Orbs Captured on Video over British Crop Circle

By Peter Truman

A CROP circle expert believes he captured strange UFOs flying over the UK.

Pierre Beake is convinced the mysterious marks in the countryside are the result of paranormal activity and not hoaxers.

He has dedicated years of his life to investigating the circles in the south west of England.

And he was stunned when he captured a number of bizarre balls of light hovering around a well-known crop circle site in Wiltshire.

In the video, strange orbs of white light hover over the field as people explore the bizarre circle.

They look to float but move erratically as they are filmed moving over the crop. Some alien hunters believe crop circles are created by UFO landings.

But others say they are elaborate hoaxes, backed up by a video from 1991 of Doug Bower and David Chorley showing them using wooden planks and rope to create the patterns.

This has not deterred Mr Beake, who claims the “highly geometric” circles could not be made by humans.

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