10 Ways Of How To Communicate With Aliens

Whether life exists in some super intelligent form in the vast universe or not is a question that everyone loves to debate about. While there are many so called eye witnesses who claim to have seen or being abducted by aliens, no one has ever come up with some concrete mode to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors, should the need to communicate with them ever arise. The ways to communicate with aliens can be broadly classified under mathematical languages, pictorial messages, algorithmic messages, and multi modal messages. Here is a quick introduction of these various ways to communicate with aliens.
Mathematical language

(1) Astraglossa is a mathematical approach by which one can try to communicate with aliens. The system is basically a combination of operators and numbers in a series of long and short pulses.
(2) Lincos is another mathematical way to communicate with the aliens. It is the next level of Astraglossa that uses basic logic symbols and mathematical symbols to derive a language that is meant for ‘cosmic intercourse’.
Pictorial messages

(3) The voyager probe that was launched in 1977 carried two golden records bearing diagrams that resembled human form, the solar system and its location. The records also carried recordings of pictures and audio signals from Earth.
(4) Pioneer probes which were launched in 1972 and 1973 also carried various pictures on the Pioneer plaques. The pictures depicted human form and the location of the planet Earth in the solar system and the galaxy.
(5) Pixels can also be used to communicate with aliens. The much famed Arecibo message that was sent in 1974 was basically a pixel image that had 1679 pixels spread across 73 rows and 23 columns. The message contained information like the integer system, the atomic numbers of primary elements, information regarding human DNA, statistics of human figure, population on earth and many more.
Algorithmic messages

(6) Algorithmic messages are also a nice way to attempt communication with aliens. The various integers, symbols and operators are set in a particular algorithm to form a programming language and then that is being setup on a virtual machine. The recipient (hopefully from other planets) would be able to interact with the programming language and communicate with earthlings without have to wait for long after transmitting a signal in the space.
Multi-modal messages

(7) Morse code is being used by space scientists and alien hunters to communicate with the extraterrestrials. Morse code is the elementary form of interstellar language where letters are represented by combinations of short or long audio or light signals.
(8) Russian scientists had sent interstellar radio transmissions under the header of Teen Age Messages or TAM in 2001. The message that comprised of three sections was sent out to six stars that looked like and has physical properties similar to the sun. The 1st section of the TAM consisted of coherent-sounding radio signal with slow Doppler wavelength. The 2nd section consisted of analog information that represented musical melodies that were performed on a Theremin. The last section was a binary digital code which carried information about the planet.
(9) Apart from the Teen Age Messages, in 2003 another set of multimodal messages were transmitted into the space. The message which was known as Cosmic Call-2 was comprised of images, texts, videos, music, a copy of the 1974 Arecibo message, the Braastad message and Dutil/Dumas message.
Telepathic communication

(10) The mostly heard mode of communication to interact with the alien beings, however, is by means of telepathy. As per the firsthand accounts of the alleged alien abductees, the extraterrestrials never conversed by any language, but they communicated through the mind, by using the power of telepathy.

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