Blue Light Bursts through Window in Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Lawrenceville, New Jersey – 05-01-17

Shape: Light – Duration: ~2 seconds

@ 2100,(EDT)—A young woman and a male friend were preparing dinner in her kitchen, when and intensely bright shaft of blue light suddenly flashed through the kitchen for approximately two seconds’ duration.

The light was so bright that it left the two witnesses “light blinded” for several seconds, following the flash.

Brilliant blue beam of light shot into kitchen from window, the flash stretched about ten feet and disappeared in seconds.

Witness Statement:

Around 9 PM, I was cooking dinner on the stove with my friend. To the left of me was the fridge, and to the right of me is a window on the adjacent wall above the sink.

My friend was in front of the stove, I was about three feet behind him. He was turned slightly toward me, when this occurred, but he is colorblind, so he saw the brightness of the flash but not the brilliance.

It was as if a straight beam of brilliant blue light flashed in from the window in a horizontal line in front of him, 2 feet above the counter, from the window towards the fridge. It was so bright, I was unable to regain vision for a second after it happened. I could swear that I heard a grinding noise in my ears when it flashed, but that may have been from shock.

It was not one consistent color blue, there were shades in it, and it had some orange tinges at parts. It was the most beautiful light I have ever seen, but if I didn’t know any better, I would swear that for that few seconds, a seam in the universe ripped.

I have had two other sightings earlier this year that were the same, but different from this one. I am at work, but will try to report them later.

I do not know if what I saw was UFO related. But it is not my first encounter that I have said… and I trust my instinct.

We searched the yard. Checked the stove and all the lightbulbs that were on. It was not electrical. There was nothing in the yard signifying anything else.

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