Wedge-shaped Array of Lights Reported over Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Woods Hole, Massachusetts – 04-29-17

Shape: Chevron – Duration: 20-45 seconds

2030 hrs, (EDT)—Two adult witnesses, both of whom are trained research-grade scientists, were sitting outside, admiring the night sky, when one called the attention of her colleague to a formation of rectangular-shaped, somewhat yellow in color, lights, in a phalanx-shaped formation, passing overhead at a rapid rate.

Two of the yellow lights appeared to switch positions with one another, after which the formation stopped and remained motionless in position for a short period of time.

Shortly after the formation had stopped, the whole cluster reportedly just faded from view.

A wedge shaped formation of lights silently passed overhead where lights in the formation switched position before fading from sight.

Witness Statement:

A colleague and myself were sitting on a dock, off of Water St near the Oceanographic Institute, facing Nonamesset Island, when my colleague directed my attention to the evening sky.

We observed an array of rectangular lights (6-8 lights), producing dim but discernable light with a slightly yellowed tone, arranged in a wedge or flying-V formation.

The formation of lights, no more than 200ft off the ground, silently passed overhead moving Northeast.

Importantly, the lights seemed to deliberately dip and bob without breaking formation, suggesting they are indeed units comprising a larger array.

The formation moved over Water St until it was visible over the Rowe Laboratory. Interestingly, while moving, the lights adjacent to the trailing terminal lights on either end of the “V” gracefully switched positions.

The formation stopped after this and faded out of sight. It is worth mentioning that our line of sight with the formation was never interrupted, and we did not observe it flying away: we observed it until it simply faded from view above the Rowe Laboratory.

We, the two observers, are developmental biologists who traveled to Woods Hole to attend a regional conference.

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