10 Evidences Proof Aliens Are Demons In Disguise

No matter how advanced humans have become, there are still many things which cannot be explained by science or by the mainstream scientists. In various texts of almost every civilization or even in the Bible, there is mentioning about demons and angels who have been coming down from the skies and have battled with or helped mankind. While debunking theories are there, but there are many evidences that prove that the demons are nothing but aliens in disguise. Here are 10 evidences to prove this theory.

(Creepy Alien In Demon’s Body Caught On Tape)

(Alien With Demon’s Wings)
Although there are claims that aliens have and are still helping humans to evolve, there are as such no definite proofs of that. On the other hand, instances of damage, destruction and abduction caused by aliens are many which certainly make it evident that aliens are not at all friendly towards humans, and they are actually demons in disguise.

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