constant feature[…]The president/government doesn’t really know much at all and is not really in charge to begin with.

 The [privatized] military industrial complex and private transnational corporations seem to be involved with alien technology, UFO-crash retrievals, back-engineering and possible study of alien bodies, closed off from any government or official overview.”

Richard Dolan, (from his Keynote presentation at the UFO Conference, Laughlin, Nevada 2008)

Dolan also examines the rising of a National Security State (Military Industrial Complex), independent of official government supervision, as well as the issue of Disinformation and Counter Intelligence Programs(COINTELPRO), designed to deliberately spread false Information in order to keep the public away from the truth.

 I recommend reading the intro here.

Compartmentalization is the name of the game, on a “need to know” basis. That’s how secrecy works. The well documented evidence for his claims can be found in his books.

 A good insight into his work is also this lecture he gave in September 2009:

The Disclosure Project

Many people who have looked into the topic of UFO’s a bit have come across the Disclosure Project, an organization under the guidance of Steven Greer, which also reveals the Government/Military Involvement in the UFO field.

At first the Disclosure Project seems to be a very good source and has a somewhat more serious image than your average UFO site.

 Greer and his project is quite popular these days, especially in the New Age Movement. UFO enthusiasts seem to take Greer’s work as a credible, reliable source and are happy to hear that our benevolent “space brothers” are here, possibly providing us with technology like Zero Point Energy, which the secret government is hiding from us.

 According to Greer, we’re also “threatening” the aliens and a possible contact scenario because of our space weapon program.

While there is some valid information presented by Greer with a very ideal objective of bringing about Disclosure of the UFO phenomena through Congress, there also seems to be Disinformation, in particular in regards to the intention of the “visitors”. Greer claims that there is no evidence of any hostile behavior on part of the ET’s. Well, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

 UFO researcher Guy Malone writes about Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project:

There are certain problems with the lesser-known but equally sought after goals of the Disclosure Project, which hide (in plain sight) behind the noble “topline” pursuit of Disclosure, which should raise concerns. Namely, the seeming religious zeal with which Dr. Greer promotes the “Intergalactic Community” we are supposedly being invited to join and also, the call for a disarmament of humanity’s weaponry before we enter space (or in the words of the Disclosure Project homepage “To enact legislation which will ban all space-based weapons.”)

 Whether knowingly (as either a disinformation agent, or as a closet cult-leader) or unknowingly, by attaching these very distinct and separate issues to the noble goals of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Greer is unfortunately playing all of us right into the hands of the very Shadow Government he warns of.

These other non-essential (to Disclosure) pursuits are built upon a single faulty premise – that UFOs are not ever harmful. It is simply unreasonable to believe that, as a noted ufologist, Dr. Greer has never heard of these or similar reports [showing a non-benevolent nature of UFO/ET interaction].

 However, too much of the UFO community simply ignores all such reports in favor of either an undeserved loyalty to the ufonauts, or a hidden agenda – political, spiritual and/or financial. Promotion of UFO beings as benevolent and the ideal of a peaceful “Intergalactic Community” is the hallmark only of uninformed researchers, well-informed disinformation agents, New Age acolytes and UFO cult leaders.

Intelligent people however cannot allow a starry-eyed view of the reality of UFOs to cause us to roll over and merely assume they ALL are – or always will be – friendly and beneficial to humanity. All we really know so far from Dr. Greer and others’ efforts is that these entities exist, and that they seem to offer us shiny cool stuff in exchange for just a little territory.

 However, our own checkered human history of initial European relations with Native American Indians should be enough to teach us the folly of repeating this path (i.e., “Today’s Manhattan Island is tomorrow’s Manhattan Project!”)

If the government doesn’t really know much and has no handle on it, as Richard Dolan has shown in his research, then that puts into question the “disclosure” through government as promoted by Greer.

One has to ask, WHO is going to disclose WHAT?

Are we really so naive to believe that the government would just come out and tell us the truth, even if they knew what was going on? Sincere researchers in the UFO field are starting to look through Greer’s agenda more and more as his claims do not hold up to the data uncovered. He seems to be doing more harm than any good to the UFO field with his “crusade” of disclosure.

And maybe that is his true intention after all, to distract and misinform. Could Greer be a Disinformation Agent in classic Counter Intelligence Program fashion (COINTELPRO)?

Laura Knight-Jadczyk writes about Greer in “The Secret History of The World“:

“In the present day, we have Steven Greer’s ‘Disclosure Project.’ Based on the mail I get, it seems that many in the New Age/UFO community think that this is a great and novel idea. However, history shows that it has been tried before. The one thing about Greer’s effort that suggests it is just more and better COINTELPRO is his attachment to the “aliens are here to help us” idea which is directly contradicted by history[…]”

In regards to Secrecy of the UFO Issue, referring to Dolan’s research, she writes:


 This brings us back to the problem of the Secret State and its agenda.

 Some people believe that this secrecy is absolutely essential. They say that the public simply could not handle the truth about aliens. They say that there is no reason to spoil people’s lives with the truth because there is nothing that the average person could do about it anyway. Is that really true? Would there be so much effort to conceal the alien agenda if disclosure of the truth wasn’t harmful to that agenda

Dolan’s chronological history of the actual interaction between UFOs and the public and the corresponding behavior of the military, the intelligence community, the media, the scientific community in its interaction with the public, make this abundantly clear.


It seems obvious from the documentary evidence as well as the behavior of the military in response to UFOs and the “alien matter,” that the aliens do have an agenda, and that – at some level in the layers of secrecy – there are those who know – at least on a “need to know” basis – what that agenda is. It seems abundantly evident that the secrecy has been enjoined on this group by the aliens themselves.

What is more, a careful assessment of the evidence does not suggest a benevolent agenda.”

Now what would an alien agenda be that might be not in our best interest?

The Secret World of Alien Abductions

A very important issue, which Greer and many supporters of the “benevolent alien scenario” seem to completely miss, distort or deny is the topic of Alien Abductions.

For the layman who has never looked into it seriously, it may be a topic to make fun of, making jokes about ‘anal probing’ and such but anyone who has ever researched that field knows that the picture is not very funny.

There is a High Strangeness to this whole abduction phenomena which is hard to explain. Many abductions are not that obvious and can only be retraced through hypnosis, as the aliens seem to have an ability to mind-control their victim, erase memory, manipulate space and time, as well as implant certain thoughts, emotions (everything from bliss to indifference) and even false memories of what really went on in an abduction (screen memory) with a hyperspace-technology that makes our technology look like the Stone Age.

Some abductions have been reported fully conscious without hypnosis and there seem to be many similarities between the stories of thousands of reported abduction cases world-wide (this is NOT just an US phenomena), independently, showing a rather disturbing picture.

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. has been doing research in the UFO/Abduction field for over 40 years, published several books and has worked with thousands of abductees, mostly using Hypnosis techniques to reveal these experiences.

He states:

“My research is based on more than 42 years of UFO research. In addition, since 1986 I have conducted over 1,000 hypnotic regressions with abductees.

I have tried to be as objective and as “agenda free” as possible. I have no New Age, spiritual, religious, transformational, or transcendent program to promote. I try to stay as close to the evidence as I can.

However, there is no possibility that I have avoided error. The majority of evidence for the alien abduction phenomenon is from human memory derived from hypnosis… It is difficult to imagine a weaker form of evidence. But it is evidence and we have a great deal of it.”

Admitting to the difficulty of researching the abduction phenomena (There is no film/picture “in-action” evidence), Jacobs, however, rules out the idea that abductions are just a psychological/imaginary issue.

Too many accounts from too many unrelated people tell the same (developing) stories over and over which just don’t fit into any psychological frame. So, how does a typical abduction look like?

Jacobs describes it in a nutshell:

“Abductions are complex series of events and procedures directed by the abductors to passive or controlled abductees. In a typical or common abductions, humans are taken out of their normal environment by aliens.

The people are rendered passive and cannot resist. They are taken aboard a UFO, their clothes are removed and they are made to lie on a table. A series of physical, mental, and productive procedures are then administered to the subjects. People’s physical bodies are probed and examined. Sperm is taken, eggs are harvested.

The aliens perform staring procedures during which they gaze into abductees’ eyes at a distance of only an inch or two. These “mindscan” procedures appear to be neurological manipulations which give the aliens the ability to “enter into” peoples’ minds.

After the table procedures, abductees report that they are sometimes taken into other rooms where they are required to have skin on skin contact with unusual looking babies. Abductees say that these babies seem to be crosses between humans and aliens. They call them “hybrids.” Abductees also see hybrid toddlers, older youth, adolescents, and adults.

Sometimes abductees report that they are required to perform tasks, that they are “tested” in some way. They say that machines are brought in to examine them. They sometimes are required to have a form of sexual intercourse with other humans, and sometimes with adolescent and adult hybrids. They are returned to their normal environment and within seconds, they forget what has just happened to them. “

The individual abductee accounts are far more detailed, not all are UFO related, some have to do with Underground bases.

Dr. Jacobs says that after all these years of research and putting the pieces together, he can see a picture emerging. It looks like there is a program in the works with a certain goal and that producing offspring may be one of the objectives behind the abduction phenomenon for the purpose of creating a Hybrid Race.

Some skeptics blame Jacobs for inducing his own “belief system” through Hypnotherapy into his clients and therefore creating “false” abduction accounts.

However, this doesn’t hold up with the evidence Jacobs and other researchers have come up with, much of it even without the use of any Hypnotherapy. It only shows that skeptics haven’t really looked into the research and are more trying to validate their own belief system, rather than objectively looking for truth.

In regards to the typical Debunking of the Abduction phenomena, be it through the Scientific or “Spiritual” Community, Jacobs writes:

“In my forty years of UFO research, the last twenty of which spent studying the abduction phenomenon, I have learned a simple evidence truism: All debunkers make one or more of three fundamental mistakes: They do not know the evidence, they ignore the evidence, or they distort the evidence.

Any one of these errors would be catastrophic and perhaps even scientifically dishonest when writing about something of accepted scientific consequence. Leaving in mistakes is tantamount to ignoring or to distorting the evidence.

Unfortunately, when it comes to abductions, all debunkers comply with the evidence truism. There are no exceptions.”

Dr. Rick Strassman, author of “The Spirit Molecule” hypothesizes that Alien Abductions are brought on by the accidental release of DMT produced by the pineal gland inside the brain.

While conducting DMT research in the 1990s at the University of New Mexico, Dr. Strassman advanced the theory that a massive release of DMT from the pineal gland prior to death or near death was the cause of the near death experience (NDE) phenomenon.

Several of his test subjects reported NDE-like audio or visual hallucinations, while others also reported contact with ‘other beings’, alien like, insectoid or reptilian in nature, in highly advanced technological environments where the subjects were ‘carried’, ‘probed’, ‘tested’, ‘manipulated’, ‘dismembered’, ‘taught’, ‘loved’ and even ‘raped’ by these ‘beings’.

It is interesting to note how similar the accounts of his test subjects (who were administered DMT intravenously) are in comparison to what can be found in abduction research. DMT certainly is a Mystery molecule that seems to open doorways to another world/reality. However, Strassman’s theory, that abduction experiences are caused by the accidental release of DMT, seems to be short-sighted when taking a closer look into the Alien abductions scenario.

A respected researcher and abductee herself had been Karla Turner, Ph.D.

She authored three books on the abduction phenomenon, “Into The Fringe” (1992), “Taken” (1994), and “Masquerade of Angels” (1994). Dr. Karla Turner died of a strange fast-acting cancer in 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48 years old.

Dr. Turner confirmed the work of Jacobs, however, she thinks that the creation of a Hybrid race is not the whole picture, as there are many cases of abductions that show different behaviors and agendas. She really must have “struck a chord”, as she was harassed by agents and military alike throughout her life until her death.

According to her research Dr. Turner believes that humans are being used as a “resource” by these aliens in many ways:

“The evidence shows that the aliens do harvest from us in a number of ways, emotionally and energetically as well as physically. There are even reported scenarios of facilities in which human bodies are “processed,” and many such reports come from people unfamiliar with ufological literature.”

Here is part of a list she put together based on countless abduction accounts, research and analysis:

In every instance from this list, there are multiple reports from unrelated cases, confirming that such bizarre details are not the product of a single deranged mind.

These details are convincing evidence that, contrary to the claims of many UFO researchers, the abduction experience isn’t limited to a uniform pattern of events.

This phenomenon simply can’t be explained in terms of cross-breeding experiments or scientific research into the human physiology.

  • Aliens can alter our perception of our surroundings.

  • Aliens can control what we think we see. They can appear to us in any number of guises and shapes.

  • Aliens can take us – our consciousness – out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies.

  • Aliens can be present with us in an invisible state and can make themselves only partially visible.

  • Aliens take body fluids from our necks, spines, blood veins, joints such as knees and wrists, and other places. They also inject unknown fluids into various parts of our bodies.

  • A surprising number of abductees suffer from serious illnesses they didn’t have before their encounters. These have led to surgery, debilitation, and even death from causes the doctors can’t identify.

  • Some abductees experience a degeneration of their mental, social, and spiritual well-being. Excessive behavior frequently erupts, such as drug abuse, alcoholism, overeating, and promiscuity. Strange obsessions develop and cause the disruption of normal life and the destruction of personal relationships.

  • Aliens show a great interest in adult sexuality, child sexuality, and in inflicting physical pain on abductees.

  • Abductees recall being instructed and trained by aliens. This training may be in the form of verbal or telepathic lessons, slide shows, or actual hands-on instruction in the operation of alien technology.

  • Abductees report being taken to facilities in which they encounter not only aliens but also normal-looking humans, sometimes in military uniforms, working with the alien captors.

  • Abductees often encounter more than one sort of alien during an experience, not just the grays. Every possible combination of gray, reptoid, insectoid, blond, and widow’s peak have been seen during single abductions, aboard the same craft or in the same facility.

  • Abductees report seeing other humans in these facilities being drained of blood, being mutilated, flayed, and dismembered, stacked, lifeless like cords of wood. Some abductees have been threatened that they, too, will end up in this condition if they don’t co-operate with their alien captors.

  • Aliens have forced their human abductees to have sexual intercourse with aliens and even with other abductees while groups of aliens observe these performances. In such encounters, the aliens have sometimes disguised themselves in order to gain the cooperation of the abductee, appearing in such forms as Jesus, the Pope, certain celebrities, and even the dead spouses of the abductees.

  • Aliens make predictions of an imminent period of global chaos and destruction. They say that a certain number of humans will be “rescued” from the planet in order to continue the species, either on another planet or back on earth after the destruction is over. Many abductees report they don’t believe their alien captors and foresee instead a much more sinister use of the “rescued” humans.

Since most abductions are not remembered consciously, Dr. Jacobs believes that there are millions of abductions world-wide of people who have not the slightest idea that they had been abducted.

Dreams and issues of missing time can be hints that an abduction has actually occurred. Sometimes people remember later in life, after 30 to 50 years or so, that something like an abduction had occurred in earlier in life. Hypnotic regression can then help to uncover more. However, there is also physical evidence at times, such as body marks (geometric-like imprints into the skin) and there are conscious recollections without the need for hypnosis.

According to abductees’ stories, most abductions are performed by the typical Gray alien (which has become a “pop culture icon” thanks to Hollywood). Sometimes there are “Reptilian” and “humanoid” (called Nordics) entities present who seem to oversee such procedures.

Some people believe that abductions are performed because these aliens are dying, claiming that they need our DNA and in that sense “we’re helping them”.

On the opposite hand, some supporters of the benevolent alien scenario suggest that abductions and genetic manipulation of humans happen on purpose for our benefit in order to upgrade our DNA for “the Shift”. However, this assumption doesn’t hold up in light of the overall research and merely downplays the abduction phenomena by painting an “inferior”, “innocent” image of the aliens or seeing them as “saviors”.

The Gray aliens seem to be just biogenetic robots performing assigned/programmed tasks but are not “in charge”, nor a “race” on their own.

Karla Turner writes:

“Another possibility is that, as some abductees report being told or shown, the small Gray “workers” are mass-produced android robots, not soul-bearing individuals and thus not “alive” as we understand the term. The Grays show a strong fetal physiology, as numerous descriptions have stated.

And given enough mastery of genetics, human reproductive material could be altered so that its appearance resembled the Gray type, yet be strictly human in composition, rather than a mixture of alien and human. The Grays, in effect, could be grossly altered bodies of human babies, devoid of what we call soul and mentally programmed like dedicated computer hardware.”

Gray Alien

Grays have a tiny mouth slit, a resemblance of a nose and ears, but there is no suggestion that they use five sensory perception, eat, breath or use speech like humans do. Communication is done by telepathy.

Dr. Jacobs believes that the Gray Alien is a product of human/alien genetic manipulation and the reason why mouth, ears and nose have a regressed/underdeveloped appearance is simply because they are not used as a human would use them.


“Before we allow ourselves to believe in the benevolence of the alien interaction we should ask, do enlightened beings need to use the cover of night to perform good deeds?

Do they need to paralyze us and render us helpless to resist? Do angels need to steal our fetuses? Do they need to manipulate our children’s genitals and probe our rectums? Are fear, pain, and deception consistent with high spiritual motives?”

– Dr. Karla Turner

It seems that this “Secret Government” a.k.a Military Industrial Complex (which is in possession of alien technology and are somewhat involved with these Non-Terrestrial forces on some level) are not fully in control but are themselves “duped” by these “visitors”.

Looking into military abduction accounts (MILAB), researched by Dr. Karla Turner, she has reports by people (one of them her husband ) who have been abducted regularly by aliens and then also started to get abducted by “military” personel, who then questioned the abductees about what the aliens want from them and what they conveyed to them.

Eve Lorgen has also come to similar discoveries in her research and wrote a book about alien interference in Love relationships: “The Love Bite – Alien Influence in Human Love Relationships“.

“The Love Bite is a kind of “psychic rape” whereby the victim is abducted, then manipulated into bonding with a targeted love partner chosen by the alien beings.

The effects of the Love Bite can range from simple break-ups of platonic relationships, to violent divorces, and from “puppy love” to sudden urges to marry a complete stranger.

Through several fascinating case histories, Lorgen demonstrates how the alien beings may be orchestrating these dramas for their own ends. It is as if the aliens are harvesting human emotional energy.”
– from “The Love Bite” (Synopsis)

Whatever is going on, the alien forces seem to have their own agenda and are not just in “partnership” with the secret government.

Deception is the name of the game, not only through the Secret Government/Military Industrial Complex, but also through the aliens themselves.

Military abductions are happening, but they seem to have a different purpose than what Steven Greer suggested. He believes that all abductions are simply staged by the Military to give the Aliens/ET’s a “bad name”.

Abductees and contactees seem to get duped by their “alien friends” as well, being told they’re “special” and they have certain important “functions” to perform in the coming future. What needs to be kept in mind is that these beings are able to create virtual realities, trigger emotions and implant thoughts. They can play any scenario to make the abductee feel as if it is a “spiritual” experience, hence many contactees claim these aliens being are benevolent.

Never mind the fact that abductions happen against the free will of the person to begin with. Many times they’re being shown images/virtual realities of cataclysms/earth changes and what they are supposed to do when this happens, as if they’re being “programmed” for some event.

Some abductees claim that they have been given permission for abduction through their unconscious mind and have developed a kind of a “Stockholm Syndrome“, worshiping their abductors.

Other people, like ex-presidential candidate Kucinich, reported they felt this “love” when they had a UFO sighting. Well, looking a bit deeper into it all, a “feeling of love” is by no means an indication that these are benevolent beings, especially when they seem to be able to induce emotional states into humans at will. We can easily be emotionally manipulated and we can be very impressionable beings.

Movies are a good example of how sound and visions alone can make us laugh, cry or be scared, let alone what hyperspace-technology might be capable of that is clearly far superior than anything known to man.

These beings are called the Wandjina
by the Aborigines, who painted them.
Close resemblance to Gray aliens.
Australia, about 5,000 years old

In order to fully grasp the topic of abductions, we need to let go of what we think is or is not possible and, while watching our conditioned mind which tries to “explain away” such experiences with basic “cultural approved” psychology or New Age “spirituality”.

It is very important to understand the High Strangeness of the UFO and Alien phenomena. People who haven’t really looked into it carefully paint pictures too fast, asking how all this could be possible on such a grand scale without anyone really noticing.

They don’t realize that a lot of this is a non-physical phenomena, dealing with a Higher Intelligence life form (who might be a bit smarter than us humans and don’t think like a “human”) that is able to pop in and out of 3D physicality, transcending time and space.

They can insert thoughts, memories, emotions, and change appearances, such as “passed loved ones”, “Jesus”, the “Virgin Mary”, “Santa Claus”, a “Pleiadian”, and so on depending on the belief system of the abductee.

This process to make the abductee trust the abduction process and the aliens, is documented in Dr. Karla Turner’s books “Masquerade of Angels” and “Into the Fringe”:

“In one case that I recount in “Into the Fringe,” James had mostly conscious recollections and almost no hypnosis. He remembered being drawn into the proximity of a beautiful “Pleiadian” woman, who was very alluring and tender, and almost seductive.

She wanted him to come into her embrace. When he got into the embrace, and thought she was going to kiss him, she disappeared entirely, and what was left in her place was a purplish-black, bumpy, almost slimy-looking character with fairly asymmetrical features. I have encountered this same type of creature in a couple of other cases.

The entity was very strong. Instead of embracing James, the creature threw him down on the ground and shoved a two-foot-long tube down his throat, into his stomach, and pulled up stomach juices.

The next day, he still had some of the bile taste, the interior of his throat was sore, and he discovered claw marks around both sides of his neck, where he had been held down.”

Laura Knight-Jadczyk writes in “The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities and the process of Alien Abduction“:

“Another disturbing factor that emerged from my research was that these beings, whether demons, vampires, or aliens, seem to have the ability to control our thoughts to a certain extent, our physical bodies, the weather and even events in our lives.


Many people reported that their abductors were benevolent beings, but when we consider all the factors of the big picture of the phenomena, it seems that such stories of benevolence may be misleading.”

When we talk about the possibility of an alien race of higher intelligence that exists outside our range of perception on a higher Density, it doesn’t mean that they are automatically spiritually evolved or loving angels.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any benevolent beings on higher realms of existence, however, there is a heavy “romanticizing” of the Alien/UFO phenomena going on based on wishful thinking and assumption. Not many people actually question the intention of these beings.

Could there not be the possibility that there is an alien intelligence that has been around far longer than human life on earth and who may look at us like we look at and use in many ways lower life forms on this planet: as a resource….and even as food?

Food doesn’t have to be physical and these beings seem to feed off our emotions and energy.

“By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudo concerns.

What I’m saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He’s an average piece of meat. There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, imbecilic.”
– Don Juan Matus in “The Active Side of Infinity” by Carlos Castaneda

Are we really the peak of God’s creation and so special and holy that nothing other than ourselves would harm/control/manipulate/consume us? Are we really that anthropocentric and ignorant to think that way? What do we really know?

Humility is not our greatest strength. We usually give some (contrived) quick explanation to uncomfortable questions rather than admitting “I don’t know” and making more sincere efforts to gain knowledge and understanding, even if it contradicts our long-held beliefs. We trust official authority (Science, Religion, Government) to give us these answers so we can “go on and make a living” not needing to think too much about the more disturbing aspects of our world.

But maybe our “official culture” with is institutions is also a product of and influenced by the “the Other”, the “Alien Mind” or “Predator” as Don Juan called it, hence the debunking, ridicule and avoidance of this topic in the public.

Usually if people admit that there might be other life forms visiting this planet, they tend to project human qualities into these visitors, rejecting anything that doesn’t fit into this (conditioned) image of our “space brothers”. It’s the typical “the aliens don’t behave how they are supposed to” – excuse and denial of the abduction phenomena.

Well, who are we to even assume to know how another non-human life form thinks or behaves to begin with?

Some abductees have had healings done by their alien abductors, but maybe it is for a whole different purpose than just caring for the sake of caring?

“Higher intelligence takes advantage of, and uses, lower intelligence – sort of the way we humans use cattle. And with the privilege of use, comes the responsibility of caring… A farmer tends to his animals by feeding them and taking care of their medical needs. If the pasture became contaminated, the farmer would be the first to protect his investments.”

Jim Sparks, Abductee

A common explanation in New Age circles is that abductees “attract” these experiences to them, based on the popular “Law of Attraction” and Create Your Own Reality (CYOR) concepts, sometimes claiming “it’s their Karma”.

This seems more like an escape/justification without carefully studying the phenomena. The hyped New Age “Teachings” of today, which many people believe without questioning, shouldn’t justify anything that may not look that pretty. Millions of children have died in Iraq since the war.

Do we also say, “it’s just karma” or “they just attracted it because of their thoughts?” and just let them to their “fate”? Can we see the misuse of such popular ideas when dealing with these issues?

Karla Turner writes:

“There is a theory […] that says abductees who perceive their experiences in a negative way only do so because they themselves aren’t spiritually or psychically advanced.

Persons with higher cosmic development have positive alien encounters, so the theory goes, and those who have painful or frightening experiences are merely spiritual Neanderthals. This is a pet theory of researchers who claim that aliens, whether objectively real or not, serve as “mirrors” of our spiritual nature, on an individual or a species-wide basis.

Having worked with so many decent, honest, positively oriented abductees, however, I believe this theory is wrong. It is worse than wrong – it is despicable, as despicable as blaming a rape victim for the violence committed against her.

This attitude leaves many abductees feeling doubly violated, first by the aliens who took them and then by the UFO researchers to whom they turn for explanations and help.”

Philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck and others suggests that these entities performing the abductions are aspects of our “psyche” and how we perceive them depends on how we “look” at them.

He wrote in “2012 – The Return of Quetzalcoatl“:

“Are the visitors ‘real’ or ‘imaginary’? They are both and they are neither. Like quantum phenomena, they do not exist or not exist, they also do not exist and not exist, nor do they both not exist and not not exist… Any entity only possesses relative reality, including ourselves…

Entities who manifest on other forms of consciousness, such as the Grays, are, at the same time, separate from us and aspects of our own psyche. We are the ground of their manifestation, and it is only by attaining a non-dual perspective that we can understand them.”

Everything exists and nothings exists at the same time The aliens are separate from us and at the same time they are part of us.

While there is obvious truth to such “higher truths” from a higher perspective, this view is also as shortsighted as to say that “all is illusion”, “death is an illusion”, “we are all one” or “there is no “other”, everything is us!”.

There is a danger to “philosophize” and essentially “buffer up” the issue without seeing the limitations of such “higher truths” in our state of being/existence.

There seems a tendency in the New Age arena and certain progressive/conscious movements to come to an oversimplified application of spirituality and quantum mechanics, where everything is rendered down to being part of our psyche/manifestation and there is no “other”, humanity is the center of the universe, there is nothing above, and we create everything ourselves.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk writes in “The Secret History of the World”:

“At our level of reality, the understanding that “nothing is real,” as has been promulgated by gurus and teachers down through history, is as useless as saying “gravity isn’t real.”

Such considerations are useful only for expansion of perception. They are not useful for practical application since the energies of creation apparently transduce through several “levels” before they meet in the middle, so to say, in our reality.

Many modern day “teachers” and “gurus” tell us “Since there is only One Being which permeates all things, all we have to do is see everything as only light”, and that will transmute the darkness, and we will “create our own reality of light.”

Such a statement ignores the fact that the statement “God is One” describes a reality that is a higher level from which our own “mixed being” manifests. The man who assumes that he can become like God at this level just by thinking it, ignores the facts of Being vs.

Non-being which outrays from “God is One” at a level of existence that is clearly several levels above our own. Evil is REAL on its own level, and the task of man is to navigate the Cosmic Maze without being defiled by the Evil therein. This is the root of Free Will.

Man faces a predicament as REAL as himself: he is forced to choose – to utilize his knowledge by applying it – between the straight path which leads to Being, and the crooked paths which lead to Non-Being.

Another point which shows that Pinchbeck (and others with similar views) is coming to conclusion too quick is his idea and representation of the Gray alien:

“We are supposed to learn to work with the elementals and, also alleviate their suffering – it is clear from the abduction accounts that the visitors are suffering.” Like dusty insects attracted to flame, the Grays yearn for our qualities of soul-warmth; despite their cunning and technological acumen, these qualities remain beyond them.

They are intelligent and sentient, hence aware of their exiled statues. Unable to escape their de-souled condition, they desire to draw humans into their lower world, sustaining their half-lives on our subtle energies. They appear to be utilizing their dream-world technologies in a serious and desperate attempt to find a way out of their cul-de-sac.”

It is clear that the visitors are “suffering”?

Pinchbeck makes the same mistake as many others who don’t take more time to research this subject carefully, assuming that the Gray aliens are “beings who crave what we have”, or just projections of our psyche.

Essentially he’s falling into the trap of what “they” want us to believe. Looking at what Dr. Karla Turner and other Abduction researchers have uncovered, it seems more likely that the Gray alien is as much “suffering” and “yearning for our soul-warmth” as a robot performing certain tasks.

The Gray aliens don’t seem to be in charge but are being used as biogenetic working “drones” by other more powerful beings who oversee the procedures and who actually seem to be able to “plug into” a Gray alien and work/see through them. Implanted acreen memories can also hide/distort of what an abductee has really experienced and paint a false image of what the Grays really are.

Screen memories may be unusually vivid dreams, recollections of meeting spirits or even of friendly interaction with aliens. Hypnosis can get past screen memories to uncover another layer of experience which is most often less agreeable.

Many abductees are living in terror and fear, not knowing when the next “taking” will happen (abductions start as early as infancy, and can occur till late in life.

Some people have been abducted hundreds of times), not being able to prevent it (to my knowledge not any form of praying, visualizing, positive thinking, ritual or worship have ever stopped an abduction), not being able to talk about it for obvious ridicule in the public. Many need to even hide these experiences from their families. Some are so utterly confused that they go mad, even committing suicide.

Karla Turner suggested a number of steps abductees could take in the face of alien provocation:

– Educate yourself about the phenomenon; there is some control in knowledge.
– Let go of fear; it is through fear that negative entities maintain control. Anger is a more effective defense than fear.
– Abductees should be aware of how they’re reacting; they should learn to step out of themselves, and to maintain perspective.
– Maintain a good quality of life.
– Be realistic about what can and cannot be done.
– Stay close to your families.
– Confide. “The hell with the results,” says Turner. “You don’t need the burden of carrying this around [without being able to talk about it].”

I know of some abductees who have told me about their experiences and it seems that anger and getting upset at the entities does actually help.

Also by educating themselves and learning more about the Abduction/UFO phenomena they can create an awareness which seems to offer protection. As the saying goes: Knowledge protects, Ignorance endangers.

But what is very disturbing is the complete denial of this issue, not only in the mainstream scientific community, but especially in the “progressive” truth and New Age movement.

“Let’s talk about Global Warming, 2012, our ‘space brothers’, 9/11 and the New World Order, but let’s not go ‘there!’ “

“The idea that men, women, and children can be taken against their wills from their homes, cars, and school yards by strange humanoid beings, lifted onto spacecraft, and subjected to intrusive and threatening procedures is so terrifying, and yet so shattering to our notions of what is possible in our universe, that the actuality of the phenomenon has been largely rejected out of hand or bizarrely distorted in most media accounts.”
– John E. Mack, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Harvard, from his book Abduction

The topic of alien abductions is mostly treated as if it is non-existent.

And that is the best way to keep a secret.

High Strangeness

Looking at the High Strangeness and Hyperdimensional aspect of the UFO and Alien activity, one can say that it is certainly is not just a physical phenomena and these crafts don’t seem to have technology like we think in terms of a “space ship”.

After all, who says that “aliens” come from another planet anyway?

While NASA is looking for organic life on Mars (Official NASA programs seem to be more of a distraction for the general public ), the real show is already happening right here and has been for a long time. Contact has been already made, but it is not how we thought it would have happened.

Maybe our physical world is just embedded in, what long time UFO researcher, scientist and astronomer Dr. Jacques Vallee calls, a “Control System”.

He writes in “Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness“:

“If we look at the world from an informational point of view, and if we consider the many complex ways in which time and space my be structured, the old idea of space travel and interplanetary craft to which most technologists are still clinging appears not only obsolete, but ludicrous.

Indeed, modern physics has already bypassed it, offering a very different interpretation of what an “extraterrestrial” system might look like.

I believe there is a system around us that transcends time as it transcends space. The system may well be able to locate itself in outer space, but its manifestations are not spacecraft in the ordinary ‘nuts and bolts’ sense.

The UFO’s are physical manifestations that cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see in effect here is a control system which acts on humans and uses humans.”

Vallee also stated that it would be false to say that these UFO’s “fly” like a plane or rocket would.

With technology that transcends time, space and gravity, “space travel” may take on a whole new meaning. One has to wonder why such a topic of immense importance for science and the world is still widely ignored and denied by “official” scientists.

Abduction and UFO researcher James Bartley explains:

“Unfortunately the human race has been poorly served by the “Scientific Community.” This should come as no surprise considering the disproportionate amount of funding the Scientific Community receives from Tax-Exempt Foundations, Multinational Corporations, the Department of Energy and the Pentagon just to name a few.

To provide such funding and then encourage real scientific study of UFOs would defeat the purpose of the longstanding well documented debunking and disinformation campaign against UFO reality. Since scientists are conditioned and trained to discount the reality of UFOs, it is relatively easy to convince some of them to be UFO debunkers, especially if they will be paid for their debunking efforts. Scientists cannot be expected to think or behave any differently.

They have been indoctrinated and are in need of funding.

I have to laugh when skeptics and debunkers demand scientific proof for UFO sightings and alien abductions. How can “science,” as controlled as it is today, possibly explain the types of phenomena described by UFO witnesses and alien abductees? UFOs have been seen to divide into numerous parts and fly off in different directions. Conversely two or more UFOs have been seen to fly towards one another and merge into one object.

UFOs have been seen to change shape in mid-flight. […]”

Other researchers and authors also see this phenomena not like a “ET’s coming from a distant planet” scenario, but something that may have been around far longer than we imagine.

The same phenomena seems to have been interpreted and described by the “world view” of past cultures, from fairies to demons to vampires to serpents, dragons and other mythological figures.

“We are dealing with a multidimensional paraphysical phenomenon which is largely indigenous to planet earth.”

– Brad Steiger, Blue Book Files Released in Canadian UFO Report,1977

“The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon.”

– John A. Keel, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse

“The symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiation ritual or astral voyage that is imbedded in the [occult] traditions of every culture… the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals… the UFO beings of today belong to the same class of manifestation as the [occult] entities that were described in centuries past.”

-Dr. Jacques Vallee

“One theory which can no longer be taken very seriously is that UFOs are interstellar spaceships.”

-Arthur C. Clarke


Warren Criswell

Are there any other hints in ancient history and scriptures that talk about a possible Hyperdimensional Control System, a paraphysical phenomena which is indigenous to planet earth?

There are some sources showing interesting similarities.

The Gnostics are giving us some insights into the idea of hyperdimensional realities and beings inhabiting them:

“In Gnostic cosmology, Archons are a species of inorganic beings that emerged in the solar system prior to the formation of the earth […] The Archons are a genuine species with their own proper habitat, and may even be considered to be god-like, but they lack intentionality (ennoia: self-directive capacity), and they have a nasty tendency to stray from their boundaries and intrude on the human realm.”

In Gnostic psychology, the noetic science of the Mystery Schools, Archons are an alien force that intrudes subliminally upon the human mind and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications.

Working through telepathy and suggestion, the Archons attempt to deviate us from our proper course of evolution. Their most successful technique is to use religious ideology to insinuate their way of thinking and, in effect, substitute their mind-set for ours.

According to the Gnostics, Judeo-Christian Salvationism is the primary ploy of the Archons, an alien implant.

In the Gnostic view of human society, the Archons are alien forces that act through authoritarian systems, including belief-systems, in ways that cause human beings to turn against their innate potential and violate the symbiosis of nature. Because the Archons need human complicity to gain power over humankind, any one who assists them can be considered a kind of Archon, an accessory.

How do humans assist the Archons? One way is by accepting the mental programs of the Archons – that is, adopting the alien intelligence as if it were human-based – and implementing those programs by actually enforcing them in society.

Another way is by actively or passively conforming to the agendas so proposed and imposed. “

Let me repeat:

“Their most successful technique is to use religious ideology to insinuate their way of thinking”.

Now that is very interesting indeed.

Puts the whole New Age world of “spiritual” teachings as well as religion into a different light, doesn’t it?

The story of the Archons is similar to what Don Juan talked about in the last book by Castaneda, “The Active Side of Infinity“:

‘Ah, that’s the universe at large,‘ he said, ‘incommensurable, nonlinear, outside the realm of syntax. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were the first ones to see those fleeting shadows, so they followed them around. They saw them as you’re seeing them, and they saw them as energy that flows in the universe. And they did discover something transcendental. […]

 They discovered that we have a companion for life. We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so. […]

 You have arrived, by your effort alone, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the topic of topics. I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!

This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.

‘Why has this predator taken over in the fashion that you’re describing, don Juan?’ I asked. ‘There must be a logical explanation.’

‘There is an explanation,’ don Juan replied, ‘which is the simplest explanation in the world. They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops. Therefore, their food is always available to them.’

‘No, no, no, no,’ I heard myself saying. ‘This is absurd, don Juan. What you’re saying is something monstrous. It simply can’t be true, for sorcerers or for average men, or for anyone.’

‘Why not?’ don Juan asked calmly. ‘Why not? Because it infuriates you?’

‘Yes, it infuriates me,’ I retorted. ‘Those claims are monstrous!’ […]

‘I want to appeal to your analytical mind, ‘ Don Juan said.

‘Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal. ‘

‘But how can they do this, don Juan?’ I asked, somehow angered further by what he was saying. ‘Do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep?’

‘No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!’ don Juan said, smiling. ‘They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver – stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.

‘I know that even though you have never suffered hunger… you have food anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its maneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied. Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them.

And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear.”

Looking at Don Juan’s words in the light of what we have explored so far, we should maybe put on a different lens when reading Castaneda’s books, no matter if Don Juan was “real” or not, as some people like to argue over.

They contain a great amount of esoteric knowledge when read in the right context, much of it resembling Gurdjieff’s 4th Way teachings. Our reality might be controlled by denizens of a higher reality.

G.I. Gurdjieff refers to them in the story of the Evil Magician cited by Ouspensky in “In Search of the Miraculous“:

“There is an Eastern tale which speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing.

The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on, and above all they ran away, for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins and this they did not like.

At last the magician found a remedy.

He hypnotized his sheep and suggested to them first of all that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned, that, on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant; secondly he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them; and in the third place he suggested to them that if anything at all were going to happen to them it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it.

Further the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians.

And after this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins. This tale is a very good illustration of man’s position.”

The Sufi are also hinting at manipulation and deception through “hyperdimensional forces”, especially in regards to people seeking “spiritual experiences”.

William Chittick wrote in “The Sufi Path of Knowledge“:

“Nowadays most people interested in the spirituality of the East desire the “experience,” though they may call what they are after intimate communion with God.

 Those familiar with the standards and norms of spiritual experience set down by disciplined paths like Sufism are usually appalled at the way Westerners seize upon any apparition from the domain outside of normal consciousness as a manifestation of the “spiritual.”

 In fact, there are innumerable realms in the unseen world, some of them far more dangerous than the worst jungles of the visible world.

Al-Arabi himself said:

“So preserve yourselves, my brothers, from the calamities of this place, for distinguishing it is extremely difficult! Souls find it sweet, and then within it they are duped, since they become completely enamored of it.”

Conclusions, more questions and where are the “nice guys”?

Let’s consider all what these sources tell us, from abduction accounts to the Archons, Predator, the Evil Magician, Aliens and Grays.

Maybe they’re all the same and maybe they are and have been manipulating human kind since the beginning of time? Where does Religion really come from and how could popular New Age teachings be influenced by these forces?

A lot of channeled material tells us to just focus on “love” and “positive” thoughts since we “create our own reality”.

We should ignore anything “bad” or “unpleasant”, telling us that eventually the light will win anyway and we need to just watch it unfold, “bathe” in the photon belt and let the “Divine Plan” unfold. Is there manipulation going on to form a New Age Religion for the purpose of welcoming alien entities as friends and saviors?

Meditation teacher Marshall V. Summers, warning about certain spiritual teachings and deception these days, said at a lecture in 2007:

“The next is manipulation of spiritual values and tendencies. This is a very big subject, which I cannot talk about in-depth tonight.

But it is no accident that in the last four years that we’ve seen in new religious thought, the religion of acquiescence and passivity:

  • trusting in the process

  • whatever happens is what needs to happen

  • everyone is right where they need to be

  • if the extraterrestrials are here it’s because they’re supposed to be

  • you don’t resist

  • you acquiesce

  • to resist is to be negative, is to be fearful, is to be unconscious

A great prescription for convincing the natives to give over the keys to the kingdom, a very good, clever form of manipulation.”

And Laura Knight-Jadczyk concludes:

“If anything, the so-called “New Age” movement has been so heavily inculcated with the idea that one must not ever think about negative things, that they, above all other people, are most subject to its predations [of higher realms].

If you don’t know about something, you cannot defend yourself against it.

The consistent deflection from the truth of the state of so-called higher realms by masses of published material over the many years, suggests almost a program of disinformation. It was beginning to look as though there was something or someone “out there” who didn’t want us to know something.”

Having looked now more at the so-called “negative” scenario, the question comes up,

  • Are there any “good aliens”?

  • How would a higher positive and spiritual non-human intelligence act?

  • Would they interfere with free will and perform abductions? I suppose not.

  • Would they help humanity against the “bad aliens” or the “evil elite” and “save” us?

  • Or is it more up to us humans to learn our lessons in order to truly evolve spiritually, discerning truth from lies and learn/gain knowledge of what is truly going on without being “helped” by forces of whom we really don’t know much about to begin with?

  • What are these beings who claim to want to help us and “land on our shores” as promoted through popular New Age channeling these days?

  • Are all humans really the same, with the same consciousness and soul?

  • “Are there maybe already hybrids/clones in places of power?”, as Richard Dolan asked at his presentation.

These are all valid questions when considering the data and research out there.

I’m not saying that there are not benevolent forces out there, just trying to put things into perspective. And the “negative” alien scenario is being overlooked and denied in many ways. Maybe once we have learned our lessons, being able to truly SEE what is going on and act/behave/evolve accordingly, then the “good ET’s” will come and join us or we will join them?

 But in the meantime it is up to us to grow and learn, discern truth from lies, true revelations from clever forms of deception.

In our current state of Being and evolution we’re more prone to being manipulated than joining any form Galactic Federation of higher spiritually evolved beings. Isn’t that obvious? We must become that first ourselves!

 And a major part of evolution is not just about trying to “focus on love”, but also being able to separate truth from lies, reality from illusion and learning the lessons therein. Within and without.

 As the Russian mystic Boris Mouravieff said:

“Illusion, thinking it is reality, takes reality for illusion”

Maybe the “We’re all one.”

 New Age slogan (as true as it is from a “higher” perspective) must also be carefully reexamined with a sober and objective eye. Sure, Bush and Gandhi are “one”, but one of them doesn’t seem to have any conscience at all and maybe has not even the remote ability to feel any compassion, love or understanding and won’t maybe ever in this lifetime, fully cut off from the higher centers of consciousness.

 Is he or others in power really human to begin with just because he “looks” like one? What does it mean to be human?

 We always say that this is just “human behavior” but never question it.

 Have we ever noticed how people project all these qualities into the world leaders without ever considering that they simply may not think or feel like regular folks do, may not even be genetically wired as the “common” man, but can perfectly imitate and act that way and fool us along the way?

 I’m not necessarily saying that Bush or other political figures are alien hybrids, but hinting at another greatly misunderstood and ignored topic:

  • Psychopathy

  • Political Ponerology

From a hyperdimensional perspective Psychopaths may be even used as “portals” through which certain beings can work through.

“It is fair to conclude that hybridization is part of the picture. People are being abducted against their will. [Alien] forces seem to be conducting genetic experimentation and acting on us to create a hybrid species.”

Richard Dolan

Millions of children are reported missing each year, never to be seen again.

  • Did they just run away or is there a more sinister truth to it?

  • What may be the goal of this abduction/hybridization program that is going on in complete secrecy?

  • Where is it all leading to?

Some suggest as a “replacement” after cataclysmic changes have wiped off the majority of the population, like a “re-seeding”.

 This may sound like a bad Sci-fi movie or fear-mongering to some people, yet anyone who has sincerely looked into it knows that the UFO/Alien phenomena has a darker side that can’t be just ignored.

“It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.”

– Mark Twain

It is in interesting to note that if there is something presented which may not look that “pretty” it is automatically judged as “fear-mongering” or “being negative”, especially in the “New Age Movement“.

 Some people seem to mistake objectivity for negativity and wishful thinking for positivity. Most of what people see as negative or positive are their subjective projections and opinions that don’t really reflect the world as it is.

We’re just looking at some of the pieces of the puzzle and a possible emerging picture and resulting questions we may have to ask ourselves. Most of it is simply information from researchers who have been studying this phenomena for decades. What we do with it and how we react to it, be it fear, denial, discomfort, excitement, inspiration, etc., is up to each one of us.

 There is no fear on my side, nor do I try to infuse fear, but rather a consideration of something we all tend to dismiss so easily.

 If a person reacts to it with fear, maybe he/she needs to examine it within themselves before blaming the researchers who are just showing something which not many people really have looked into or are even aware of. I’ve said many times that I do not like what I’ve come across, but it is there and it doesn’t go away by ignoring it.

“Discomfort” and “fear” can serve a purpose, if used/applied correctly.

 There is a chance for healing from a shamanic and esoteric perspective. It is good to put oneself into a state of vulnerability when looking at the “darker” aspects of our reality or of oneself, truly looking at it, facing it and not giving the ego a chance to explain it all away, so we can go back to our comfort zone and ultimately back to “sleep”.

 It is not about buying into fear and panic either. Sometimes things need to be confronted without automatically defending our beliefs and views, allowing us to look at the world and ourselves more objectively, not only in regards to the UFO/Alien issue but in many other aspects as well.

 That’s part of the awakening process and it is shamanic work.

“One doesn’t become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Carl Gustav Jung

One thing is for sure, the UFO and Alien phenomena is “real”.

 Non-Human intelligent entities are and have been visiting earth, interacting with humanity for thousands of years.

The question is now, why are they here? Do they really come from outer space and a different planet/galaxy, or are they just hiding outside our perception and have been here all along, or maybe both?

There are people who suggest that all we have to do is show “love” and project “love” on these beings and that’s how we become One and enter the “Golden Age”.

 Is that really the way and understanding of “love” or is that part of the New Age disinformation program, welcoming our “space brothers” as “friends and saviors”? Intent is important, yes; we need to be positive and loving, but intent without really seeing what is going on objectively, separating truth from lies, can lead into a “road to hell based on good intentions”.

Isn’t it interesting, as we all focus on global issues such as the environment, self-sustainability, war, “man-made” global warming, terrorism, 9/11, economy, money, the banking system, etc… (all important topics that need to be addressed and looked at), all along there seems to be something else going which we totally ignore, deny, even laugh about or try to explain away with “spirituality” or psychology.

The high strangeness of UFO’s, aliens, abductions and hyperdimensional realities may hold major clues for what is happening and has happened on our planet in regards to history, the rise and fall of nations, religions, evolution, culture, wars, conspiracies, human behavior, psychology, basically humanity’s existence as a whole… even potentially the very creation of it.

 Maybe the elite, which seems to control the world these days through government, military and transnational corporations, are mere puppets to their hyperdimensional masters, manipulating human kind to greet the “visitors” as benevolent “space brothers” when the veil is being lifted.

To say “we’re all one, so it’s all good”, or in regards to the aliens:

“we’re just them and they are us”, is as useless as saying “This is all just an illusion anyway”.

Well, gravity is an illusion as well but jumping off a ten story building in blind belief might not be the best idea.

What are the implications for humanity when considering the possibility that hyperdimensional alien entities have manipulated humanity through belief systems and genetics since “the beginning of time” (since the “Fall from Eden”?), all the while feeding on us energetically, emotionally as well as physically? There are ancient accounts that hint to the reality of hyperdimensional control and alien life forms.

 There are cave paintings and scriptures, writings of the Gnostics and Sufi, the Native Americans, the Bible, etc…

This is the age of transformation, but also the age of deception.

 As the frequency raises on the planet, what we might be experiencing some time in the “future” is an intersection of densities and the beings inhabiting them. The aliens haven’t maybe really traveled from a distant planet, but have been here all along.

 Zecharia Sitchin suggested that the Anunnaki are returning to earth. Maybe they never left but have been here this whole time, just right outside our range of perception.

 As one abductee said, they may see us as,

“their property and earth is their farm. We are the resources and food.”, or another more disturbing quote by an abductee: “You know, to them we’re just cockroaches.”

We might laugh at such statements, but millions of people are going through these experiences which the mainstream labels as “psychological issues”.

 Maybe we should give the abductees a closer listen as well as the researchers in that field before we look away too quickly?

“In the end, we return to the question, just how much do you love truth? Do you really love truth or are you just curious? Do you love it enough to rebuild your understanding to conform to a reality that doesn’t fit your current beliefs, and doesn’t feel 120% happy?

 Do you love truth enough to continue seeking even when it hurts, when it reveals aspects of yourself (or human society, or the universe) that are shocking, complex and disturbing, or humbling, glorious and amazing – or even, when truth is far beyond human mind itself? Just how much do we love truth?

 It’s a good question to ask ourselves, I think.”
– Scott Mandeleker

Food doesn’t necessarily mean physical substance, as consciousness is food for higher density beings.

 Our emotions and energy, triggered through these manipulations, is what these entities are feeding off and it seems they are trying to keep us in a “frequency prison” through genetic and other forms of manipulation (like implanting certain religious and New Age belief systems). And maybe these aliens are not “evil” or “bad” to begin with, but just as “bad” as a human being who farms chickens for food and has a garden where he grows plants to eat.

 We also genetically alter our food, don’t we? All is consciousness and life feeds on life.

 Who ever said that we’re on top of the food chain anyway? As above, so below.

Some people ask,

“if the negative aliens are really here and so technologically superior, why haven’t they attacked and taken over?”

Any openly hostile alien invasion (as seen in numerous Hollywood blockbusters) can only be bogus, because only a primitive race like us would act like that.

 A higher intelligence with a technology beyond our present understanding is far more efficient and subtle. The most “efficient” take-over is if the target chooses out of free will to be “captured”, yet believing to be “free”.

 A deeper insight on the idea of “consciousness is food” is given by Michael Topper in his article Stalking or Precis on The Good and The Evil – The Positive/Negative Realms of Higher Densities:

“We have to understand here that the true Negative Realm agenda is to “eat consciousness.” So, this actually prevents an overt “take-over” in literal, physical terms. If an “invasion” was detected, this would mean that the veil would be lifted and all would see the “man behind the curtain” and would be disgusted and turn away. Just as in the “Wizard of Oz,” those Ruby Slippers have to be obtained VERY CAREFULLY!

Gathering the essence is an art of great subtlety! The “negative alien plan” is, in its purest sense, STALKING.

The aim of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors – made predictable because they have been programmed to respond to cues of conditioning [inculcated through centuries of lies and obfuscations presented in the form of religions] and all of this revolves around a ‘story’ that is actually untrue, and wholly misrepresentative of the real negative aim.[..]

The primary object of Negative stalking is to persuade through strongly influenced, but not robotic, behavior patterns, the Free Choice of the targeted CONSCIOUSNESS to align with negative higher-density existence. Because, in the Long Run, the object is the “eating” of functioning units of consciousness by the negative hierarchy, with Free Will intact! It is not good food otherwise!!!!”

Laura Knight-Jadczyk adds:

“The higher density positive entities are light beings. The higher density negative entities are “light eaters.” Love is light is knowledge. When they induce belief against what is objectively true, they have “eaten” the light-knowledge of the person who has chosen blind belief over fact! When you believe a lie, you have allowed the eating of your energy of awareness!”

That is maybe also why higher spiritually evolved benevolent “ET’s” would never interfere or save us.

 Because this is the way of life and they know not to mess with free will. Positive ET’s/aliens respect free will. They understand that this is part of evolution and the lessons within that. Do you try to save the mouse from the eagle? It would be against the “law of nature”, wouldn’t it? However, the mouse can choose to be more aware of its predator and by becoming aware of it, it can protect itself from it. That way the mouse learns and evolves accordingly.

 Dr. Karla Turner also doesn’t rule out that there are no benevolent beings:

“I do accept there are intelligent forces that can contact and inform us – perhaps to help us help ourselves.”

There are accounts of information and help from “higher sources”, stating that is it is up to us to discern truth from deception.

 Everything is part of creation. Nothing is better or worse. Evolution is a process of learning, becoming aware and conscious, gaining knowledge and hence wisdom and love. The more one can see the world as it is, objectively, as the universe sees itself, the higher the degree of awareness and state of Being.

 Higher evolved positive alien beings may assist and guide us in more subtle ways if we are able to SEE the signs and know how to LISTEN, but the work comes down to us. No one is going to do it for us.

As the saying goes,

“The teacher appears when the student is ready”.

They don’t interfere with our lessons we need to learn for the sake of our own evolution, personally and collectively.

“The positive forces, the STO (Service to Other) beings at higher levels are actively working to sustain the Creative fields toward achievement of the positive Logoic purpose which is the realization of Absolute Consciousness under all conditions and in all forms. Diversity is promoted and celebrated.

However, the Negative hierarchy is oriented toward the consuming of radiant light energy in a one way flow: to “Become One.”

The progressive power that devolves from the “capture” and incorporation or radiant-light sources serves to feed and enhance an exclusive subjectivity of consciousness since the effort is toward the subordination of all things to the magnified narcissism belonging to devout ego consciousness.”

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Knowledge protects, Ignorance endangers.

The more we gain knowledge and understanding (not simply book-smart knowledge) and the more we become objective (with ourselves and the world) and raise awareness, the better we can SEE and act accordingly. This means carefully discerning truth from lies. There is truth to certain channeled material. However, one needs to understand how to read it and interpret it.

Looking at what we’ve found out about manipulation through hyperdimensional beings, it is obvious that a lot of channeled material these days is suspect to great deception from “higher sources”. There are different levels and degrees of channelings, depending on many factors.

The topic of channeled information needs to be examined very carefully. I just mention it here to give it validity that “higher sources” may be able to contact us that way (when asked for and when it doesn’t infringe free will and/or interferes with the learning process of the one(s) asking).

However, who is coming through and what is the source really saying is the question.

Channeled material should never be taken as fact and proof alone; however, it can serve as a “back up” for cross-reference with scientific study and research. There are some sources that actually encourage that approach and tell us that it is up to us to learn, discern and gain knowledge, hence becoming more aware and conscious, moving from subjectivity to more objectivity and consciously engaging in the process of evolution and awakening.

In that sense, “we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for”, as the Hopi Indians would say, or “We are our own rescue team” as another channeled source states.

But just focusing on “love and light” and “visualizing” the best outcome is not going to work and actually feeds the “negative agenda”. This attitude may be the greatest deception and is exactly what the “alien intruders” want us to do. They may be behind the emerging New Age “religion” and New Age “Thought” to begin with and they seem to be taking advantage of our good nature.

Who is to judge what is a “good” outcome to begin with?

“Good” is a very subjective statement. What is a “good” outcome for the aliens, might be not so “good” for humanity and vicar versa. We need to understand our subjective limited view and perception of good/bad, dark/light in regards to the big scheme of creation and all intelligent life within.

Are we “bad” because we eat plants and animals?

True spiritual work entails more than just focusing our intention on what is “possible”. It means becoming aware, and becoming aware/conscious entails seeing the world and oneself as it/one is, objectively, dark and light, without rose-colored glasses on, or projecting into it how we like it to be or not to be.

Before we can create something new and better, we need to clearly see what is going on, in ourselves and in the world, otherwise more damage will be done and it’s like a blind man stumbling around in a porcelain store.

“Humans have a deep need to believe in the power of good. We need for the aliens to be a good force, since we feel so helpless in their presence. And we need for some superior force to offer us a hope of salvation, both personally and globally, when we consider the sorry state of the world.

I think the aliens know this about us – they know that we want and hope for them to be benevolent creatures – and they use our desire for goodness to manipulate us. What better way to gain our cooperation than to tell us that the things they are doing are for our own good?”

Dr. Karla Turner

“Gray Alien” Crop Circle from August 2002, with binary data sequence that says:

“Beware we’re the bearers of the False presence and broken promises… Much pain but there is still time. Believe there is still good out there. We oppose deceit ..( conduit closing).”

Disinformation through Crop Circles? This message seems to be part of painting a “benevolent” image of the “visitors” (in particular the Gray Aliens).

There is still much to find out about this topic.

This is just some “food” for thought (no pun intended). However, one thing is for sure, there is already enough well documented material out there that shows and proves the possibility of an Alien Agenda, which might not be quite what we have hoped for. The high strangeness and non-physical aspect of this phenomena make it very hard to study.

The fact that these beings and UFO’s act in stealth and secrecy with obvious intent to keep the truth away from humanity at large doesn’t make the issue easier and doesn’t speak for them.

One has to ask, why would “benevolent” beings act that way? Why would “good” aliens take thousands, if not millions of people against their free will? What are they really here for?

“And it becomes clear from these details that the beings who are doing such things can’t be seen as spiritually enlightened, with the best interest of the human race in mind. Something else is going on, something far more painful and frightening, in many, many abduction encounters…

As to researchers who claim that the ET’s are here to help us evolve some higher consciousness or that they are here for some other positive purpose – saving our plant, promoting world peace, etc. – I challenge those researchers to incorporate anomalous data into this view.

Theories are starting places for research, not proven conclusions, and UFO researchers must be willing to expand and alter their pet theories according to the data they uncover.

It would be wonderful if we could shape ET experiences into something positive, but until the details of abduction encounters – all the details – are given serious consideration, I think it’s dangerous to cling to theories that ignore data that will not fit. We owe it to ourselves to seek the whole truth.”

Karla Turner

One very important thing Richard Dolan mentioned at the end in one of his lecture was this (addressing UFOlogists and researchers in that field):

“When we go out into the world and try to educate other people we have to be careful with what we say we know and what kind of information we promote as truth.”

We need to get out of our habit of romanticizing anything that has to do with alien intelligent life forms according to our wishful thinking, nor deny the UFO reality completely out of conditioned non-belief, nor buying into any fear.

 This means growing up and becoming spiritually mature, being able to look at the world as is IS, the dark and the light, without preference and understanding what dark and light really means to begin with, moving from subjectivity towards objectivity, re-examining our beliefs and “spiritual” knowledge we have gained over the years, which we at times just repeat without questioning.

 From Eastern and Western religious teachings to mainstream New Age stuff a la “The Secret” and various “spiritual teachers” who have been on Oprah and on mainstream TV, marketing a passive, self-centered kind of spirituality to the masses in this billion dollar heavy New Age industry these days.

What is really going on? A true awakening or further manipulation and control? The deception in this day and age is massive and can not be underestimated.

 Dr. Jacques Vallee writes in “Messengers of Deception“:

“Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.”

There is much disinformation in the New Age Movement and UFO field these days. Most of them are not even purposely spreading disinfo but they are duped themselves, caught in their own subjective tunnel vision and wishful thinking.

 As Laura Knight-Jadczyk states:

“Let me make it clear at this point that I am convinced that a lot of honest, sincere, hard-working individuals are being duped and/or controlled without being fully aware of it.”

From the viewpoint of esoteric work, truth and objectivity should be one’s principal goal.

 It’s interesting how the popular New Age teachings these days promote subjectivity, to just focus on the self and shut out the “outside”, to ignore the “bad”, and keep manifesting reality according to one’s subjective desires and wishes. Is this really what spirituality and conscious evolution is all about?

Maybe the popular New Age teachings and CYOR (Create Your Own Reality) concepts are corrupt in many ways (universal truths packaged with lies), painting a false picture of what spiritual evolution truly means, making us believe we are already “god” on our level to keep us in our self-inflicted prison?

“…and in the third place he suggested to them that if anything at all were going to happen to them it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it.

 Further the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians.

 And after this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.”

G.I. Gurdjieff

In this day and age of transformation and global change, it may be advisable to look more into what Don Juan called, the “topic of all topics”:

UFO’s, hyperdimensional realities and the beings inhabiting them, the “magicians” that play with us, our reality, and consciousness.

It is also not something that is just now happening. It seems to have been going on for quite a while, perhaps thousands of years.

Let’s remember, linear time is only of this 3rd Density. And that is exactly why the manipulation and control is so unnoticed by the general population. It transcends our comprehension.

As Don Juan said:

“In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver – stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist.

 A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! […] Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them.”

It is the subtlety of this phenomena which makes the deception so hard to see, because it is already ingrained in our way of life, our culture and civilization.

This puts also a big question mark on the topic of Disclosure. The UFO phenomena has a strong paranormal and hyperdimensional aspect to it that can’t be simply ignored.

Many supporters of Disclosure and Exopolitics seem to ignore or oversimplify that issue.

“We must never forget that phenomena which appears to most humans as “high strangeness” is nothing more than routine everyday events within the context of a civilization far older than ours and with technology and brain power far in excess of ours.

The aliens and reptilians display a thorough understanding of human physiology and neurology.”
– James Bartley in “Interview with a Male Abductee”

The alien invasion we are be subjected to is happening and has already happened through our minds and beliefs; the religious, spiritual and genetic manipulations throughout the ages by hyperdimensional beings and methods we are only scraping to understand and most of us are not even aware of to begin with.

It’s state of the art mind control.

“Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure.

They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal”

Don Juan Matus

What about a fully benevolent alien intervention in order to “unite” humanity under “world peace”? Sure, but under what conditions, what kind of “peace” and “who says”? And what about all the “abnormal” data we just explored. Will it just go away?

Are perhaps the aliens themselves behind the New World Order and quest for global enslavement?

Most people still have a hard time realizing that 9/11 was an inside job and that Al Qaida is as fake as the war on terror.

 If the population of this world can be already so easily deceived by such obvious means, how will they ever look through a manipulation and deception by beings they are not even aware of and whom they might welcome as their “space brothers” in the near future? Interesting times indeed…

What is truth and what are lies in the world of UFO’s, aliens, abductions and hyperdimensional realities? We ought to make an effort to find that out.

As Karla Turner said: We owe it to ourselves.

“You got to be careful when you ask for the truth… it’s usually what you don’t want to hear or face. Asking a burning question can open the door to a whirlwind…”

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

I’d like to end this exploration of UFO’s, Aliens and the Question of Contact with the words of Elton Turner, husband of Dr. Karla Turner and an abductee himself:

I believe that our very thoughts and consequently, our behavior as a race of sentient beings are being UNDERMINED through the power of insinuation and the implantation of controlling devices in our bodies by non-human (most of the time) entities. This is truly the most effective way to invade and conquer.

 I do not trust such creatures no matter what I have been told about their altruistic motives.

We, as a race, have never been free to discover our own true identity. Every social advance we attempt is thwarted by some maniac who springs up with almost divine grace to lead us into madness. Saint Paul, for instance, seems to have taken the real message of Jesus and his earliest followers and distorted it into something that we kill, lie and cheat for. And, in spite of all that, we still aspire for redemption of our souls.

 The followers of that doctrine – Christians, they call themselves – are not the only ones who behave in such a manner. Every major religion has managed to find an excuse in its teachings to destroy non-believing fellow human beings. A part of me shudders every time I hear of yet another killing based on 2000-year-old hatreds.

What law allows us to continue with such atrocities? What influence keeps such hatred and fears alive? Why are we abductees so afraid to ask for real help from our own society?

We have been INVADED – but I do not yet believe that the battle is over. Invasion with sticks, knives or guns is a human reality, not necessarily a universal one. There are very sophisticated mechanismsbeing used in the invasion of our world. Why should our invaders use pointed sticks against us when they can get us to sharpen sticks and use them against each other?

 We provide them with everything they want from us, and they take none of the blame for our misery. They just zip around in their wonderful flying machines, dazzling us with their magical abilities and filling us with awe at their insight.

Can there be a more successful military campaign than one in which no shot is (apparently) fired and in which the conquered populace gladly and openly welcomes their enslavers? We are being programmed mentally and socially to accept our invaders as saviors, not a conquering force. I truly believe we are being deceived by smoke, mirrors and sleight-of-three-fingered-hand movements.

 Are we going to sell our birthright to some sneaky beings who appear on our shores in marvelous ships and offer us a few glitzy baubles?

The researcher asked if I personally knew of harm that has come to anyone at the hands of, or because of, the aliens. Yes, harm has come. My early youth was damaged severely by the unconscious knowledge that I was being used by some non-human agency.

It took me 40 years to recognize that the fears which guided me daily were not of my own making and that the rebellion I constantly felt was engendered by my contempt for the powerful invisible agents that forced me to do things that I knew were wrong, even as I was doing them.

For example, I did not want to marry the person who became my first wife, yet I had no control over the decision. Before we were married, we were jointly abducted and subjected to severe programming. The results brought no happiness to either of us. We both starved for love and companionship, even though we tried with all our might to find them.

My son (now 25) was also one of their subjects, and is miserable and lost. He is an artistic person with so many unknowable fears that he is paralyzed. I know of abductees MURDERED by mutilations (reports of which are suppressed immediately and completely), by cancers that no physician has ever seen before, and by madness that has led to suicide.

In my opinion, these acts were not caused by “brothers” of any sort.

I do not believe that all is lost, however. I have felt a guiding hand that helped me to discover happiness and inner peace amid all this chaos and misery. What I have come to understand is that that hand is only there when I take responsibility for my own happiness and do something about whatever is bothering me.

Reality left in the hands of the invaders is neither what we need nor what we want.

It is time that we think hard about ourselves and what we have on this gem of the universe, our home – our planet. There are laws governing the actions of our invaders, rules guiding their actions and patterns of behavior we can discover if we will make a concerted effort to discern them. We humans have something valuable that is desirable to, and usable by the alien forces acting on us.

I feel it is time we take back that which is ours, that we use all our resources to discover the laws that govern reality and become the beings that we intrinsically know we are.

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