Prove The Existence Of Aliens By Area 51 Conspiracy Theories

While roaming around in the remote deserts of southern Nevada you might stumble upon security guards who would drive you away from an area which is called the ‘Area 51’. Importance of Area 51 would be explained differently by different people. Government officials or military people would say that this area serves as a weapon testing ground, whereas alien enthusiasts would claim Area 51 to be the secret hideouts for aliens that has been provided to them by the US Government.
What is Area 51 conspiracy theory?

The Area 51 conspiracy theory suggests that the aliens (dead and alive) who were recovered from the mid July 1947 Roswell crash is being taken to Area 51 and autopsies and researches on aliens are being carried out in the secret lairs of the so called air force base. While this theory has been strongly refuted by the government officials, who even had been denying the very existence of Area 51 until 2013, but there are still many evidences that speaks in favor of the conspiracy theorists and proves the existence of aliens.
Evidences that prove alien existence
There are multiple reports of strange lights that hover over the base. Not only the sighting of the lights, but the radars are found to capture objects that flying with incredible speed in those areas, speeds which are much higher than any earthly aircraft. A video of the autopsy of an alleged humanoid alien in Area 51 not only confirms the existence of aliens, but also proves the sanctity of the Area 51 conspiracy theory. There are many testimonials given by ex servicemen who were deployed in Area 51 that they had seen fragments or specimens of spacecrafts none of which has been known to be used by man in the history of mankind.
Some of the notable confessions
There has been a deathbed confession from Area 51’s aerospace engineer Boyd Bushman who confessed that Area 51 is partially staffed by extraterrestrials. Bushman also shared photos of mysterious humanoid figures that were allegedly present in the military base of Area 51 at the same time that Bushman did.

It has been accepted by many physicists (like Bob lazar) that work on reverse engineering is being carried out on UFOs that are stationed at Area 51. The sole purpose of the reverse engineering is to get an idea of the alien technologies that are being used to make such spacecrafts that could traverse distance of many light-years successfully.
The buildings of Area 51 do not have windows. People who work there (military or civilians) have to take an oath by virtue of which they are not allowed to speak anything about their work or Area 51. Along with these, the fact that one of the tightest security belts surround the area does point out that there is something in there which the government does not wishes others to see or know about. As no other military base is treated with such security measures it sparks the possibilities of connection of Area 51 and aliens even more.

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