Top 10 Mysterious Ancient Aliens Episodes

The TV documentary series “Ancient Aliens” has many episodes that attempts to unravel some of the biggest mysteries of the world. The documentary program has seen 8 seasons so far and has been aired since March 2009. Here are the top 10 episodes that deal with the mysterious objects and phenomenon of earth.
No. 10 – Aliens and Forbidden islands

This episode that got aired on 15 November 2013 discusses about the various mysterious events that happens on some of the most remote islands of the planet. The discussion includes those places which have been the sites of alleged alien sighting as well.
No. 9 – Circles from the Sky

The theorists and researchers who put forward their thoughts in this episode which got aired on 18th September 2015 tried to draw the line of connection between crop circles and aliens. They tried to explain that the crop circles are nothing but messages from extraterrestrials that live in some other world.
No. 8 – Aliens and Mysterious rituals

This episode which got aired on 25th August 2011 tries to establish the fact that the ancient rituals that were followed by ancient man to supposedly praise the Gods were actually methods to initiate contact with the aliens. The episode also harps on the fact that ancient temple sites like Mayan temple of El Castillo or Chichen Itza in Mexico were being used to contact the aliens from outer space.
No. 7 – Mysteries of the Sphinx

The half lion-half man structure of the Sphinx in Egypt has been the point of curiosity and investigation for many since thousands of years. The Ancient Aliens episode that got aired on 7th November 2014 claimed that the Sphinx is basically the statue of an extraterrestrial creature that visited Earth around 10,000 years ago.
No. 6 – Mysterious structures

Researchers opined their thoughts about the various mysterious structures and monoliths in this episode on 20th June 2014. The agenda of the discussion was to prove alien intervention and involvement in the building of these mysterious structures, which by no means seem to be done by humans of the ancient era.
No. 5 – Aliens and Evil Spaces

The episode which got aired on 28 September 2011 tries to find out the underlying mystery behind places which have connection to evil and death somehow. As per the theories proposed in this episode Japan’s Aokigahara Suicide forest, Australia’s Black mountain and many other such places were either dumping grounds of waste materials of alien experiments or contained some portal to reach to the other world.
No. 4 – Aliens and Bigfoot

The legends of the Bigfoot have been examined in the episode that got aired on 23rd March 2012. The half man half ape structure of the alleged abominable snowman or Yeti or Bigfoot is said to have connections with the aliens as it may be a descendant of some species of ancient visitors from other planets.
No. 3 The Vanishings

Some of the most mysterious vanishing of human beings in the history of mankind has been discussed in details in this episode that got aired on24th April 2015. The researchers are of the opinion that these people have vanished from earth as they have been transported to some other planet by extraterrestrial beings.
No. 2 – Mysterious Places

Aired on 28th October 2010, this episode talks about the various places which are famous (or infamous) because of the mystery associated with them. Places like the Bermuda Triangle, Zone of Silence in Mexico, portal like structure at Puerta de Hayu Marca in Peru are considered to be hot spots for activities related to the UFOs and aliens.
No. 1 – The mystery of Puma Punku

Investigations of the ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia have been carried out in this episode that was aired on 16th March 2012. As per theories suggested in the episode, the intricately carved interlocking blocks could never have been made by those ancient people without getting extraterrestrial support. The episode tries to hint that the ruins were actually built and inhabited by aliens and not by earthlings.

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