Retired Ohio Pilot ‘Shook Up’ After Watching Four UFOs

Illustration: Produced by the witness. MUFON image database
A retired pilot in Alliance, OH, reported watching four unusual objects that resembled “an orange-yellow fireball” flying in formation beginning about 9:23 p.m. on April 21, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The witness was outside placing items into his pickup truck when the first three objects were seen.
“I closed the truck door and pivoted to my left (now facing north) to go back in my house, when I noticed on the horizon three objects approximately 30 degrees above the horizon at an altitude of 3500 MSL (2500 AGL in this area),” the witness stated. “The objects were flying in formation with the lead craft in the middle and the other two craft approximately one nautical mile back and one nautical mile to either side of the lead craft.”
The witness became startled at what he was seeing.
“I am a retired pilot and the reason I was startled is that I initially stared at the lead object only due to the fact that it resembled an aircraft, especially a turbo-prop, with an engine fire. My eyes were obviously drawn to the other two craft as well and I did not know what to make of what I was seeing. The craft [was] heading due west (270 degrees) making no sound.”
The witness says he was shook up by the incident.
“I’m really kind of shook up by this. I just was asked by someone the other day if I had ever seen anything whenever I was flying, you know, UFOs they asked. Honestly and emphatically, no. I’ve answered anyone that has ever asked me that question and I have been asked a lot. I can no longer answer no.”
No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 46884. Alliance is a city in Stark and Mahoning counties, OH, population 22,322. Read the complete story.
In other UFO news today, a Sprague River, OR, witness reports waking up during the night and discovering 15 entities “three-four feet in height and dark gray,” according to April 22, 2013, MUFON testimony.
“I was sleeping in my bedroom when I sensed that something/someone was looking at me, so I opened my eyes,” the witness stated. “My night light was on, so I could see clearly somewhat. At the side/foot of my bed were small, three-four feet in height, dark gray entities, about 15 of them.”
No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 46892, which occurred about 1:30 a.m. on December 21, 2012. Sprague River is an unincorporated community in Klamath County, OR. Read the complete story.
A Sprague River, OR, witness reported that a 10-foot-wide “swirling mass” appeared in her bedroom like a vortex opening up after awakening from six hours of sleep, according to April 22, 2013, testimony from MUFON.
The witness was in bed with her husband at the time and had one drink before retiring for the night and woke thinking they were in the middle of an earthquake.
“Six hours later I awoke incredibly afraid,” the witness stated. “I awoke thinking we were having an earthquake but instead I found that I was being rocked from side to side violently to the point of nearly flipping over. My body was totally relaxed, yet my body was being lifted quite a bit off the mattress. I laid there just observing (really wondering ‘what the hell’) was going on.”
The woman reached out to grab onto the bed sheets in an attempt to stabilize herself.
“I looked around the room and noticed a swirling in front of me. The mass was rotating in a clockwise direction and then froze in position. So now I was still looking at it with the door bent along with the rest of the room and its furnishings in that area all frozen in this clockwise position in that whirling mass. I could see streaks where the objects moved from as though one had taken a picture of a fast-moving object. I turned to look at my husband sleeping. Everything was fine with him and everything on his side of the room was fine too.”
No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 46892, which occurred about 1:30 a.m. on December 21, 2012. Sprague River is an unincorporated community in Klamath County, OR. Read the complete story.
And finally, an Arizona witness near Wellton recalled a bizarre encounter with a “hockey puck-sized UFO” during the summer of 1975 that hovered and darted around she and her sibling for 15 minutes, according to April 22, 2013, MUFON testimony.
The witness and her brother were outside smashing cans when the object was first noticed.
“We both were suddenly aware of a hockey puck-sized UFO hovering very close by as if watching what we were doing,” the witness stated. “We kept looking at it, trying to figure out if it was some sort of weird bird or huge insect as it hummed, almost like the noise that a hummingbird makes. It was no hummingbird.”
The witness described the object.
“It was shaped like a hockey puck (round), a black/dark gray, dull surface, that was not smooth looking. It looked like the color of a gun barrel but not as smooth. The object hovered, moving smoothly toward us, and then backward, it moved quickly back and forth, left and right.”
No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 46899. Wellton is a town in Yuma County, AZ, population 1,862. Read the complete story.
Reports of small UFOs make up a low percentage of all U.S. sightings annually, but are a continuing category for investigators.
On June 10, 2011, in MUFON Case 29547, an Arizona couple described a “star-like fireball” that was three-feet across and followed their car at about the height of their windows for two minutes during a nighttime drive about halfway between Las Vegas, NV, and Kingman, AZ — putting them roughly 50 miles north of Kingman, a town about 150 miles west of Flagstaff.
The couple left the T.J. Shepherd show in Las Vegas about 9:30 p.m. and decided to drive home to Golden Valley — about eight miles from Kingman, AZ. About halfway through the trip, the woman’s husband, a passenger, “pointed out a star-like fireball following the car at window height. It disappeared in about two minutes — vanishing.”
Realizing they were alone on the highway, the woman, who was driving, decided to attempt to catch up to cars that were ahead of her.
“I decided to try to catch up to the cars that were ahead of it that were going 65 MPH,” the woman stated. “I was the last car in line. They took off so fast that I was going 80 MPH and I could not catch up with them.”
Now the couple found themselves alone along a dark stretch of desert highway as the “fireball” moved in front of their vehicle.
It was going the same speed as us. It was a little bit bigger than three feet across. It followed us for about two minutes, and then vanished. This all happened halfway between Las Vegas and Kingman.
When the object moved in front of their car, it was about 15 feet ahead of them. They were able to get a good look at the object.
“When the object was in front of the car it stayed about 15 feet even in front of the car. I had a good look at the star-like fireball. My husband said this object appeared as a white, really bright object. When I first saw it I said to my husband, ‘I guess they really do exist.’ When the star-like fireball right in front of the car was observed, I said, ‘I don’t want to be a specimen.'”
Two weeks after this incident, an Arizona witness traveling the 44 miles between Flagstaff and the small town of Leupp at 1:21 a.m. on June 24, 2011, had an encounter with an object that descended for the sky to just four feet off of the highway and moved along the driver’s side of the car in MUFON Case 29703.
” I was able to clearly see it light the ground up red,” the witness stated. “It flew parallel to my vehicle and just about kept the same speed as my vehicle (65 mph). The orb itself was red and emitting a red glow – darker red in the center, brighter red around the edges. It was to the left of the vehicle, approximately 50 yards away. At this point I was feeling panicked, afraid and curious.”
The object eventually moved away and shot off into the sky.
“No noise, besides engine noise was noted. The only notable difference was the presence of a cellphone signal (there usually is none). It followed my vehicle for a quarter-mile and it sped up two car lengths in front of me and abruptly made a 90-degree turn, upward into the sky, at which point I leaned forward to see it shoot across the sky like a shooting star toward the east.”
The above quotes were edited for clarity. Daily UFO Traffic Reports are posted at the National UFO Examiner home page.

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