Israeli Forces Include Alien Invasion In Their Training Exercise

Is alien invasion in the mind of Israel Defense Forces (IDF)? Jerusalem Post recently reported that this is precisely what they have been preparing.
Extraterrestrial life and alien invasion ideas have been here on Earth for many decades. In fact, they have been the subjects of many science fiction books, novels, and movies for decades. The War of the Worlds novel by H.G. Well left many people believed that a Martian invasion was about to happen.
While Martian invasion is no longer the center when it comes to alien invasion idea, many still believe that extraterrestrial invasion will occur in the near future, and the alien race may not be necessarily coming from Mars.
But the concept appears not only embraced by science fiction writers and UFO believers because it is now being used in government and military procedures. The Israel Defense Forces included the concept in their recent training exercise that appeared to center the idea of the spacecraft of alien beings invading planet Earth.
The training exercise is designed for programming unit of Israeli Air Force. However, the commander of the operation said that the alien invasion part of the training was just a framing story. The goal is to make the participants understand the importance of creating cyber defense. According to the commander, they were adapting the Generation Y, which enjoys challenges, in their training. For this reason, according to the commander, they prepared the framing story of an extraterrestrial invasion.
A system was developed for the participating soldiers to hack. The instruction was to find out all information about the fake alien spacecraft in order to develop a robust cyber defense system.
The Israel Defense Forces might be merely using an alien invasion story for a serious training exercise, but not all people take the idea lightly. In Hawaii, a UFO landing pad was developed to promote peaceful relations with space aliens.

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