Queenstown Resident Baffled By A UFO He Caught On A Photo

Verdun Waghorn, a Queenstown resident, is curious to know if the truth is out there. Just around two weeks ago, he was looking for rocks by the Dart River bridge along Glenorchy-Routeburn road.
At noon, he managed to take 20 photographs of the surrounding view to show his family. Scanning through his photos in the evening, he noticed a dark shape in the in the western sky heading towards the Humboldt Mountains.
When he took the pictures, he was sure he neither spotted nor heard an aircraft. Waghorn has puzzled since then about the object he caught on one of the photos.
In response to our inquiry, a spokeswoman of Airways New Zealand confirmed no aircraft in the area at that time, based on air traffic control record.
Waghorn explained that it was quite strange because the mysterious aerial object only appears in one of the photos, so he’s ruling out a speck of dirt or insect on his lens.
Waghorn has always been sceptical about stories involving UFOs, but now he sympathises with people who claim to have seen UFOs. However, he believes that there’s a reasonable, rational explanation. He doesn’t think of green men from space, but whatever he caught on one of his photos is such a weird shape.
He said that it doesn’t look a bird to him, and this gets him baffled.
Is the object in the picture flying? Is it rare? Or just a sand fly?


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