Nordic Aliens and The Grail Race

The Gnosis by Montalk

Who forged the Grail? Who brought it to Earth? What is their role today?

Mythology, folklore, history, religion, esotericism, occultism, and alienology all contain clues declaring the existence of superhuman beings who seem deeply invested in our affairs but prefer to remain hidden.

Those among them with the most consistent historical presence are human in appearance, yet far beyond human in their knowledge and abilities.

Regardless of what human groups came into possession of demiurgic technology before and after the Israelites, none of them truly owned it. Instead, the supernatural artifacts were ultimately borrowed, licensed, or stolen from the so-called “gods” who originally manufactured them. It seems these “gods” bestow and retrieve such artifacts according to circumstance, finding it necessary to entrust it to chosen human proxies at certain times.

In doing so, they risk such power occasionally falling into wrong hands. The rebel priesthood fleeing Egypt with the Ark Stone is one example.

Mankind is unwittingly caught in a war between hidden superhuman factions who select, train, equip their human agents to participate in that war.

Demiurgic technology enables major shifts in the balance between their competing agendas. In this article and the next, I will speculate on the nature, origins, and motivations of these superhuman beings and their human proxies who, in modern times, surreptitiously coexist alongside humanity as a hidden parallel civilization.

This will widen our perspective for understanding current and future world events.

The Grail Company

In Parzival, Wolfram von Eschenbach describes the “Grail Company” as a preternatural outfit of divinely appointed individuals who exist beyond our world but have a very close relationship with it:

As to those who are appointed to the Grail, hear how they are made known.

Under the top edge of the Stone an inscription announces the name and lineage of the one summoned to make the glad journey. Whether it concerns girls or boys, there is no need to erase their names, for as soon as a name has been read it vanishes from sight! Those who are now full-grown all came here as children.

Happy the mother of any child destined to serve there!

Rich and poor alike rejoice if a child of theirs is summoned and they are bidden to send it to that Company! Such children are fetched from many countries and forever after are immune from the shame of sin and have a rich reward in Heaven. When they die here in this world, Paradise is theirs in the next.

God ordained concerning the Grail that it should be kept by virgins ministering before it.

The Grail chooses lofty servitors, thus knights are appointed to guard it endowed with all the virtues that go with chastity.

[…] Fortune often faces those of Munsalvaesche [the Grail castle] with win-and-lose. They receive handsome children of high degree: but if a land should lose its lord, and its people see the hand of God in it and ask for a new lord from the Grail Company, their prayer is granted. Moreover, they must treat him reverentially, since from that moment on he is under the protection of God‘s blessing. God sends the men out in secret but bestows maidens openly.

[…] Writing was seen on the Grail to the effect that any Templar whom God should bestow on a distant people for their lord must forbid them to ask his name or lineage, but must help them gain their rights. When such a question is put to him the people there cannot keep him any longer.

[…] As I say, maidens are given away from the Grail openly, men in secret, in order to have progeny (as God can well instruct them), in the hope that these children will return to serve the Grail and swell the ranks of its Company. Those knights who are resolved on serving the Grail must forego woman’s love. Only the King may have a spouse in wedlock, and those others whom God has sent to be lords in lordless lands.

(Hatto, p. 251)

Does Wolfram’s version of the Grail Company have any real analogues?

Some say it’s an allusion to the Knights Templar or the Cathars, but these were only human attempts at emulating the real thing. Regular secret societies and religious orders don’t fit the description because they lack the supernatural qualities, distinguished genetics, and the curious need to draw upon the human gene pool through interbreeding.

The ascribed traits of the Grail Company indicate a transcendent elite who are nonetheless somehow dependent on mankind. If nothing else, this description matches the modern alien phenomenon.

Extracting the key elements from the above passage:

  1. Their men are sent into our world to take up leadership positions without revealing their true identities. Implication is that our world is being directly influenced by superhuman males pretending to be ordinary humans.

  2. Their women may enter our world for sexual procreation. They do this without disguising their identity. In other words, human males are used for breeding purposes by superhuman females who make no secret of their otherworldly nature.

  3. Their children are of superhuman pedigree, seeded into human society until they are called to return to the realm of their progenitors.

Framed in this way, all three elements are found in modern alienology, specifically pertaining to the alien types who look human.

From ancient to modern times, accounts exist of human encounters with such beings, their disguise as humans placed in influential roles, and their seeding of hybrids into human families.

That is not to say all are necessarily divine Grail guardians. The latter may only be a small faction among them who ultimately serve the Logos. Those same general traits could equally apply to humanlike alien groups bent on malevolent domination. All that’s indicated is an otherworldly elite who, despite being more advanced, are dependent on us and/or heavily invested in our affairs.

For the purposes of this article, I will focus on aliens who could pass for human, have supernatural abilities, and have shaped the course of history. They are the best candidates for the otherworldly forces involved in the demiurgic tug of war. Why is this important?

Because the competing alien forces from our ancient past are still with us today, actively influencing the world. Those who were there for the beginning may be there for the end. It appears their cold war has been underway for several thousand years, and based on current trends, it could become an open hot war in our near future.

Therefore the study of these alien groups, how they relate to the human race, their role in history and our future provides the deeper context needed to fully appreciate everything discussed so far in the Gnosis series.

Provisional Summary

Based on my research, correspondences, and personal experiences, I have come to several conclusions concerning them:

  • There is warring among these beings, indicating they are not all unified. At the very minimum they are polarized into opposing sides, if not split into numerous independent factions. Some factions have a strong fascist orientation.

  • They walk among us pretending to be human. Some are integrated into society and hold strategic positions, whether to influence or simply observe.

  • They are genetically compatible with us, and some of their females have engaged human males for sexual encounters and even long term relationships. Through interbreeding their genes can enter our gene pool and vice versa. Therefore some human individuals and bloodlines would have more of their DNA than others, and their alien DNA would likely show under analysis to be basically human, albeit rare and unusual.

  • Through genetic manipulation, they can insert alien DNA as a third party contributor to a developing human fetus, so that the child resembles both human parents while also being somewhat hybridized. Whether artificially hybridized, naturally conceived between human and alien, or fully alien, such a child born and raised in a human family will mostly pass for human, except they will be of a caliber beyond their peers.

  • The greatest heroes of myth and ancient history were popularly viewed as cross-breeds between gods and men.

  • Throughout history, they have selected certain humans, or perhaps their own offspring/hybrids raised in human society, for privileged education, training, and guidance, so that these human proxies can function as vectors for their agenda, be it benevolent or hostile to mankind at large. This may include modern day contactees and abductees, ancient prophets and magicians, and the founders of mystery schools and secret societies like the Rosicrucians.

  • Note that such secret societies are just larger, more powerful, institutionalized versions of individual contactees, that is, they are both under the guidance of aliens, given privileged knowledge, and charged with a mission fitting the agenda of their alien benefactors.

  • Considering that some of the esoteric knowledge communicated to humans is positively helpful, not all alien influences are selfish. It seems some are genuinely interested in raising humanity’s potential in the areas of discernment, chivalry, ethics, and spiritual integrity.

  • They are all secretive and known to lie, even if only by omission, regardless of their spiritual orientation.

  • Benevolent reasons could involve a law of non-interference, complications with timeline dynamics arising from unscrupulous contamination of the past, the need to ensure that privileged and powerful knowledge is entrusted only to vetted parties who will use it responsibly, and self-protection to avoid discovery and persecution. Malevolent reasons could include the hiding of hostile agendas and hoarding of knowledge for leveraging purposes.

  • They are extremely telepathic. They can read thoughts with minute precision, implant thoughts, scan the soul for its level of integrity or weakness, induce hallucinations, manipulate emotions, and steer a person’s dreams. The human proxies they train can achieve these skills at a lower power level.

  • They use technology to augment their innate superhuman abilities. This technology is demiurgic, can control time and gravity, affords them invisibility and antigravity, and allows them to walk through solid objects, meaning they can inhabit solid mountains in a dimensionally shifted condition, for instance.

  • Their native environment is dimensionally shifted beyond ours, i.e., we cannot find their bases through mere physical searching. Like the Grail castle, which appears only to the chosen, their abode only becomes visible and accessible to us at their choosing. For example, a contactee may be psychically modified to perceive it, or dimensionally shifted to enter it.

  • Like an angel losing its wings, under certain conditions they can lose their abilities and become “mortal” without the ability to return to their superhuman state, at least not within this lifetime.

  • They get stuck here. If an entire group of theirs undergoes such a fall, they would enter into human history as an already developed and highly advanced culture that gradually undergoes decline upon becoming naturalized members of a primitive planet.

  • The members of their civilization are not all homogenous in standing or understanding. Composition ranges from a two-tier system of “lower retarded ones” and “higher advanced ones” to caste-like systems with many tiers similar to the Indian caste system.

  • The retarded members of their kind are the ones who interact with the most advanced of humans.

  • Why? Maybe because of their evolutionary closeness, and also because such an interaction could be mutually beneficial. Despite their seeming superhuman qualities, those aliens who interact most with select humans may, in fact, be the most flawed of their race.

  • The apex of their leadership extends beyond the physical and semi-physical, into the domain of divine and demonic forces. In the case of positive alien groups and their angelic or spiritual superiors, the relation may not be so much of commanding and obedience, but oracular guidance and respect. The ancient human practice of consulting the oracles, consulting the gods, etc… may be a lower echoing of this relationship.

  • The lower of their kind seem more physical, technological, and tactical while the higher tiers seem more esoteric, astral, and judiciary. The problem, however, is that their most flawed ones are not only the creators and users of demiurgic technology, but they are also most involved in human affairs. This means we suffer their errors, which are graver in consequence than any mistake we could commit, just as our errors are more severe than those possible by animals.

  • The consequences of these errors and grave transgressions have cascaded back and forth throughout the timeline. They are now converging toward a nexus point representing the potential for a cataclysmic shift. Alien factions who were responsible for initiating these consequences are likely the same ones who are now involved in the final outcome.

  • A thread of continuity exists between the most ancient and modern of human-alien encounters. The alien disinformation campaign is an effort by one set of such factions to prepare mankind for enthusiastic acceptance of their overt control.

Since it would take a whole book to lay out the supporting research, here I will select excerpts from a few key sources to show that the superhuman presence is ubiquitous and hidden in plain sight.

Tony Dodd

First consider the Project Camelot interview with Tony Dodd, a,

“highly respected British UFO investigator who died [in early 2009] of a brain tumor. He had always suspected that his illness was engineered and was directly related to his work.”

In his own words:

I’m now much closer to the complexities involved in the UFO field and the government involvement. There’s certainly a serious threat by some visiting UFOs and further problems caused by alien visitors who are integrated into our society, possibly holding high positions in government.

These aliens – who look like us – are here for unknown reasons and this is causing many problems for those trying to find them. There’s very little doubt they’ve been here for many years and they have occasionally had meetings with certain very high ranking people.

One very high ranking military officer wrote about one such meeting. These meetings are far and few between and the individual is chosen by the alien for such meetings which take place under extreme secrecy.

These aliens operate above normal government knowledge and they are pursued by highly trained hunter killers of several nationalities who operate to eliminate them. Normal people getting close to the truth of what is happening are getting into very dangerous areas and will quickly have a fatal accident. They will not permit anybody to rock the boat.

I was warned I would be killed because of some of my work.

The aliens are highly intelligent and have possibly obtained positions at a very high level and this is of great concern to senior authorities. My information is that the only way they can be recognized is by a deformed finger on one of their hands. To hide this they usually wear gloves or a bandage on the finger as if they have had an injury.

The fact that they look like us and mingle amongst us secretly begs the questions: Why are they here and what are their intentions? Why are they so secretive?

There are people in very high places who consider them a threat and have squads out looking for them with intent to kill. This is no doubt why they stay secret. The truth is that we fear what we don’t understand.

It’s not known what their true form is. The deformed finger strongly suggests that do not look like us in their true form. Either way they’re obviously highly intelligent and far ahead of us technically. It is not known their planet of origin… or if they are time travelers, they’ve never disclosed this as far as we know.

Are there any well-known public figures, anywhere in the world, who you suspect or are suspected to be non-human?

I don’t know. If it became known that there was one such person, he would certainly disappear in very quick time. The authorities would immediately subject him to interrogation in an effort to find out how many of them were here and what their intentions were. This is why they remain secret.

But once again, we must question what they’re here for and what their intentions are. Always remember: throughout the course of history, a more advanced race has always enslaved a lesser advanced race.

This is what worries the authorities.


While the detail about the deformed finger seems dubious, here is a veteran UFO researcher investigating and speaking about human-like aliens in our power structure, and dying soon afterwards.

Mac Tonnies

Later that same year, Fortean philosopher Mac Tonnies died in his sleep at age 34, only a few weeks before he was to submit the final manuscript for his book The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us, which was posthumously published in 2010.

Excerpts from the book:

I propose that at least some of the accounts of alien visitation can be attributed to a humanoid species indigenous to Earth, a sister race that has adapted to our numerical superiority by developing a surprisingly robust technology.

The explicitly reproductive overtones that color many encounters suggests that these “indigenous aliens” are imperiled by a malady that has gone uncured throughout the eons we have coexisted. Driven by a puzzling mixture of hubris and existential desperation, they seek to perpetuate themselves by infusing their gene-pool with human DNA.

While existing at the very margins of ordinary human perception, they have succeeded in realms practically unexplored by known terrestrial science, reinventing themselves at will and helping to orchestrate a misinformation campaign of awe-inspiring scope.

We typically assume interdimensional travel must involve arcane cosmological machinery such as a wormhole or “stargate.” But I became increasingly drawn to the idea that our visitors’ method of travel is less flashy (from a techical perspective) and more understandable in terms of earthly – if bizarre – paranormal influences.

This lead to my growing suspicion that the “aliens” typically attributed to extrasolar planets are less advanced than they lead us to believe. In fact, I think a case can be made that we’re dealing a surprisingly vulnerable intelligence that relies largely on subterfuge and disinformation to achieve its goals, a theme I attempt to address in later chapters.

And as outlandish as it may seem, I’ve been forced to wrestle with the notion that our relationship with these “others” is far more widespread and intimate than even paranoid dramatizations of the UFO spectacle would have us believe.

These dawning suspicions are borne out, at least in part, by world folklore (with its preoccupation with “little people” in our midst) as well as by recent discoveries that suggest the history of our species is more enigmatic than we’d like to admit. We may well share our planet with cryptohominids that have mastered the art of camouflage in order to coexist with us. More portentously, their agenda might be within our ability to grasp.

But to do so, we must suspend the assumption that we’re dealing with something as quaint as ET astronauts.

Given reports of humanoid beings “materializing” and “disappearing,” it’s tempting to speculate that our visitors have mastered a technology of consciousness, able to manipulate their own wave functions and skip back and forth between multiple universes at the speed of thought.

This is one (admittedly colorful) explanation for the lack of physical evidence; “they” might lurk in “hyperspace” as well as familiar, 3-D space-time. Moreover, this form of travel might be accomplished without the need for energy-intensive machinery; if shamanic experiences are any indication, the ability to transcend space and time might a more fitting subject for parapsychologists than theoretical physicists […]

Also intriguing are accounts of “tulpas,” which are either objects or human-like entities crafted by pure thought, according to certain esoteric Buddhist beliefs. Capable of carrying out tasks on behalf of their creators, tulpas aren’t unlike the maddeningly transient “occupants” seen in or around “spacecraft” (sometimes digging for soil specimens in an almost parodic reenactment of the Apollo Moon landings).

While a more conventional flesh-and-blood explanation remains my central proposal, we would be timid to avoid addressing the UFO phenomenon’s parapsychological aspects.

I find it likely that an indigenous population of “aliens” would have experimented along “occult” lines out of sheer need for secrecy; a “nuts and bolts” technology can go a long way toward ensuring anonymity in the face of an intrusive human civilization, but the ability to directly influence the fabric of Mind itself would be even more effective and perhaps less resource-intensive.

Like John Keel and Jacques Valle, Mac Tonnies saw the idea of aliens being curious visitors from the stars as deliberate subterfuge.

These authors explain why aliens have fronted lies about their true nature and origins. In Discerning Alien Disinformation I also addresses that issue. But does the bogusness of the extraterrestrial hypothesis mean they are instead native to Earth?

Well, the line between indigenous and extraterrestrial is blurred if the latter have existed on Earth for longer than we have, even if they once originated from elsewhere in space and time. Maybe the deception isn’t so much about whether they are extraterrestrial, but about the extent of their entrenchment in our activities, that far from being merely “visited,” humanity has been influenced by alien intelligences since the very beginning.

By portraying themselves as recent visitors, the depth and scope of their manipulation remains hidden.

Contrary to what Tonnies suspects, their technology is more advanced than they are letting on. Aliens seem to hide their secret science behind a veil of plausibility made of more primitive but trendy concepts and imagery borrowed from human culture. In truth, not only are aliens telepathic and able to induce hallucinatory camouflage, but they have the technology to parallel their psychic prowess.

This demiurgic technology operates via metaphysical laws as much as physical ones, and seems paranormal only because it extends beyond human materialistic science into the realm of the occult, the latter simply being a science that makes use of etheric, astral, and conscious energies and principles.

If the “cryptohominids” seem closer to fairies and elves who use magick instead of aliens who use science, it’s because demiurgic technology appears like magick to those who don’t understand it, and superhumans seem like supernatural spirits to those who assume aliens are as deeply mired in three dimensional physicality as we are.

We should avoid the mistake made by proponents of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) and Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis (UTH) and not fall into the false dichotomy of physical versus nonphysical, because the solution to the riddle is that these beings live an amphibious existence between these extremes.

Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell is another researcher familiar with the phenomenon of human-like aliens living among us, having experienced it firsthand. Here is his account from a Project Camelot interview:

But when I was 19, I ended up in Los Angeles – at 19 years old with seven bucks in my pocket, incidentally. I had no idea where I was going, where I was. I ended up in Los Angeles on a Friday night with seven dollars in my pocket. You know, I was a stupid kid, but I lived through it.

Later on, a couple months later, after I got a job and things were working out for me, I was in North Hollywood one morning, on a weekend morning, and I went into a restaurant. The place was crowded and there was only one seat available and that was at the counter, so I sat at the counter.

There was a young girl sitting next to me, so we started talking.

Come to find out she only lived about two blocks from me and I only lived about two blocks from town, so she had walked downtown and I had also. So we started hanging out together. I’d meet her downtown; we’d hang out together. This was back in ’59 and I was 19 years old.

When we would walk home, I lived two blocks closer, so she had two blocks farther to go, so I never knew exactly where she lived, but she knew where I lived. One night she came over to my place and said: My dad wants to see you. He wants to talk to you.

And of course that put me on alert.

I SAID: I don’t want to talk to your dad.

SHE SAID: No, my father is a very important and interesting man. He wants to talk to you. He’s got something to tell you.

That sounded interesting, so I went with her, and when we walked up to the house which was only a couple of blocks away, we walked up to the house, just by chance, he happened to be coming out of the house.

The moment I saw him, an incredible feeling came over me of some kind of a euphoric, strange [and] wonderful feeling that I got, being in his presence. It was as if I were in the presence of a great prophet or some spiritual man. I felt it, and I loved the feeling. I mean, I can’t describe it, but I loved the feeling. It was an other-world feeling. I noticed that he was very much in control of himself; he knew exactly what he was doing.

He motioned for us to come in. We went in and the girls sat on the floor by the fireplace. They sat on the floor. He sat on one end of the sofa, I sat on the other end of the sofa. The wife was in the kitchen. I never did see her that whole night.

So we were talking and he was, you know, he was asking me how I liked living in California, and do you have a job and how do you like your job, and just small talk. And I was beginning to feel a little of the apprehension was going away. I was beginning to feel a little bit better being in his company, but I knew there was something about this guy that wasn’t right, but I loved the feeling.

I’m 19 years old, so I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I’m just talking to this guy who’s dazzling me with his presence of mind and the presence he presented.

And so we’re talking about all kinds of things and then, when he felt that I was sufficiently at ease, he said to me very nonchalantly, he said: Remember when you were eight years old back in Florida and your father built the new back porch and your uncle helped him? And remember, your dad used green lumber that smelled funny? And he built the new back porch? You remember that?

Tears started to come to my eyes, and I didn’t want to show tears in front of my girlfriend, but he was scaring me because he was right and he knew it.

AND HE SAID TO ME: Well, did that happen or didn’t it?

I SAID: Yes, that happened.

AND HE SAID: Also, one night when you were in bed, you got out of bed and you went out on the back porch and you were looking at the Moon and the Moon was full. Do you remember that?

AND I SAID: Yes, I remember that.

AND HE SAID: And you were picking the wood because it smelled funny. It was green lumber; it smelled funny, and you were picking it with your finger. Remember how you picked a piece of it, and you were smelling it and tasting it? AND HE SAID: Remember doing that?


HE SAID: Well, did you do that, or didn’t you?

I SAID: Yes, I did.

AND HE SAID: Well, how would I know that? How would I know what you did?

AND I SAID: I don’t know how you’d know.

HE SAID: I know because we were there. You just didn’t see us, but we were there watching you.

AND I THOUGHT: Well… [laughs]



HE SAID: Well, how would I know if I wasn’t there? We were there.

I SAID: Who was we?

HE SAID: That’s not important right now. What’s important for you to know is that you’re in California, because we brought you here. We brought you here to Los Angeles.

I SAID: You brought me here?

HE SAID: Yeah. Why are you here?

I SAID: I don’t know why I’m here. I just had to come to Los Angeles.

HE SAID: That’s right. We brought you here, he said, because what did you say to God? You talked to God that night. The night you sat on the porch, you said something to God. What did you say?

I just sat looking at him.

HE SAID: I’ll tell you what you said. You asked God to let you do something important with your life. You wanted to do something of value and importance with your life.

And I was about eight or nine years old, right?

I SAID: Yes, that’s what I said.

HE SAID: Well, then we’re going to give you an opportunity to do something with your life now because you did ask.

I’m still amazed, listening to him.

AND HE SAID: What we have for you to do will not happen until the later part of your life, and I’m not going to go into it right now.

HE SAID: I’m not going to go into explaining it to you now; however, when the time comes for you to do what we have brought you here to do – you will know what you have to do. By that time, you will be sufficiently knowledgeable on who you are and what you’re doing and where you’re going.

AND HE SAID: All you need to know now is that we brought you here and that we will protect you wherever it is that we put you.

AND I ASKED HIM, I SAID: I still don’t understand what you’re saying.

HE SAID: You don’t need to, but one day, you will understand.

AND HE SAID: So I’m here to start you on your journey.

HE SAID: I have a book I’m going to give you and I want you to read the book and that will begin your journey.

And he pulls it off the shelf and gives it to me, and today you can still get that book in bookstores anywhere. It’s called The Complete Works of Charles Fort. [spells name].

Even in England there’s a Fortean Society dedicated to the work of Charles Fort. A fascinating book. It’s a monumental work, very thick book: The Complete Works of Charles Fort.

And he opened the book indiscriminately, just put his hand on the pages, because it’s a very thick book, and he opens a page and he reads a paragraph. He just opened the page and reads a paragraph – he knew exactly what he was doing, precisely what he was doing. I didn’t know because it looked like he just indiscriminately opened it, and he read a paragraph that just blew me away. I was knocked out by what he’d just read.

AND I THOUGHT: Wow! That’s interesting.

AND HE SAID: Oh yeah, the book is filled with that kind of thing. Let me read you another one.

He opened it up again and just indiscriminately read something. Not indiscriminately! He knew what he was doing. I’m sure that he knew how to get your particular attention. What would be very interesting to you, I may not even see. But he knew how to play on my emotions, and he read about three little paragraphs, one after the other, and each one – to me – was absolutely mind-blowing.

I was fascinated with him, with my new girlfriend, [laughs] and with this book. AND THEN HE SAID TO ME: You’ve always been interested in UFOs and other-worldly things, right?

AND I SAID: Yes, I have.

HE SAID: Would you like to see some UFOs up close tonight?

AND I SAID: I’d love to.

HE SAID: Well come on. I can do that for you.

So I got up with him, and the two girls – my girlfriend and her sister – the four of us came out in the yard. It was about maybe midnight in North Hollywood, 1959, and he looks up into the sky and starts inaudibly talking. His mouth is moving as if he’s talking to somebody, but you can’t hear him.

And as I’m watching him standing there talking to the stars, I look over at my girlfriend and she’s looking at me.

AND THE LOOK ON HER FACE WAS LIKE: Yeah, this is my father, that’s him. Told you he was strange, didn’t I? [laughs] And that kind of thing.

And her sister was looking at me, and I could tell what she was doing.

SHE WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT: How is he taking this? You know, what’s going on in my mind? [was] what the little one was thinking, because she’s seen this before. She wants to see how I’m going to react to this.

AND SO THEN HE LOOKS AT ME AND HE SAID: They said that they will be coming from Griffith Park in just a minute. There’ll be three of them and they’ll be coming from the Griffith Park area. They’re going north and they said that they’ll be here in a minute for you.

AND I SAID: Who’s they?

HE SAID: You’ll see.

Within a couple of minutes, three beautiful disk-shaped things, glowing, very faintly glowing, came over with no sound whatsoever, in a triangle formation, came over and stopped right above our heads and stopped.

And when they did, you could see they were disk-shaped and it looked and appeared like it was a pie cut in six or eight slices, and each slice was a different color. What I remember distinctly is each color was like a laser color: vibrant orange, vibrant pink, very vibrant colors, six or eight colors on each one – and they were circulating, not so fast as to blend the color, but circulating. They were beautiful. They were about the size that the full Moon appears, so they’re not little lights. Full-Moon size. Three.

And I’m standing there looking at these gorgeous, beautiful, vibrant-color things spinning, and colors, and no sound, and I was absolutely mesmerized. I was just… I was enthralled by seeing this gorgeous, beautiful display.

AND I LOOKED AT HIM AND HE’S LOOKING AT ME AND HE SAYS: They’re pretty, aren’t they?

AND I SAID: Yes. They’re beautiful.

AND THEN HE LOOKS UP AND TALKS TO THEM. HE SAID: They’ve told me to tell you that they’re going now but they’ll see you later. And they did. They started moving and they went out north.

AFTERWARDS, WE WENT BACK IN AND I SAID: What did I just see tonight?

HE SAID: That was us. We’ve been here for a long time, you just didn’t know it.

HE SAID: We picked you a long time ago when you were a small child. We have something for you to do.

AND I SAID: I’m not understanding exactly.

HE SAID: You don’t have to. We will let you know what it is you’re supposed to do later on in life, but just go on with your life, don’t worry about it. Whatever you’re supposed to learn, we’ll see to it that you learn, and when it is time for you do what we have for you to do, you’ll know. We’ll let you know.

After that, I would go over there on the weekends to visit him and the mother and the two girls, and we would go out to the desert sometimes, go way out in the desert. The girls, with their mother, would go for a walk, and he and I would walk in the desert, and he would tell me about all the different alien life-forms that are out there, where they have come from, the ones that are here.

AND HE TOLD ME: You have enemies here. You have some very powerful enemies here from other places that have come, and they know who you are, and they know what you’re going to do. So just be careful in your life, but we’ll protect you.

I didn’t know what he was talking about.

And then one day I went over to the house one morning, and the house was totally open, and they’re gone. Everything was packed and gone and the girl never told me she was leaving. They’d never come to tell me anything. They were just gone.

Now that I look back on that experience, I feel very secure in saying that he knew what he was doing.

HE SAID: I’m starting you on your journey, and he did. But after that was done, then he moves on.


In this example, Maxwell finds himself in an arranged meeting with a mysterious person who, in response to Maxwell’s earnest request made earlier in life to be made useful, starts him on a path of independent research.

The final result is that through writing and speaking widely about his discoveries, Maxwell has gone lengths toward exposing the negative alien agenda.

What does Maxwell think is their ultimate goal? To enslave mankind through hybridization, through genetic assimilation and crippling.

This is basically what I concluded in Discerning Alien Disinformation, though I disagree with Maxwell’s pessimistic view that we can do nothing but accept our doom with solemn awareness.

If all hope were lost, there wouldn’t still be attempts by certain benevolent alien forces to interfere with the negative alien agenda by seeding awareness and secretly training their ground contacts to perform strategic duties during a future breakdown/alien-deception situation.

Evidently they believe the future is still open, otherwise they wouldn’t be investing their energies.

Anonymous Gulf Breeze Contactee

More information on subversive humanoid alien groups comes from an anonymous account titled, UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area: Contact Since 1955:

The first recall starts in early 1955, late February or early March. It is still cold in the Connecticut town where I was approaching my third birthday.

I am sitting on the edge of the bed. There was a pulsating green glow coming in through the window of my bedroom. Everything was silent. I mean completely silent.

I hear footsteps up the back steps and the back door open. I wasn’t frightened. In fact, I was very calm, almost detached.

The footsteps approach my room and the door opens. Enter a blond haired man and woman. They are wearing a one piece suit that reminds me of my pajamas with the feet built into them. The color is a dull silver. To my child mind, I think they are pajamas. They look about the size of my parents. The woman is somewhat smaller than the man.

They are standing there looking at me and I am sitting on the bed looking at them. They approached no closer than 3 feet. When they first come in they said, “Hello,” and they knew my name.

They were talking like the New England people with the accent. That is what I was used to hearing.

I don’t know these people but they seem to know me. I asked them, “Who are you?” And the man says, “We are your friends.” I tell them I don’t know them.

And the woman says,

“You don’t remember us, but one day you will.”

It seems that the woman did most of the speaking.

The following is quoted from the hypnosis session transcript:

The woman says that they have come to visit and they will visit from time to time to help me learn big things. It seems that they are talking in words that are understandable to my three year old consciousness. So they are being fairly basic.

They say that they are here now because I have reached the triad age, that the age of three is significant for our type and that multiples of three have significant meaning.

They’re not saying significant, they are saying, holding up three fingers and saying that,

“This many is important.”

That it’s an important number to remember.

I asked, “Why?” They say they can’t tell me yet but that they are my friends and that we have been friends for a long time. They say that it is time for them to leave, that they wanted to visit and say, “Hello,” and it is time for me to go back to sleep. They tell me not to look at the light outside.

So I lay back down and cover up. And, the man leading the way, they turn around and open the door and walk out closing the door behind them. I hear them walk out the back door.

I don’t go to sleep immediately. I hear kind of a hum and a bright green light momentarily shines through the window. Then it stops and it is dark again except for a dim streetlight. I got sleepy and went to sleep. […]

By this time, it was late 1956 or early 1957. It was cold outside.

I received the beep signal and my consciousness activated. I dressed myself in blue jeans, long sleeve shirt, and my Buster Brown shoes. I went out the back and down the alley as the house had no backyard, it had a side yard. In the side yard was a ship sitting on three pads. It was pulsating orange. The man and woman were there standing out away from the ship with a ramp descending to the ground. There was a whitish-yellow light coming out of the doorway or opening at the top of the ramp.

The man and woman were waving to me. I walked up to them and recognized them.

They said, “Hi, Hello.” I said, “Hello.”

They indicated that they wanted to take me somewhere. I asked where and they said that they wanted me to meet some people. This seemed all right with me; it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. We walked over to the saucer, walked up the ramp and entered. The ramp then retracted and then blended with the side of the ship.

There were four aliens in the ship. Two woman pilots, the man and the woman. They were all dressed in one piece gray suits with integrated boots. […]

The extra-terrestrial craft was flying over an area that reminds me of the Smoky Mountains today. Soon the craft was flying over a big V type valley. One giant hill on one side and one giant steep hill on the other side.

From the air, it looked like it went down into a big V.

Then the ship stopped in midair. In the console viewer was a 90 degree rock cliff. One of the ship’s operators sent some sort of signal; they pushed a sequence of buttons. In the upper left hand screen of the console monitor, a window popped up. Then, on the side of the steep, rocky cliff, a black hole appeared.

It didn’t look like a hole to me on the monitor, rather it looked like a large black spot. Before the signal was sent, there was terrain. From the air, this black spot looked oval with the elongated part of the oval being towards the top of the hill.

The ship started descending and they turned the floor view off. But I could see on the console monitor that they lined up with this black spot and traveled into it. What a surprise! […]

This black spot was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Even with current day recall, I have never seen anything like it. The only way I can describe it is like jet black light. If you take a spotlight and shine it on a surface, you have a white beam with a white spot; make that a black beam with a black spot and it describes what it looked like. It is hard to describe but what it was and what it led to was even more difficult to explain.

This black beam created an opening through solid rock! It was of tremendous size because the 25′ diameter ship was dwarfed by the opening. I watched the flat panel console monitor, obviously not an invention in 1956, as the ship entered the black spot. It was dark briefly like going through ink. Then from the center of the monitor out, an image reemerged opening out until there was a panoramic view.

What a view. We were inside a huge, and I mean HUGE, circular room with flying saucers of every size and configuration parked in various places. There were ships much larger than the one we were in and there were some smaller ones as well. The only analogy I can draw is an airport, or I guess you would call it a spaceport.

The room was cylinder shaped. The walls, floor and ceiling had a shiny black, glass like surface that had a faint orange glow to it. There were no sharp angles anywhere. It was the same in the flying saucer. Where surfaces met, it was rounded. This giant room was the same way.

The ship maneuvered through spaces between the parked ships and ultimately landed. The door opened. It was weird how that door worked because it seemed to not be there one minute and the next, it just materialized.

This was the first time I had ever been to this place although it appeared that the other passengers had been there before. Everyone, including myself, stood up except for the pilots. I knew I was suppose to stand up but didn’t know why. There appeared to be routine to the other passengers. There were several people, three men actually, waiting outside for us.

The man and the woman extra-terrestrial stuck by me and the other kid, I suppose to assist us since we were rather small.

So we walked down the ramp. I was a little curious about everything there. Because well, the room was gigantic. It was HUGE! There was all different types of ships parked there. I could see some that were exact duplicates of the one we arrived in. Then there were other ones too, different sizes and configurations. My child mind was curious about all this.

But no one was really talking at this point. One of the three men seemed to be the spokesperson and he said, “Welcome. Let us go to the meeting room.”

Before I continue the narrative of this extra-terrestrial contact experience, it is necessary to discuss an unusual but real phenomena that occurs around this group of ETs. This is the phenomena of consciousness expansion.

This was not explained to me until 1991 when it became necessary to understand why Missing Time occurs and also, why contact experiences with extra-terrestrials of any species are difficult to remember.

The life energy field of the least developed extra-terrestrial civilization is significantly greater than that of a human. Human beings, like all life forms in this Galaxy are electromagnetic in nature. If you consider the brain, and its corresponding consciousness as a light bulb on an adjustable dimmer control, it will be easier to understand the phenomena.

Under ordinary circumstances, the typical human is at the lowest setting. Rather dim compared to ETs.

However, the potential for more exist. Some individuals have higher settings with corresponding talents that primitive human science labels as phony or, if being charitable, extrasensory perception. The extra-terrestrials, on the other hand, have their dimmer switch turned way up all the time. They perceive at what they call a tri-level.

For humans with a philosophic or Theosophical orientation, that translates to the etheric, astral and mental planes of reality. The ETs have a 360 degree field of conscious perception that is spherical in nature. The only analogy I can make about it is that they are aware of EVERYTHING at once, constantly.

When a human gets around an extra-terrestrial, the enhanced energy/electromagnetic field of the ET has the impact of turning up the humans dimmer so that the consciousness is “brighter”.

This pushes the individual’s conscious into areas that normally are relegated to the “Subconscious.” This produces a duality effect. The person is “themselves” but they are “more”. I won’t digress into the sorts of things that are stored in every individual’s subconscious. I will say that the normal individual is incomplete without access to this information.

Being around an extra-terrestrial brings out this completeness and the extra-terrestrials respond to the total individual, not the limited view of self that everyone sees in the mirror.

It is necessary to understand this in order to understand what happened when this group of human passengers finally reached the meeting room. To understand how two 4 year old kids were functionally equal to two teenagers and a young adult.

As I mentioned, the wall, floor and ceiling of this gigantic cylindrical room were shiny black with a strange orange background glow. There were no obvious light sources but everything was brightly illuminated. There were ships of various sizes around but the largest appeared to be only twice as big as the one we arrived in. The 25 foot model seemed to be the most common but there was a mixture of larger and smaller craft as well.

There were different color striped lines on the floor. My interpretation of them were parking zones.

The three extra-terrestrials that greeted us were standing by a rectangular vehicle, a bit larger than a golf cart. […]

[At this point he mentions being put into a chamber that transforms his body into that of a grown adult, similar to the aliens, or perhaps his soul was simply transferred into such a body]

The extra-terrestrials at the meeting had their individual distinctions. There are four of them; two men and two women. Three of them have that ageless quality but one of the men doesn’t. He looks more mature and appears to be the group leader.

One of the extra-terrestrial women is blond, one has black hair; both with a page boy type shortness. The other extra-terrestrial male has sort of a sandy colored hair. Those three look like the bodies we were transformed into.

As I mentioned, they asked how we liked the form we were in and the general consensus was that it was too limiting. They told us that they were working to improve the physical situation, to provide enhancements, but had to work within parameters so that we would not be detected. That we had physical enemies that must not know who, or I suppose what, we were.

Then they started talking about how we would contribute to a new generation from the genetic materials contained in our current body cells and how the new generation, literally our offspring, would have greater, enhanced capabilities. These new “people” would enter the world in a time when things were different and it was safe to do so.

[…] After the topic of the next generation of us, whatever we are and whatever that is, the extra-terrestrials began talking about their concern about the genetic breakthrough that the gray aliens had made in Nazi Germany.

They said the gray extra-terrestrials had succeeded in contriving a way to make their alien gametes work with human gametes. The goal was a half human-half gray alien with the superiority of the extra-terrestrial portion.

It was obvious that the gray extra-terrestrials did not have the best interest of humans in mind.


Of note from this account:

Human-looking aliens in bodysuits, the blond and black haired women with page boy haircuts, the alien base inside a mountain, use of hyperdimensional technology to phase an entire ship through solid matter, that via some proximity effect aliens induce a shift in a person’s consciousness (“assemblage point shift” in Toltec jargon), their moving about human society while evading detection, the idea of future humans having enhanced abilities, and their wariness of the Grey hybrid breeding program.

Orfeo Angelucci

An important but lesser known contactee is Orfeo Angelucci.

His encounters also took place in Los Angeles in the 1950s.

Excerpts from his main book The Secret of the Saucers (1955):

About a mile further along the disk swerved to the right, away from the road, and hung motionless over an unfenced field some distance below the road level. I drove off the pavement about thirty feet to the edge of the declivity.

From there the glowing red disk was directly in front of me and only a short distance away. As I watched it in bewilderment it pulsated violently; then shot off into the sky at a 30- or 40-degree angle and at very great speed. High in the sky to the west it decelerated abruptly, hung for a moment; then accelerated and disappeared like a meteor.

But just before the glowing red orb vanished, two smaller objects came from it. These objects were definitely circular in shape and of a soft, fluorescent green color. They streaked down directly in front of my car and hovered only a few feet away. I judged each to be about three feet in diameter. Hanging silently in the air like iridescent bubbles their green light fluctuated rhythmically in intensity.

Then, apparently coming from between those two eerie balls of green fire, I heard a masculine voice in strong, well-modulated tones and speaking perfect English.

Because of the nervous tension I was under at that moment, amounting almost to a state of shock, it is impossible for me to give a verbatim account of the conversation which followed. The invisible speaker obviously was endeavoring to choose words and phrases which I could understand, but there were several things which even now are not clear to me. I can only make a poor approximation of the gist of his words.

I do, however, remember the first words spoken which were:

“Don’t be afraid, Orfeo, we are friends!”

Then the voice requested that I get out of my car and “Come out here.”

Mechanically, I pushed open the car door and got out. I didn’t feel fear, but I was so weak and shaky that I could scarcely stand. I leaned against the front fender of my car and looked at the twin pulsating circular objects hovering a short distance in front of me.

The glowing disks created a soft illumination, but I could see no person anywhere. I remember vaguely that the voice spoke again calling me by my full name in words of greeting. It further stated that the small green disks were instruments of transmission and reception comparable to nothing developed on earth. Then the voice added that through the disks I was in direct communication with friends from another world.

There was a pause and I dimly remember thinking that I should say something, but I was stunned into utter silence. I could only stare in fascination at those fantastic balls of green fire and wonder if I had lost my mind.

When the voice spoke again I heard these startling words:

“Do you remember your eighteen balloons and the mold cultures that you lost in the skies back in New Jersey, Orfeo?”

I was astounded to hear the strange voice recalling an incident out of the past which had happened so long ago that I had almost forgotten it.

“Yes… yes sir, I do!”

“Do you also remember the strange, wingless craft that appeared to be observing your activities?”

Suddenly the entire scene came back to me crystal clear in memory.

I remember Mabel, my wife, my father-in-law and our friends and neighbors with me as we stared at that strange, disk-shaped object in the sky. I recalled how the object had appeared to follow the balloons bearing my precious cultures of Aspergillus Clavatus mold. I had been quite an experimenter in those days.

It was then it dawned upon me that the fluorescent disks were similar in shape and behaved in the same erratic manner as had that mysterious craft back in New Jersey.

The only difference was that I had seen the craft in daylight when it glistened like metal whereas the disks glowed in the darkness.

“You do remember us, Orfeo,” the golden voice stated. “We were observing your efforts that day as we have watched you since then.”

Like with Maxwell, these beings employed the very direct and personal “do you remember…” method to quickly prove their superhuman awareness about those whom they address.

Due to their monitoring and telepathic abilities, they may come across as omniscient.

The twin disks were spaced about three feet apart. Now the area between them began to glow with a soft green light which gradually formed into a luminous three-dimensional screen as the disks themselves faded perceptibly.

Within the luminous screen there appeared images of the heads and shoulders of two persons, as though in a cinema close-up. One was the image of a man and the other of a woman. I say man and woman only because their outlines and features were generally similar to men and women.

But those two figures struck me as being the ultimate of perfection.

There was an impressive nobility about them; their eyes were larger and much more expressive and they emanated a seeming radiance that filled me with wonder.

Even more confusing was the troubling thought somewhere in the back of my mind that they were oddly familiar. Strangely enough, the projected images of the two beings appeared to be observing me. For they looked directly at me and smiled; then their eyes looked about as though taking in the entire scene.

I had the uncomfortable feeling as they studied me that they knew every thought in my mind; everything I’d ever done and a vast amount about me that I didn’t even know myself. Intuitively, I sensed that I stood in a kind of spiritual nakedness before them. Also, I seemed to be in telepathic communication with them, for thoughts, understandings and new comprehensions that would have required hours of conversation to transmit, flashed through my consciousness.

Before those two incredible Beings I felt that I was only a shadow of the shining reality I sensed them to be. It is difficult to express my feelings in words, for my understanding of them through intuitive perception.

The large eyes, notable physiognomy and physique, peculiar radiance, and telepathic intensity are details that didn’t become generally accepted in alienology regarding these alien types until decades later.

In a subsequent incident, Angelucci goes further into their appearance and nature:

As I cut across the vacant lots the Hyperion Avenue Freeway Bridge loomed huge and dark ahead of me. The sky was overcast and the dense, oblique shadows from the vast concrete structure were heavier and more eerie than usual.

Yet in the shadows of the dark archways of the bridge I had come to feel a kind of warmth and welcome, a spiritual communion with a vastly greater and more kindly world. For it was in the shadows of the huge bridge that I had come upon the saucer which had carried me out of this world.

I was thinking of these things when I suddenly became aware of someone approaching from out of the darkness. I was startled for I’d never before met anyone taking the short-cut beneath the bridge so late at night. I was about to call out a word of greeting when it dawned upon me that the stranger was coming from the dead end of the bridge. My first thought was that someone was lying in wait for me, possibly to rob me.

But before I could become alarmed, I heard the stranger call:

“Greetings, Orfeo!”

My heart almost stopped beating, for immediately I recognized the vibrant, beautiful voice of the being who had spoken to me in the saucer. I stopped in my tracks, utterly speechless, and stared at the approaching figure.

But then a wave of joy and gratitude flooded over me, and I finally replied falteringly:

“Greetings… to you…”

He laughed pleasantly.

“I know that in your mind you have given me a name – I who have remained nameless to you,” he said gently. “You may call me by that name, Orfeo – it is as good as any other and has more inner significance to you than any name I might give you.”

“Neptune…” I spoke the name slowly and reverently.

For it was indeed the name I had given to this great and mysterious being.

Then I added:

“At last you have come to give me strength and faith.”

These beings conceal their real names and identities, that much is invariant.

When pressed, they might give simple symbolic nicknames drawn from our mythology, planets, stars, and constellations to convey the gist of what they are about.

Even on an individual level this might apply; for example, a female member might use the alias “Andromeda” if she is burdened by punitive limitations, just as Andromeda was chained to a stone in Greek mythology.

He was near enough then for me to see that he was several inches taller than I and similar in outline to a well-built man. But the shadows were so heavy that I couldn’t make out the details of his figure.

But just to be in his presence once more was to sense again a tremendous uplifting wave of strength, harmony, joy and serenity.

“Come, Orfeo,” he said gently, continuing on past me. “We have many things to discuss tonight.”

I followed him as he strode ahead of me through the dense shadows. I could hear his solid footsteps upon the graveled path which convinced me beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was no phantom or illusion.

He led me to a better lighted area near the bend of Glendale Boulevard where it goes up and over the bridge. I was actually trembling in anticipation of my first actual look at the mysterious visitor from another world.

When he turned I saw his face, the same wonderful, expressive countenance I had seen on the luminous screen. I again noticed especially his extremely large, dark and expressive eyes and nobility and beauty of his features which actually seemed to radiate warmth and kindliness.

Then I noticed that he was wearing a kind of uniform, bluish in color, perfectly tailored and tightly fitted to the outlines of his body. But it was apparently without seams, buttons, pockets, trimmings or design of any sort. In fact it fitted so perfectly that it was almost like a part of his body.

But as I studied him I became aware of an astonishing phenomenon: I could see his uniform and figure clearly, but it wavered occasionally, as though I were viewing it through rippling water. And the color did not remain solid and uniform, but varied and changed in spots, which reminded me of an imperfectly tuned television set.

Only his face and hands remained immobile and stable as though not partially obscured by a film of rippling water. […]

For a time he was silent and I was acutely conscious of a tremendous vibrational field about him; a tangible emanation of serenity, brotherly love, and ineffable joy.

At last he said:

“You sense and understand intuitively many things I cannot say directly to you, Orfeo. You have just fully realized that we are not like earthmen in that we function in dimensions unknown to your world.

Earth is a three-dimensional world and because of this it is preponderantly false. I may tell you that to the entities of certain other worlds Earth is regarded as ‘the accursed planet’, the ‘home of the the reprobate, fallen ones’.

Others call your Earth ‘the home of sorrows‘.

For Earth’s evolution is evolution through pain, sorrow, sin, suffering and the illusion of physical death. Believe me, all evolutions are not similar to Earth’s, despite the present beliefs of your scientists.”

As I heard these strange words, my heart and mind cried out:

“But why must it be so? Why should Earth’s people know pain, suffering and death?”

But soon my attention was distracted once more as I saw the figure of Neptune strangely “waver” again.

Suddenly the question was in my mind:

“Was he really there in the truest physical sense, or was he an immaterial projection into the physical world from another dimension? Did I see him in his true form and ordinary state of being, or merely a projected approximation of a man’s appearance?”

These strange thoughts frightened me a little and carried me into too deep waters.

A reassuring smile lighted his face.

“Don’t be alarmed, Orfeo. The answer to the troublesome question in your mind is both yes and no. On Earth form, color, individuality and the material aspect of things is all-important.

In our world these illusions are of practically no importance at all. Suffice to say that for you I am an approximation of myself as I really am. I can’t make it any clearer in three-dimensional terms.”

Unlike the comic-book Venusians of George Adamski, Angelucci’s depiction more closely matches the findings of modern alienology, though that is not to say his books were free of embellishment or fictionalization, or that Angelucci wasn’t duped by customized “virtual reality scenarios” projected into his mind by telepathic beings.

Rather, what elements of truth can be sifted from his books were far ahead of their time – so far ahead that, because novel truth is never as exciting as science fiction, Angelucci never received the level of attention afforded to charlatans.

This final excerpt further underscores the idea that human-like aliens walk among us undetected:

It was around six o’clock and the streets heavy with traffic. Parking my car, I walked toward the bus terminal. It too was bustling with activity. In all of the excitement, flying saucers and space visitors were the farthest things from my mind.

But as I entered the front door of the bus terminal I stopped in my tracks and stared, unable to believe my eyes. Directly in front of me and facing the news stand was a familiar face. I knew I couldn’t be mistaken – it was Neptune!

He glanced up and his dark eyes told me that he was expecting me. He was dressed in an ordinary dark business suit and carried a brief case under his arm. A dark blue felt hat with snap brim shaded his eyes […]

His intent gaze never left me. Stalling for time I walked over to the newsstand and picked up a magazine and thumbed through it. I had received the definite telepathic impression not to approach him; thus I waited for him to speak to me. But he did not.

Staring blankly at a page in the magazine I waited for further telepathic communication. It came!

The gist of the message was:

“The last time you saw me, Orfeo, I was in a less objectified projection in your three-dimensional world. The purpose being to give you some idea of our true aspect. But now tonight you see me fully objectified. If you did not know who I am, you could not tell me from one of your fellows.

Tonight I am no half-phantom, but can move among men as an Earthman. It is not necessary for you to speak to me; you have gained the understanding. You know now that we can appear and function as human beings.”

Travis Walton

On the subject of superhumans in bodysuits, recall one of the most famous alien encounters of all, that of Travis Walton on November 5, 1975.

The movie “Fire in the Sky” based on his story was an inaccurate Hollywood fictionalization of his experiences aboard the alien ship.

Here is a portion from the actual experience:

Trembling, I sat down on the hard surface of the chair. I put my hand onto the molded T-grip of the lever. The handle was slightly small for my hand. The whole chair seemed a little too small. I rotated the handle of the lever forward, feeling the slow, fluid resistance of it. I felt suddenly disoriented as the stars began moving downward in front of me, in unison.

Quickly I pulled my hand off the lever, which returned to its original vertical position. The stars stopped moving, but remained where they were when I released the lever.

If this thing is flying, I could crash it or throw it off course and get lost or something! I resolved not to tamper with those controls anymore. I might escalate a desperate situation into a fatal disaster.

I got out of the chair and walked to the edge of the room. As I did, the stars faded out and the surfaces of the wall, ceiling, and floor came into sight. I moved over to one of the rectangles resembling closed doors. I searched the edges for a sign of a switch or an opening mechanism. Seeing none, I put my eye to the crack; I could not see any light.

I looked around for some kind of symbol or writing that would help me figure out where I was or how to get out of there. None.

I walked back to the chair and stood beside it, looking at the buttons. I was thinking about pushing some of them, when I heard a faint sound. I whirled around and looked at the door. There, standing in the open doorway, was a human being!

I stood frozen to the spot. He was a man about six feet two inches tall. His helmeted head barely cleared the doorway. He was extremely muscular and evenly proportioned. He appeared to weigh about two hundred pounds. He wore a tight-fitting bright blue suit of soft material like velour. His feet were covered with black boots, a black band or belt wrapped around his middle. He carried no tools or weapons on his belt or in his hands; no insignia marked his clothing.

I ran up to him, exclaiming, babbling all sorts of questions. The man remained silent throughout my verbal barrage. I was worried by his silence. He took me firmly but gently by the arm and gestured for me to go with him. He led me out of that room and hurried me down the narrow hallway, pulling me along behind him due to its narrowness.

He stopped in front of a closed doorway that slid open, into the wall. I did not see what caused it to open. The door opened into a bare room so small it was more like a foyer or section of hallway. The door slid shut quickly and silently behind us. Again I attempted to talk to the man as we stood there. No answer.

We spent approximately two minutes in the metal cubicle, no more than seven by five by twelve feet. Then a doorway, the same size as the other door and directly opposite it, slid open. […]

I descended a short, steep ramp seven or eight feet to the floor. I looked around to discover that, although I was outside that dim, humid craft, I was not out-of-doors. I was in a huge room. The ceiling was sectioned into alternating rectangles of dark metal and those that gave off light. The ceiling itself curved down to form one of the larger walls in the room. The room was shaped like one-quarter of a cylinder laid on its side. […]

The man escorted me across the open floor to a door that opened silently and quickly from the middle outward. We were in a hallway about six feet wide, illuminated from the eight-foot-high ceiling, which was one long panel of softly diffused light. The hallway was straight and perhaps eighty feet long. Closed double doors were distributed along the corridor.

At the end of the hallway, another pair of double doors. I watched closely this time. I did not see him touch anything, but again the doors slid silently back from the middle. We entered a white room approximately fifteen feet square, with another eight-foot-high ceiling. The room had a table and a chair in it. But my interest was immediately focused on the three other humans!

Two men and a woman were standing around the table. They were all wearing velvety blue uniforms like the first man’s, except that they had no helmets. The two men had the same muscularity and the same masculine good looks as the first man. The woman also had a face and figure that was the epitome of her gender.

They were smooth-skinned and blemishless. No moles, freckles, wrinkles, or scars marked their skin. The striking good looks of the man I had first met became more obvious on seeing them all together.

They shared a family-like resemblance, although they were not identical.

“Would somebody please tell me where I am?” I implored.

I was still utterly shaken from my encounter with those awful creatures.

“What in hell is going on? What is this place?”

They didn’t answer me.

They only looked at me, though not unkindly. One man and the woman came around the table, approaching me. Silently they each took me by an arm and led me toward the table. I didn’t know why I should cooperate with them. They wouldn’t even tell me anything. But I was in no position to argue, so I went along at first.

They lifted me easily onto the edge of the table. I became wary and started protesting.

“Wait a minute. Just tell me what you are going to do!”

I began to resist them, but all three began pushing me gently backward down onto the table. I looked up at the ceiling, covered with panels of softly glowing white light with a faint blue cast.

I saw that the woman suddenly had an object in her hand from out of nowhere – it looked like one of those clear, soft plastic oxygen masks, only there were no tubes connected to it. The only thing attached to it was a small black golf-ball-sized sphere.

She pressed the mask down over my mouth and nose. I started to reach up to pull it away. Before I could complete the motion, I rapidly became weak. Everything started turning gray.

Then there was nothing at all but black oblivion …


Unlike the movie, the real experience involved Nordics in blue suits.

Apparently he had stumbled upon one of their ships in the woods, gotten too close and was injured by an energy discharge. This accident forced them to take him aboard for treatment and recovery, thus his conspicuous absence for several days and their saying nothing to him during his stay.

If anyone thinks such encounters are strictly modern military PsyOp inventions, keep in mind that anomalous craft sightings have occurred throughout the centuries, long before the Military Industrial Complex came into existence.

Consider the UFO Battle of Nuremberg in 1561 or the Mystery Airship Encounters of the late 1800s. See John Keel’s book “Operation Trojan Horse” and William Bramley’s book “The Gods of Eden” for more examples.

Emmanuel Swedenborg

Brainy telepathic humanoids in blue bodysuits aren’t new to the 20th century either.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was an eminent inventor and scientist who began having dreams and visions in which he interacted with various spirits and beings from other realms, similar to Robert Monroe‘s astral journeys.

In some of these travels, Swedenborg came in contact with beings from other planets in the solar system, or what he assumed were such.

From “Earths in the Universe” (1758), here is how he describes the “spirits of Mercury”:

Some spirits came to me, and it was declared from heaven, that they were from the earth [planet] which is nearest to the sun, and which in our earth is called by the name of the planet Mercury. Immediately on their coming, they sought from my memory what I knew. Spirits can do this most dexterously, for when they come to man, they see in his memory all things contained therein.

It was told me, that such is the life of the inhabitants of that earth, namely, that they have no concern about things terrestrial and corporeal, but only about the statutes, laws, and forms of government, of the nations therein; also about the things of heaven, which are innumerable.

And I was further informed, that many of the men of that earth speak with spirits, and that thence they have the knowledges of spiritual things, and of the states of life after death; and thence also their contempt of things corporeal and terrestrial.

The spirits of Mercury, above all other spirits, possess the knowledges of things, as well respecting this solar system, as respecting the earths which are in the starry heavens; and what they have once acquired to themselves, that they retain, and also recollect as often as anything similar occurs.

Hence also it may appear manifest, that spirits have memory, and that it is much more perfect than the memory of men; and further, that what they hear, see, and apperceive, they retain, and especially such things as delight them, as these spirits are delighted with the knowledges of things.

They are averse to vocal speech, because it is material; wherefore when I conversed with them without intermediate spirits, I could only do it by a species of active thought.

The spirits of the earth Mercury do not abide long in one place, or within companies of the spirits of one world, but wander through the universe. The reason is, because they have relation to the memory of things, which memory must be continually enriched. Hence it is granted them to wander about, and to acquire to themselves knowledges in every place.

During their sojourning in this manner, if they meet with spirits who love material things, that is, things corporeal and terrestrial, they avoid them, and betake themselves where they do not hear such things.

In consequence of their knowledges, the spirits of Mercury are more proud than others; wherefore they were told, that although they knew innumerable things, yet there are infinite things which they do not know; and that if their knowledges should increase to eternity, the notice even of all general things would still be unattainable.

They were told likewise of their pride and elation of mind, and that this is unseemly; but they replied, that it is not pride, but only a glorying by reason of the faculty of their memory; thus they were able to excuse their faults.

I was desirous to know what kind of face and body the men in the earth Mercury had, whether they were like the men on our earth. There was then presented before my eyes a woman exactly resembling the women in that earth. She had a beautiful face, but it was smaller than that of a woman of our earth; her body also was more slender, but her height was equal; she wore on her head a linen cap, which was put on without art, but yet in a manner becoming.

A man also was presented to view, who was more slender in body than the men of our earth are. He was clad in a garment of dark blue color, closely fitted to his body, without any foldings or protuberances. It was said that such was the form of body and such the dress of the men of that earth.

Afterwards there was presented to view a species of their oxen and cows, which indeed did not differ much from those on our earth, but were smaller, and in some degree approached to species of hinds and deer.

They were also asked about the sun of the world, how it appears from their earth. They said that it appears large, and larger there than when seen from other earths, and they said they knew this from the ideas of other spirits concerning the sun.

They said further that they enjoy a middle temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.


The affiliation with Mercury is probably more symbolic than literal.

Mercury relates to Hermes and thus hermeticism, one of the esoteric knowledge streams they have given to humans, to their being intermediaries or messengers of the Gods, to their association with etheric energy called “Mercury” in Alchemy, and to planet Mercury’s closeness to the Sun symbolizing their closeness to the Logos.

The later identification of Nordic aliens with Venus may relate to its signifier as the “Morning Star,” code name for Lucifer the bringer of light, which hearkens back to the idea of Fallen Angels and the Lucifer Rebellion.

The Comte de Gabbalis

A century before Swedenborg, esoteric scholar Abby de Villars wrote an expose on the Rosicrucian practice of intermarrying with otherworldly females.

Anonymously published in 1670, “The Comte de Gabalis” (The Count of Cabala) is one of the more intriguing of arcane sources pertaining to superhuman interactions with humans.

Familiar to students of Rosicrucianism and Alchemy but lesser known to researchers of alienology, the book is full of anecdotes from esoterica and ancient history about the role these beings have played in our history.

The work consists of five discourses between the author and a mysterious Rosicrucian initiate who revealed to him one of the society’s most closely guarded secrets:

that human spiritual elite have been intimately consorting with otherworldly beings.

After its publication, de Villars was assassinated by ritual dagger, though some say he faked his death in order to disappear from the mainstream world, as all true Rosicrucian initiates must do.

Either he was a genuine antagonist of the Rosicrucians and was killed for betraying a secret, or else he was an initiate who placed key knowledge into the public domain by veiling it in the form of sarcastic satire.

The immense space which lies between Earth and Heaven has inhabitants far nobler than the birds and insects.

These vast seas have far other hosts than those of the dolphins and whales; the depths of the earth are not for the moles alone; and the Element of Fire, nobler than the other three, was not created to remain useless and empty.

The air is full of an innumerable multitude of Peoples, whose faces are human, seemingly rather haughty, yet in reality tractable, great lovers of the sciences, cunning, obliging to the Sages, and enemies of fools and the ignorant. Their wives and daughters have a masculine beauty like that of the Amazons.

The earth is filled well-nigh to its centre with Gnomes, people of slight stature, who are the guardians of treasures, minerals and precious stones. They are ingenious, friends of man and easy to govern. They furnish the Children of the Sages with all the money they require, and as the price of their service ask naught save the glory of being commanded. The Gnomides, their wives, are small but very amiable, and their dress is exceedingly curious.

Hear me to the end and know that the seas and rivers are inhabited as well as the air. The ancient Sages called this race of people Undines or Nymphs. There are very few males among them but a great number of females; their beauty is extreme, and the daughters of men are not to be compared to them.

As for the Salamanders, flaming dwellers of the Region of Fire, they serve the Philosophers, but do not seek their company eagerly, and their daughters and wives.

The Salamander women are beautiful, more beautiful even than any of the others, since they are of a purer Element. I had not intended to speak about them, and was passing briefly over the description of these Peoples since you will see them yourself at your leisure, and with ease if you have the curiosity to do so.

You will see their dresses, their food, their manners, their customs and their admirable laws.

Here the Comte speaks of superior beings who look human but inhabit a parallel reality normally invisible to our senses.

He divides these beings into four categories according to the elements. In occultism they are known as elemental beings, but there is a difference between actual elemental beings, which are just etheric thought forms that accompany the forces of nature, and tangible superhuman aliens who may symbolically associate themselves with the elements.

The book, or Rosicrucianism in general, does not distinguish between immaterial thought-forms like elementalsincubi, and succubi, and the transcendent but otherwise flesh-and-blood aliens discussed in this article.

Both categories reside by default beyond our perceptions and seem to operate by occult laws, both can appear human (at least to the mind’s eye), and both can engage humans in personal interaction, but unlike aliens, the etheric thought-forms lack physical bodies, technology, and genetic signatures; they cannot bear hybrid children or contribute to our gene pool.

Humanoid aliens are also more complex, tangible, self-aware, and well-rounded compared to the simple entitized constructs of the etheric and astral realms. And just as etheric thoughtforms can take the guise of dead relatives, celebrities, or worshipped deities, so can they take on the appearance of aliens, but that doesn’t make them identically alien.

They are just chimeras bent on acquiring energy and control for reasons of self-expansion and propagation.

Alienologists are mistaken when they view accounts of djinn, succubi, incubi, etc… exclusively as encounters with aliens, and likewise occultists and theologists are mistaken in thinking of aliens as mere demons, elementals, or djinn.

Thought forms and aliens are two separate categories of life that are related but not mutually exclusive.

The beauty of their intellects will charm you even more than that of their bodies, yet one cannot help pitying these unfortunates when they tell one that their souls are mortal, and that they have no hope whatever of eternal enjoyment of the Supreme Being, of Whom they have knowledge and Whom they worship reverently.

They will tell you that they are composed of the purest portions of the Element in which they dwell, and that they have in them no impurities whatever, since they are made of but one Element. Therefore they die only after several centuries; but what is time in comparison with eternity?

They must return for ever into nothingness. This thought grieves them deeply, and we have utmost difficulty in consoling them.

Our Fathers the Philosophers, when speaking with God face to face, complained to Him of the unhappiness of these Peoples, and God, whose mercy is boundless, revealed to them that it was not impossible to find a remedy for this evil. He inspired them to the realization that just as man, by the alliance which he has contracted with God, has been made a participant in Divinity, so the Sylphs, Gnomes, Nymphs, and Salamanders, by the alliance which they have it in their power to contract with man, can become participants in immortality.

Thus a Nymph or a Sylphid becomes immortal and capable of the Beatitude to which we aspire when she is so happy as to marry a Sage; and a Gnome or a Sylph ceases to be mortal the moment he espouses one of our daughters.

Marvel at the extent of the philosophical felicity.

Instead of women, whose feeble allurements fade in a few days and are succeeded by horrible wrinkles, the Sages possess beauties who never grow old and whom they have the glory of rendering immortal.

Imagine the love and gratitude of these invisible mistresses and the ardor wherewith they strive to please the charitable Philosopher who applies himself to their immortalization.

The Rosicrucians were convinced out of pity and mutual benefit to mate with these beings and thereby gift them immortality, else these beings would die forever.

That sounds more like a persuasive excuse than the actual truth, just as today’s abductees are told that their participation in the hybrid breeding program is an opportunity to save the human race.

They do seem to need us, but the reasons may be other than they claim.

The Sages are far from believing that the Devil ever had power to make himself worshipped. He is too wretched and too weak ever to have had such pleasure and authority.

But he has had power to persuade these Hosts of the Elements to show themselves to men, and to cause temples to be erected in their honor; and by virtue of the natural dominion which each one of these Peoples has over the Element in which it dwells, they kept troubling the air and the sea, shaking the earth and scattering the fire of heaven at their own good pleasure.

Thus they had little difficulty in causing themselves to be mistaken for divinities so long as the Sovereign Being neglected the salvation of the nations.

This is the central thesis of the ancient astronaut theory, that nonhuman beings posed as divinities to the ancients and held centers of worship. Egypt and Mesopotamia are examples.

The founders of the Egyptian civilization were thought divine, and each was worshipped in his or her respective temple.

After their death or departure, succeeding generations of pharaohs modeled themselves after these “gods” and were hailed as divine; some may have been hybrids or descendants of hybrids, and some dynasties may have had more alien DNA than others, the 18th Dynasty with Akhenaten in particular.

A certain Philosopher, with whom a Nymph was engaged in an intrigue of immortality, was so disloyal as to love a woman. As he sat at dinner with his new paramour and some friends, there appeared in the air the most beautiful leg in the world.

The invisible sweetheart greatly desired to show herself to the friends of her faithless lover, that they might judge how wrong he was in preferring a woman to her. Afterward the indignant Nymph killed him on the spot.

I confess that their tenderness is apt to be somewhat violent.

But if exasperated women have been known to murder their perjured lovers, we must not wonder that these beautiful and faithful mistresses fly into a passion when they are betrayed, and all the more so since they only require men to abstain from women whose imperfections they cannot tolerate, and give us leave to love as many of their number as we please.

It stands to reason that if they look similar to humans and have compatible biology, then they can have similar emotional weaknesses depending on the spiritual maturity of each member.

Despite romantic idealizations by contactees, they are not perfect beings; they may be superhuman by our low standards, but they still have their own set of psychological faults, emotional weaknesses, and physical limitations.

They prefer the interest and immortality of their companions to their personal satisfaction, and they are very glad to have the Sages give to their Republic as many immortal children as possible.

Compare this to what Eschenbach wrote,

“As I say, maidens are given away from the Grail openly, men in secret, in order to have progeny (as God can well instruct them), in the hope that these children will return to serve the Grail and swell the ranks of its Company.”

The renowned Hercules and the invincible Alexander were sons of the greatest of the Sylphs. Not knowing this, the historians said that Jupiter was their father.

They spoke the truth for, as you have learned, these Sylphs, Nymphs and Salamanders set themselves up for divinities. The historians, believing them to be so, called all those who were born of them ‘Children of the Gods.’ Such was the divine Plato, the most divine Apollonius of Tyana, Hercules, Achilles, Sarpedon, the pious Æneas, and the celebrated Melchizedek.

What would your Doctor say to this authentic account of a recent occurrence in Spain? A beautiful Sylphid was beloved by a Spaniard, lived with him for three years, presented him with three fine children and then died. Shall one say that she was a devil? A clever answer that!

According to what Natural Philosophy can the Devil organize for himself a woman’s body, conceive, bear children and suckle them? What proof is there in Scripture of the extravagant power which your theologians are forced in this instance to accord the Devil? And with what probable reason can their feeble Natural Philosophy supply them?

The Jesuit Delrio in good faith naïvely recounts several of these adventures, and without taking the trouble to give physical explanations, extricates himself by saying that those Sylphids were demons. How true it is that your greatest doctors very often know no more than silly women!

If you should be told, for example, that the divine Apollonius of Tyana was immaculately conceived, and that one of the noblest Salamanders descended to immortalize himself with his mother, you would call that Salamander a demon and you would give the Devil the glory of fathering one of the greatest men who ever sprang from our Philosophic marriages.

When you read that the celebrated Merlin was immaculately conceived by a nun, daughter of a king of Great Britain, and that he foretold the future more clearly than Tyresias, do not say with the masses that he was the son of an incubus devil, because there never have been any; nor that he prophesied through the assistance of devils, since according to the Holy Cabala devil is the most ignorant of all beings.

Rather say with the Sages that the English Princess was consoled in her retirement by a Sylph who took pity on her, that he diverted her with his attentions, that he knew how to please her, and that Merlin, their son, was brought up by the Sylph in all knowledge, and learned from him to perform the many wonders which English history relates of him.

It’s known in alienology that hybrid children seeded in human families become extraordinary individuals.

This is the most direct way that the parallel superhuman civilization influences ours, by inserting their own into our society. The aperture of human birth allows a level of influence otherwise barred by metaphysical decree. The Comte claims that the most powerful and influential heroes of history were hybrid offspring.

As Eschenbach said, when the Grail members mate with humans,

“They receive handsome children of high degree.”

On the subject of human-alien interbreeding, a more modern example is the abduction of Antonio Villas Boas in 1957:

At the time of his alleged abduction, Antonio Villas Boas was a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer who was working at night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day. On October 16, 1957, he was ploughing fields near São Francisco de Sales when he saw what he described as a “red star” in the night sky.

According to his story, this “star” approached his position, growing in size until it became recognizable as a roughly circular or egg-shaped aerial craft, with a red light at its front and a rotating cupola on top. The craft began descending to land in the field, extending three “legs” as it did so. At that point, Boas decided to run from the scene.

According to Boas, he first attempted to leave the scene on his tractor, but when its lights and engine died after traveling only a short distance, he decided to continue on foot. However, he was seized by a 1.5 m (five-foot) tall humanoid, who was wearing grey coveralls and a helmet. Its eyes were small and blue, and instead of speech it made noises like barks or yelps. Three similar beings then joined the first in subduing Boas, and they dragged him inside their craft.

Once inside the craft, Boas said that he was stripped of his clothes and covered from head-to-toe with a strange gel. He was then led into a large semicircular room, through a doorway that had strange red symbols written over it. (Boas claimed that he was able to memorize these symbols and later reproduced them for investigators.) In this room the beings took samples of Boas’ blood from his chin.

After this he was then taken to a third room and left alone for around half an hour. During this time, some kind of gas was pumped into the room, which made Boas become violently ill.

Shortly after this, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was female, very attractive, and naked. She was the same height as the other beings he had encountered, with a small, pointed chin and large, blue catlike eyes. The hair on her head was long and white (somewhat like platinum blonde) but her underarm and pubic hair were bright red. Boas said he was strongly attracted to the woman, and the two had sexual intercourse.

During this act, Boas noted that the female did not kiss him but instead nipped him on the chin.

When it was all over, the female smiled at Boas, rubbing her belly and gestured upwards. Boas took this to mean that she was going to raise their child in space. The female seemed relieved that their “task” was over, and Boas himself said that he felt angered by the situation, because he felt as though he had been little more than “a good stallion” for the humanoids.

Boas said that he was then given back his clothing and taken on a tour of the ship by the humanoids.

During this tour he said that he attempted to take a clock-like device as proof of his encounter, but was caught by the humanoids and prevented from doing so. He was then escorted off the ship and watched as it took off, glowing brightly. When Boas returned home, he discovered that four hours had passed. Antonio Villas Boas later became a lawyer, married and had four children.

He died in 1992, and stuck to the story of his alleged abduction for his entire life.


A more recent example is Peter Khoury‘s bizarre encounter, as reported by Bill Chalker in Hard Evidence Magazine:

Born in 1964, in Lebanon, Peter Khoury migrated to Australia in 1973.

[T]he most striking [encounter] occurred on July 23, 1992, according to diary entries. He had been recovering from head injuries received in a job site assault (he worked in the building industry in his own cement rendering business). At about 7 am, having returned to his Sydney suburban home from the train station, after dropping off his wife, Khoury felt unwell and lay down on the bed to sleep.

He awoke with a start sometime later, becoming aware of something alighting on the bed. He was shocked to see two strange women kneeling on the end of his bed.

Both were naked. One appeared Nordic and the other Asian. Aspects of their appearance were quite odd. The Nordic female had a very elongated face and a sharply point chin. Her eyes appeared to be blue and 2 to 3 times larger than normal. She had very fine wispy blonde hair that seemed to be oddly blown up. Her skin color was quite light.

The dark brown skinned Asian looking woman seemed to have almost completely black eyes. Her hair was black and set in a firm page-boy style.

Although no normal communication occurred, the Nordic woman seemed to be in charge and Khoury got the impression she was giving the Asian looking woman some sort of instruction. What followed was quite disorientating for Khoury. The Nordic woman, who seemed to be over 6 feet tall and apparently very strong, reached forward and pulled Khoury’s head to her breast. He resisted, trying to pull away. She did this 3 times.

Finally Khoury, trying to cope with the shock and disorientating nature of this experience, bit on her nipple apparently swallowing a piece from it.

The Nordic woman, although seemingly confused, did not react with any pain and nor was there any sign of blood. She seemed to convey to the other woman that this was not the way things were supposed to happen. Khoury was overcome with a coughing fit. Moments later, looking up again, he found that both women had vanished.

The coughing caused Khoury to go to the bathroom to get a drink of water. When he went to urinate he found it very painful to do so, due to, it turned out, some very fine blonde hair wrapped tightly under his foreskin. Khoury removed the hair and had the foresight to place it in a plastic sachet bag with a seal. He did that because he felt there was no way it should have been there.

It was unlike his wife’s hair. Khoury concluded that something extraordinarily bizarre had just occurred and linked the 2 pieces of blonde thin hair (about 10-12 cm & 6-8 cm long) to the strange tall, blonde haired Nordic looking woman. […] It was not until 1996 that I heard from Peter Khoury about the hair sample that had been recovered from what may have been an alien abduction sexual assault case.

By 1998, I began an investigation into the hair sample, when biochemical colleagues agreed to undertake what was the world’s first PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) DNA profiling of biological material implicated in an alien abduction experience.

The analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type – a rare Chinese Mongoloid type – one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except for African pygmies and aboriginals.

There was the strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitochondrial DNA. The study concluded, “The most probable donor of the hair must therefore be as (Khoury) claims: a tall blonde female who does not need much color in her hair or skin, as a form of protection against the sun, perhaps because she does not require it.”

The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair. Fascinating further anomalies were found in the root of the hair. Two types of DNA were found depending on where the mitochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming the rare Chinese type DNA in the hair shaft and indicating a rare possible Basque/Gaelic type DNA in the root section. […]

The nature of these genetic findings has lead to some interesting possible connections with ancient cultures, myths and archaeological finds such as the strange Taklamakan mummies in China (tall European like peoples (Celtic?), some of whom had blonde hair) and the stories of the female Basque God Mari and the Gaelic Irish tales of the Tuatha da Danann.

The Tuatha tales describe powerful gods with orange or blonde hair and other unusual attributes.

While such cultural and mythic connections are fascinating speculations, they provide for an interesting perspective on the many stories of Nordic type beings implicated in UFO abduction and contact cases.


Bill Chalker makes an astute connection between Nordic aliens and certain human bloodlines, some of whom were seen as demigods by others of their time. There is a deep connection between the two.

One last anecdote is worth mentioning for its occult overtones.

From Willy Schroedter‘s A Rosicrucian Notebook:

…a 20-year old musician into whose hands there came a book of Latin conjurations of the elemental spirits. A young theological student who was a friend of his translated his find for him and then he undertook the preliminary abstinence from meat, tobacco, alcohol, and women for several months. At the expiry of this period he uttered the prescribed conjurations, upon which ‘two female sylphs appeared to him.’

One was slightly built but the other was very big and tall. Like her companion, she had a mass of golden hair. He asked her if she would be his friend and they began to spend much time together. As the days went by she became more and more substantial; she no longer needed to fascinate him with looks and words but had him in her physical possession.

Her love-making became so prolonged and vigorous that she was unable to stand the physical and mental strain. Therefore he decided to part from her, but this was easier said than done and it was only with the assistance of a practical Qabalist that he was able to regain his freedom.”

(Schroedter, 168-169)

This episode contains aspects of both alien and succubi encounters.

Their becoming more substantial over time until attaining physical form is a trait common to both etheric thought-forms that gain energy and acquire materiality, and some alien beings who need to synchronize themselves with our time rate and dimension in order to fully manifest.

As I explained in Timeline Dynamics, there is a quantum phase factor that must align between two beings for each to experience the other as entirely tangible; this is so for interactions between humans, time travelers, aliens, and beings from other realms. In other words, aliens and thought-forms both obey some of the same quasi-occult laws regarding the conditions of their manifestation in our physical reality.

Humans can meet these beings halfway by becoming etherically charged. This expands their psychic perception and allows levels of interaction otherwise disallowed.

Sometimes this happens automatically, as explained in UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:

“When a human gets around an extra-terrestrial, the enhanced energy/electromagnetic field of the E. T. has the impact of turning up the humans dimmer so that the consciousness is brighter’.”

Traditional esoteric instructions given of invoking or contacting elementals aim to induce this same effect through other means:

Before getting to know them it was necessary to have one’s eyes cleansed with the universal medicine, and to have special flasks chemically prepared with one or other of the four elements and exposed to the sun’s rays for a month.

After these preliminaries, the initiate would see a host of beings of a shining substance, but loosely textured and diaphanous. These beings populate the elements all around us.

(Schroedter, quoting The Comte de Gabalis).

Of course this refers to the Philosopher’s Stone, or rather its etherically potent precursor, which, when ingested, artificially induces etheric activation and second sight.

Other traditional methods for attracting these beings involves long periods of fasting and prayer before uttering an invocation, and/or giving offerings of etheric energy like freshly boiled fruit, cereals, and flowers.

The flip side of that practice is the use of blood sacrifices in the invocation of demonic and negative thought-forms, as discussed in the previous Gnosis articles.

Persian Origins of Rosicrucianism

Schroedter goes on to explain the origin of the Rosicrucian knowledge concerning these beings:

[Christian] Rosencreutz (1378-1484) is known to have brought back to Europe the ceremonial invocations of the planetary spirits and of the star spirits in general which he learned in Arabia and from the natives of Morocco.

Anyway, the knowledge of how to summon the “fairies” (air spirits or sylphs) is also Arabic, and certainly of pre-Rosicrucian origin. In this connection, going backward in time, we have:

  1. The Parsifal saga, which has an Arabic source […]

  2. The delegation sent by Charlemagne (768-814) to Harun-al-Raschid (763-809) […]

  3. The delegation from Pepin the Short (752-768) to Al-Mansur (754-775) […]

As far as the third point is concerned, the saga Flor und Blancheflor by the Middle High German poet Konrad Fleck (ca. 1220) is the “expression” of a search carried out in the Orient two generations before Charlemagne, which prepared the way for the Rosicrucian Grail-movement in Christendom.

Under the second named Abbasid Caliph, abu Giaffar al-Mansur, the Arabian kingdom reached its greatest extent, but the Persian element was so influential that Frankish documents to refer to him as “Rex Persarum” (King of the Persians). The doctrine of the “Peri” is peculiar to the Persians.

The word Peri comes from the Zendish pairika = fairy, and denotes a female spirit in Iranian cosmogony. The Peris, who are beneficent but glorious beings, inhabit the empyrean and subsist on the scent of flowers. They often alight on the earth in order to have intercourse with men.

The issue from such unions is of radiant beauty. When the persian poets speak of a lovely human child, they frequently call it a Perizadeh (= fairy child).

The Touks of Central Asia regard spirits of this type as very powerful. The Baksas ( = witches) of the Kirghiz-Kazaks (free Kirgheezes between Irtish and the Caspian Sea) often call on the Peris for help to exorcise Djinns and other evil spirits.

The Peris have been divided into different groups. In the time of Charlemagne and Pepin, the astral world seems to have drawn especially near.

The Persian element hints at the particular cultural origins of the Grail myth and pretty much all mythological and traditional esoteric knowledge pertinent to demiurgic technology and its role in human history.

The Persians were offshoots of an advanced post-Atlantean culture that spawned many others around the globe, the same culture responsible for building the Great Pyramid.

This ties into Peter Khoury’s encounter with a Nordic female having a combination of rare Asian and Celtic/Basque genetics.

Ninth Century Contactees

This next excerpt concerns a series of events from the time of Charlemagne and Pepin, which gives further indication that the Elementals described in The Comte de Gabalis are very likely the humanoid aliens of today.

The famous Cabalist Zedechias, in the reign of your Pépin, took it into his head to convince the world that the Elements are inhabited by these Peoples whose nature I have just described to you.

The expedient of which he bethought himself was to advise the Sylphs to show themselves in the Air to everybody; they did so sumptuously.

These beings were seen in the Air in human form, sometimes in battle array marching in good order, halting under arms, or encamped beneath magnificent tents. Sometimes on wonderfully constructed aerial ships, whose flying squadrons roved at the will of the Zephyrs. What happened? Do you suppose that ignorant age would so much as reason as to the nature of these marvelous spectacles?

The people straightway believed that sorcerers had taken possession of the Air for the purpose of raising tempests and bringing hail upon their crops. The learned theologians and jurists were soon of the same opinion as the masses.

The Emperors believed it as well; and this ridiculous chimera went so far that the wise Charlemagne, and after him Louis the Débonnaire, imposed grievous penalties upon all these supposed Tyrants of the Air. You may see an account of this in the first chapter of the Capitularies of these two Emperors.

The Sylphs seeing the populace, the pedants and even the crowned heads thus alarmed against them, determined to dissipate the bad opinion people had of their innocent fleet by carrying off men from every locality and showing them their beautiful women, their Republic and their manner of government, and then setting them down again on earth in divers parts of the world. They carried out their plan.

The people who saw these men as they were descending came running from every direction, convinced beforehand that they were sorcerers who had separated from their companions in order to come and scatter poisons on the fruit and in the springs. Carried away by the frenzy with which such fancies inspired them, they hurried these innocents off to the torture.

The great number of them who were put to death by fire and water throughout the kingdom is incredible.

In the account of Zedechias, who lived in the 9th Century, we see similarities to the 1950s contactee phenomenon. Otherworldly beings abduct certain individuals and show them their world before returning them to testify what they have seen.

This tends to backfire, the only difference being that modern contactees were burned with ridicule instead of physical flames.

One day, among other instances, it chanced at Lyons that three men and a woman were seen descending from these aerial ships.

The entire city gathered about them, crying out that they were magicians and were sent by Grimaldus, Duke of Beneventum, Charlemagne’s enemy, to destroy the French harvests.

In vain the four innocents sought to vindicate themselves by saying that they were their own country-folk, and had been carried away a short time since by miraculous men who had shown them unheard-of marvels, and had desired them to give an account of what they had seen.

The frenzied populace paid no heed to their defense, and were on the point of casting them into the fire when the worthy Agobard, Bishop of Lyons, who having been a monk in that city had acquired considerable authority there, came running at the noise, and having heard the accusations of the people and the defense of the accused, gravely pronounced that both one and the other were false.

That it was not true that these men had fallen from the sky, and that what they said they had seen there was impossible.

The people believed what their good father Agobard said rather than their own eyes, were pacified, set at liberty the four Ambassadors of the Sylphs, and received with wonder the book which Agobard wrote to confirm the judgment which he had pronounced. Thus the testimony of these four witnesses was rendered vain.

Nevertheless, as they escaped with their lives they were free to recount what they had seen, which was not altogether fruitless for, as you will recall, the age of Charlemagne was prolific of heroic men. This would indicate that the woman who had been in the home of the Sylphs found credence among the ladies of that period and that, by the grace of God, many Sylphs were immortalized.

Many Sylphids also became immortal through the account of their beauty which these three men gave; which compelled the people of those times to apply themselves somewhat to Philosophy; and thence are derived all the stories of the fairies which you find in the love legends of the age of Charlemagne and of those which followed.

Grail researchers like Johannes W. Stein place the original characters and events of the Grail saga in the 9th Century.

As mentioned, the Grail was present in Europe during that time, specifically in France, engendering the tales that were later woven into the Parzival story. Perhaps the Zedechias episode, involving close contact between humans and aliens, had something to do with it.

Maybe as in times past, “Neutral Angels” brought it down to earth while war raged in “Heaven.”

Warring Factions

Take note where the Comte says,

“These beings were seen in the Air in human form, sometimes in battle array marching in good order, halting under arms, or encamped beneath magnificent tents.

Sometimes on wonderfully constructed aerial ships, whose flying squadrons roved at the will of the Zephyrs.”

If this account is true, then “battle array” and “squadrons” suggests they fight battles, including air battles. Thus they are not all unified, of homogenous intentions, or at peace with each other.

Wars among the “gods” is a theme found widely in mythology including the Indian Mahabharata and Ramayana epics where aerial battles are fought using advanced crafts.

Modern UFO sightings sometimes include accounts of dogfights among non-terrestrial crafts.

And of course, there is the famous Battle of Nuremberg:

In 1561, Hans Glaser documented a strange event on a woodcut for the German Nuremberg Gazette described as hundreds of crosses, globes and tubes fighting each other above the city. Some of the objects were reported to have disappeared into the sun, and others into a thick cloud of smoke after crashing into the ground.

Many were said to witness the entire spectacle along with the appearance of a black, spear-like object after the battle. According to the accounts, not only did people of the 16th century witness what seems to be a UFO sky battle, they were also able to distinctly tell which side was winning.

Coupled with the occurrence in Nuremberg, five years later in 1566, citizens of Basel Switzerland witnessed a similar spectacle involving several black orbs engaged in sky battle above. The people of Basel also recorded the event in their city gazette with a woodcut that cannot be traced to a known artist.

Accounts claimed the black orbs would sometimes turn red and fiery before fading to nothing.


The Rosicrucian Endgame

In this final excerpt from The Comte de Gabalis, the Comte hints at the ultimate endgame:

All these so-called fairies were only Sylphids and Nymphs. Did you ever read those histories of heroes and fairies? […] they would have given you some idea of the state to which the Sages are one day determined to reduce the world.

Those heroic men, those love affairs with Nymphs, those voyages to terrestrial paradise, those palaces and enchanted woods and all the charming adventures that happen in them, give but a faint idea of the life led by the Sages and of what the world will be when they shall have brought about the Reign of Wisdom.

Then we shall see only heroes born; the least of our children will have the strength of Zoroaster, Apollonius or Melchizedek; and most of them will be as accomplished as the children Adam would have had by Eve had he not sinned with her.

This “Reign of Wisdom”, which ties into the New World Order agenda and what Jordan Maxwell has written concerning the “Dawn of a New Day” will be discussed in my next article.

It is the final consequence of demiurgic technology entering the human sphere, the final event over which alien forces and time travelers have been competing since the beginning.


With all the above in mind, we have a fuller context to appreciate the experiences of a contemporary contactee who calls himself Fore on the Open Minds Forum.

Compared to other published contactee stories, his paints a more detailed and realistic picture of what some of these Nordic aliens are like. The fair but necessary number of excerpts to follow are from his thread titled My Experiences (Grey, Pleiadeans and Oddities):

The last memory segment the advisor brought back and it is when we first met. I can verify some of the events because I had my mother relay them to me and I referenced the information I saw to what happened.

I am still in the hot space that is dark in my body. Then I feel like something is wrong. Someone tried to pull me out and I hate the cold. I want to stay inside. Then someone grabs me and I feel pain and suddenly I’m in cold air. I felt like crying because I am uncomfortable. I see through very blurry eyes that there are two males and two women with different clothes. I can’t see much because my eyes are blurry. Then I am put to rest on something cold and I hear speech from men asking questions. I don’t understand the language they are using.

Then I feel people cleaning me up and trying to hold me. I hear laughter and talking and I feel tired. The next thing I remember one of the older men takes me while I am wrapped up in something and I see what looks like a hall. I don’t know what happens next but I wake up or am in an orange box. I feel something nearby. I hear in my mind thoughts that I do not understand. (As I am remembering what I did not understand then I finally understand what was being said.)

I hear a woman voice (the advisor) I hear her saying “he should be around here.”

I feel a mans thoughts who she is talking with. Then I feel them get closer and suddenly I see a woman in my sight beyond the edges of the box. I stare at her chest. I see a woman with dirty blonde hair at shoulder length.

She says,

“Here he is, This is him, He’s so cute.”

She puts out her hands towards me. She seems pleased that she found me from the expressions I feel coming from her.

Her chest is the only clear part I see. Her clothes are amazing. They are like overall’s made of a strange fabric. It looks super real…more real than real. It is like an emerald green or a tinge of teal blue (I’m not good with colors.) It looks like a weird texture of rubber like fabric and there are shards all over it of different colors like a glitter of some kind only very spectacular.

There is an orange/yellow light that shines brightly all around her. Her hair is shoulder long that’s dirty blonde. She looks fit like someone who works out but she isn’t bulky. She has the shape of a fit gymnast. Her face is blurry and I cannot see it.

As I am waking up she speaks to me and tells me this is when we first met in this life. She says that and lets me think over everything I have just experienced. I strangely feel for a second like it was exactly what was meant to happen but when I started thinking about it, I started to lose the reason of why it had to happen that way.

I only saw her from the waist up. I don’t remember seeing the man but from his thoughts He was somewhere beyond the plastic but I never got to see him. This was in a Venezuelan hospital off the coast on an island called margarita. If it is true, which I do believe so because I checked with my mom as to what happened during delivery, then the date was February 16, 1981. (Feb 21, 2007, 4:28am)

She brought back memories that I had as a newborn. (it’s in my thread)

As a newborn I remember seeing her physically. I saw a woman whom looked to be fit like a gymnast type body. Wearing a jumpsuit of a very odd nature.

The clothing she had on, looked like a one piece suit that was an emerald green. It looked like it was made of a rubber patterned surface. In it’s ?fibers? was something that looked like glitter or sparks of color.

(I know this sounds strange) She looked more Real than “Real”.

Her body looked like a woman who goes to a gym. And a yellow/orange (golden?) light was emitting off her skin. It was bright but it didn’t seem to hurt my eyes.

Her skin color was that of a normal human being. The closest I can compare it to is that of a Californian blond. Her hair was a dirty blond.

Her voice has never changed.

Now below this line is from modern observations.

Her age doesn’t seem to pass 27 from the way she sounds and her appearance physically.

She looks physically fit like always. I saw her several times using second sight (psychic) or when waking up from my deep sleep. (this was during my campaign to get to know her better)

I have heard her physical voice, once, when I was waking up. It was somehow a bit more elegant sounding than her telepathic voice. She stopped singing as soon as I woke up.

Once she showed me asked me to close her eyes when I wouldn’t believe she was physically there. When she brought her face close to mine I suddenly saw in the dark the very detailed features of eyes.

It scared me and left me bewildered. And eventually I noticed (while kissing a family member good bye) that her eyes were larger than that of a human being. I had a family member put their head close to mine to figure out just how big her eyes were….

The first thing I noticed was that the advisors pupil size is larger. And the shape of her eyes is wider. Overall her eyes are about 20% to 50% larger than that of a normal person. (Nov 6, 2007, 4:02pm)

I have noticed other people describing surprisingly similar types of encounters with people like the advisor. They use different words but generally the same concepts.

Some of the matching characteristics is a light emanating from their body. Described as a golden glow. I reported it as yellow and orange-ish light.

I describe a woman who looks like she is healthy thin and in normal proportions. It varies in other depictions.

Generally the clothes are of the same kind. A kind of one piece suit that in mine was a greenish-blue. With a glittering shards of light effects coming of her body. Almost as if she were more than real.

In other accounts I have noticed people call it “sparks”.

So it seems she matches some of the accounts of what a human-like woman ET looks like.

She claimed her point of origin was of a people with 7 home worlds with 11 surrounding colonies. Her being from the fourth colony. Could this be a lie? Probably.


She never choose to use names, stating that it was pointless to use human names that weren’t even universally agreed on.

And she was always shying away when I asked direct questions about her origin. She sometimes made comments that she couldn’t tell me very much about that because there were people who were looking for groups like hers.

She also seemed to be scared or experienced a deep hesitation from my prodding of her identity.

Making jokes:

“that for all I knew I might be her great great great grandfather.”

Other times she expressed a deep preoccupation whenever I would write something down about them. Saying expressly that I could not write down things because there were other groups patrolling the future and looking for people like her who were messing around prior to this “acclaimed” aftermath that she claimed would one day occur. (Mar 16, 2008, 7:27pm)

Oh and the advisor taught me some old phrases in English (I haven’t used them in a long time so forgive me if I don’t remember them at the tip of a hat.). People asked me why I used phrases that were out of date and I told them it was because she sometimes used them when she was feeling lazy or she wasn’t taking things seriously.

I asked some old fogies if they knew how old the phrases were but they told me it was older than them. The advisor said that before she came to know me in Venezuela that she was working in Florida then Texas and then Ireland. She told me she learned English there in the last century. Where she was before then she didn’t say.

Though now that I think about it I don’t remember her having any accent when she speaks telepathically. (Mar 12, 2007, 10:25am)

These traits should already be familiar: the bodysuit, unusually large eyes, blond hair, and above average physique.

The glittering or shimmering suit fabric is reminiscent of Orfeo Angelucci’s observations. According to Fore, the glowing skin may be an energy leakage effect that can occur when a being from another realm downshifts deeply into ours.

A kind of “decompression” takes place that causes a release of radiation, which in extreme cases can be harmful to humans.

Anecdotally, in ancient lore such beings were sometimes called “The Shining Ones” because “their faces shone like the Sun.”

One of the main things that stuck in my mind today in her long lectures was the fact that she claimed there were various groups on earth with different kinds of associations. She mentioned that the second network and it’s associated sphere of influence was complicated and had a lot of history.

One of the main things she talked about was the earth being divided among the aliens into sections with no particular shape or border affiliations with the earthly national borders (the first network). She mentioned that most of the USA was Grey territory.

Latin America was a mix of different aliens from Grey and her kind along with others being whom she described as having less than human shape and odd supernatural abilities.

She made a point that the world was carved up into alien territories and that they didn’t respect human national borders. She claimed that I would hear of the different varieties of alien types that were present in different regions and in different proportions.

That eventually did seem to be true….

She said that when I was born I was born in one of her peoples territories. I asked her why then if the Grey are supposed to be in charge in the USA is she with me. I then got pretty paranoid that she was a Grey or something. Which she was adamant that she wasn’t one. She reprimanded me repeatedly about being “speciest” and all that.

Anyway, she claimed that not all Grey were “evil” and that while many didn’t have good intentions towards people on earth there were a few who didn’t want to hurt people in general.

I scoffed at the idea and mentioned abductions and all that…to which lead to an argument…etc. (for another day and another post)



Years earlier as a young teen (while I was still wondering if she was a spiritual being or some kind of alien or demon) she had explained in rather odd terms that “they” (her people) scan frequently in hospitals for new births. She said they look for individuals who meet certain factors. She said they make note of them and look in on them over the following years after their birth.

When I asked her what kind of factors they look at, she declined to tell me (much to my frustration). She would only tell me that there were over a hundred factors they look at, on an individual basis, and then determine what if any use they have for that person in a “project”.

She said that they also do sweeps in neighborhoods, in 2 to 3 week intervals for newborns. She had said at the time that not all newborns were born at hospitals. (which at the time I didn’t realize was true, since it had never crossed my mind till she mentioned it)

At that time, my understanding of her was, that she was a being of a really strange kind. And to hear those kind of things from her made me deeply paranoid of her intentions. It was always that way till our parting. And to this day I still hold a lot of angst, anger, and paranoia in her not being very straight forward when it came to her intentions or identity.

Over time I have learned to get over it those feelings.

Tangent over.


She said that when I was moved over to the USA she had to make arrangements with “the others”.

She explained to me in very fine detail at the time that there was a truce of mutual cooperation between “the others” and “her people”. She explained that in order for a project to continue in an opposing factions jurisdiction that there would have to be an understanding and process of introducing a “visitor group”.

She seemed to not like her superiors very much…let me put that out there and be very clear about this.

So she goes on to explain that when I moved from Venezuela to the USA as a baby her group was obligated to enter into a cooperative group relationship with “the others”. (I’ll give the short version).


She was the “visitor member” in their territory and the males were supposed to be the designated hosts. The home team if you think in baseball terms.

Now she never mentioned at this point that the males were actually Grey! I was completely oblivious but I had my general distrust anyway of the males.

She alluded to the real personalities of the males years before hand and years afterwards. But she would always put restrictions and distractions and endless rules so that I would seemingly never put the pieces of the picture together. Sometimes, I wonder how I could have been so blind. Really!

She would only say things like:

Her superiors would order her to perform tests on me or to retrieve permission from me for tests.

How she didn’t like doing experiments on me and how she disliked her superiors method.

Once, upon asking her if she had any friends in her group; She flatly responded that those whom she works with are just “associates”. That she didn’t have any friends within her group. And that struck me as deeply odd for a few years until I finally saw whom the males were first hand.

So let me write how she put it in my own words for the sake of my sanity and for the sake of simplicity.

Simple Summary:

In her case. She found me when I was born in one of her territories. She supposedly had her own group back then.

Then I was moved into an area where her group didn’t have jurisdictions. A territory outside her groups control. So she said she had to talk with “the others” and come to an agreement to working in a cooperative relationship. (A common thing she said).

Then she said (fuzzy) she was picked from her group to stay with me and she was given permission to work in “the others” territory. “The others” territory in this case is large chunks of the USA according to her.

She was assigned two members from “the others”; three males. I only really ever got to listen to two males cause the third one always seemed busy and far away. Rarely did I get to notice the third one unless they were taking notes as to what I was doing. And the males sound very much alike so its pretty hard to tell them apart. The males seemingly liked to talk one after the other or all at once, which was annoying.

Anyway, She said when that was done, she was considered the visitor member but that she was in control of the project (me).

She said that the males were her superiors. She said they opted to let her have direct control over me because I kept rejecting them when they tried to make a bond with me (my paraphrased words).

She explained to me in detail that this was how both sides (which she hadn’t yet called it “factions” at this point) dealt with each others projects in their opposing jurisdictions.

The groups who were in opposing factions, with different agendas got to see and spy on each others activities on earth. She said her people got to spy on “the others” and “the others” got to spy on them.

She said that typically when there is a visitor member, the visitor member is supposed to hang back during an abduction or experiment till they are invited or authorized to engage the person or project. (their quaint word for those being experimented or tested on)

She said that I would eventually hear of this. Of aliens who had completely opposing beliefs on things, who would be in each others presence during an abduction. Amazingly, this was true… (Jul 29, 2007, 9:34am)

In Fore’s case, a member of one faction is given a supervised guest position in another, for mutual benefit despite the antagonism between the factions.

And indeed, abductee accounts do include mention of polarized presences in the same abduction environment beyond just a “good cop bad cop” trick, which would seem like a contradiction but makes sense if viewed from the context of alien cold war diplomacy.

This further shows that alien factions are not all united in harmony, yet blurred lines and complex politics exist between them.

She said she was part of an “academy” (literally) and that she came to the earth (I don’t remember) a while ago. She said she was relatively young compared to her peoples age and therefore was not considered to be very knowledgeable.

She said she was roughly 532 years old. The year she told me this escapes me, but it think it was roughly near 2000. Imagine my surprise at the end of our contacts (for a time) that she starts actually telling me about herself. I was to say the least between skeptical and happy. To pull information out of her, about herself, was like pulling teeth (molars mind you).

She said that because of differences in time escape and “drift” in traveling long distance she was born in 1423 roughly. She said she was approximating roughly when she was born. She said there were 7 home worlds and 11 colony worlds where her people live. She said she was born on the 4th colony world. (she still would not say what she was though)

She went on to say that her people live about 3,326 -> 3,332 years on average. She said some gifted people do live up to 7500 years but that it is very rare. I asked her how the hell could she be so old if she sounded pretty young. At this point I started to assume either A) she was lying or B) some entity was mimicking her voice.

She asked me if I wanted to know or not. So I relented and let her continue. She said that on her world when two people fall in love they declare their love for each other. There is no marriage she plainly put it. She said that they also don’t have children like human beings. She said that human beings (forgive her candidness loll) have sex and produce babies in a haphazard way.

She said (fuzzy) that when they wanted to have a child that they went to a place and picked out the best gene’s for the child. She said they picked the best traits and had children that way. So I was surprised that she was admitting that they genetically engineer.

She said yes, that it was a normal thing and that the earth would start doing it soon enough also at it’s current rate.

She said that certain traits were favored than others. That’s why she said certain contactees see them as not varying much. She said the first letter of the father or mothers name is passed on to the child. She said they didn’t really have last names, though there was (fuzzy) a special name they had. She tried many times to tell me her special name but it comes out garbled and I can’t make sense of it. Though it never changed in the many years I knew her.

The garbled name sounds exactly the same many years later. So I know it’s not my imagination. She said the family tree has a suffix that is added to the end of the name. I wont say her name, because she told me then a lot of psychics will try to contact her and she will have to ignore them.

She said their family structures were much different than those on earth. She (confused me a lot) said that they pick more than one mate and that there isn’t a single union. Though she said it sometimes happens. (I think I skipped a lot right here because I don’t remember clearly.) She said that when the children are born they are raised and at the age of 8 there is a ritual they perform in their society where the child’s rate of growth is slowed down significantly.

She said at that age the children go to school. She said she learned in school for about 117 years (fuzzy, I think that, or 111 years) .

She said they also absorb information at a very quick pace compared to human beings. She said she could learn one of my books in about a weeks time. I was surprised. She reminded me of the movie with Travolta…”phenomenon”?

She said that when they relax they put on different clothes. I asked her what clothes? And she said they are naked underneath but they have a white robe on top with something about the shoulder pads (she showed me an image). She said she had an important man in her life already and had already had 3 girls.

I met them years earlier as a teenager. I was introduced to 2 teenage-like girls out of the blue. I think I must have been 13? The girls had the signature of a “uber human” (this was not coined back then) and they felt, spoke like, and sounded like teenagers. They seemed extremely similar. She out of the blue announced that they were her children, that if I wanted to meet them.

Here, I was, wondering if spirits could have children (I didn’t assume her to be an alien back then). The girls gave me funny eyes and looks. They spoke to me like they were checking me out in a funny way.

They were nice but seemed to be very, very smart. I doubt they were young by human standards though. I thought maybe the advisor (unnamed as of then) was joking or something. The girls looked at me now that I think about it with an eye like they were checking out moms new boyfriend?? . They left after about an hour, after asking me a lot of questions.

She said that she joined an academy a while back. She said there they taught her a few things here on the earth. She said she had already 4 to 7 contacts already. She said 4 Major ones if I remember correctly and 3 minor temporary ones. She admitted to me that she was different from her people (insinuations).

She said that she was punished in about the 1800’s because there was a man who she fell in love with and that the man rejected her for some reason. She said she fell in love with him and that (didn’t explain but she seemed pained) the man rejected her. She said she was slighted (read: angry) and started to somehow torture him; and because of her actions she said it lead to his accidental death.

She said since then she was heavily restricted from using her abilities and from showing herself.

Other beings, who had the same über human signature, said that the advisor was special.

They said that she was capable of….having an emotional bond similar to a human being and that made her “very compatible”. The advisor over the years admitted that she had a marked past and that she sometimes felt isolated from her own kind because they looked at her as different. She said that having that gift to ’empathize’ and connect with a person like a human being was somehow looked down upon.

She told me many times that her superiors did not like the things she did. That she bonded too much or that she was lenient with me. (Feb 19, 2007, 10:58pm)

The advisor described their semi-physical presence that is on the same level as us to be overwhelming to us. She said everything should feel like a loudspeaker in strength (emotions/mental etc). That it tends to paralyze someone who meets them without them converting to a physical form. Their thoughts should be sharp and clear. Although I doubt we might understand them clearly because like she mentioned we don’t have that clear mind they do nor the ability to inspect thought to such a minute level.

About the advisor. She told me many times that compared to us they are much more emotional and mental (not the crazy type). But I don’t know how to put this in the correct context.

They are very heady and thought orientated. They are smart. From the people of her type that I have encountered I notice they are very mental orientated. Their emotions run much stronger than us. But they aren’t out of control like we are in our emotions. Their mind seems to dominate their personality.

The big difference though that I noted between the advisor and the other people of her kind was that the advisor has an emotional landscape similar to ours although it is much stronger. But the other people like her are very much more restrained in their emotions even though they have a higher capacity than us. It’s hard to describe in English. It would be easier to experience it than explain it. The people like the advisor were like big brained. Everything about them is much stronger than us. Though there was a cold detached-ness about them that the advisor did not share with them.

They are no where near the greys that I met in real life. The greys are purely intellect without emotions and they only have intent. The greys are uncaring and don’t seem to see us as people but as things. I can see why people think they are biological machines. I would think it too if I hadn’t observed opinions and their thoughts about how some of us are useless to them. I make no apologies for them… they are cold and uncaring.

The people like the advisor (pleiadeans?) are heady and smart but not emotionally absent.

Their thoughts and mind dominate who they are though. But the advisor was different. Her feelings seemed to be closer to the surface like a human beings. She was very heady though just like them. ‘But special I guess’.

I used to think the advisor was perfect when I was about 12 or 11. But she “sat me down”, figuratively speaking, and told me that she wasn’t perfect and that she was capable of errors and that she didn’t know everything. I took her word for it and still do. There are some contacts though that idolize the pleiadeans and make them seems like they are Gods or are perfect.

Which from what I see is not so at all.

I might admire the advisor but she isn’t my deity. (Feb 20, 2007, 2:03am)

Lifespan in the centuries, the potential for amorous love but also vengeance, intellectual superiority, and concealment of their real names and places of origin were traits touched upon earlier.

The advisor sometimes described the society she came from and it was a very intellectual society with some “issues” from my own point of view. They were so similar yet so different.

She often confided that where she came from people were so controlled vs. what we had here on this earth. That people could make love and have children with whomever they chose and they didn’t have to adapt the genetics or think much on those considerations.

She had said in her own expression that is/was “very chaotic” choices.

But she liked the level of freedom we had to choose whatever we wanted to do by our own (as she said) desires. While over where she came from she said things such as expressions were all very expressive but within a predefined limit.

She used at the time a complex expression as if her society was the thought police within a certain paradigm. Sure there were comforts and expression, but she often bemoaned that it was all very controlled and confined.

I can liken her descriptions as being something like a futuristic society where some of the constants found on earth are not present over there.

They do things differently and they restrict how free you are to express yourself in whatever way you want to. Sort of like living in a super polite and enlightened society that doesn’t allow any disturbing elements.

Reminds me sometimes when I think over her expressions of a hyper advanced version of the society found in the movie “Demolition Man”. Funny as that may sound LOL.

The way she kept showing me things it seemed like a very stale but peaceful society where you had lots of perks but also had lots of restrictions. When she described her world it seemed as if peace requires less freedoms.

This provides additional insight on the issue of human-alien mating, which may involve recreational aspects beyond the genetic factor. Perhaps some regret the repressive conditions in their realm and wish to take advantage of the more libertine atmosphere on Earth.

Being telepathic as they are, they must know of this atmosphere far too well.

She asked me strange questions. She made motions as if pointing towards a table nearby and asked me why did that table stay in that location? I said cause no one is moving it.

She asked me again but added why did the table stay there in non-English. I understood better in what she meant. She meant to say why does the table continue to exist in that spot only and why does it not suddenly move somewhere else. In other words why was it stable in the position that it was in?

She made me think deeply and even with all the physics I knew I told her I just didn’t know why matter behaved that way. She told me that If I could imagine a rough idea of a coordinate system that space uses to locate objects. That there was also other codings it uses for referring to where in time. She reminded me of what I knew of physics and told me that if I remembered clearly the “strange action at a distance” that I had heard of was of a system that our universe uses to correct itself among other things (to not type a lot for my sake.).

Short answer is that she told me there was a system for our reality to keep tabs on itself. She said they used this system to travel in time. She said Time travel was as common to her people as it was for me to ride a bus.

She said that more advanced aliens used a more complicated system to cause imbalances at a distance in the universe. When the universe corrected for the imbalance the particular alien would be transported to a new destination without having traveled the distance in between. (I don’t think that is a wormhole though). She said these advanced aliens let the universe do the hard work for them.

She said her people were not as advanced as these aliens were. But she said it was very efficient since it did not consume very much energy. She said that besides the imbalance they have to create, that it was about the most they had to expend energy wise. (Apr 10, 2007, 10:09am)

When she revealed to me that she could travel in time and that it was as common an experience for her as it was for me to ride a bus. She showed me a view of her world from her own eyes (a memory?). It was a while after I learned of her real mind. I saw an amazing vista of a craft that did not look like a saucer or anything like that.

It had light shooting out from it’s side. It was either a plane of some kind or it was a bus. I’m not at all sure because it seemed so authentically futuristic and it’s shape was very strange for a vehicle.

And from that tiny vista I gathered the idea that they come from a society that is so advanced that they seem to keep secrets about their identity and their technologies. I came away with the deep impression that she just might be a time traveler. Though I’m pretty hard pressed to believe it till I see it.

From what I could gather, of the sight at that moment, the advisor was walking down a walkway or hallway. The hall had window panes to her right, with herself looking towards the right. Out the window you see a craft that is oddly shaped almost as if it were a very large bus or craft of some kind with light shooting out of it’s side as if it were a transport of some kind. It was levitating and from the quick view I didn’t see it touching the ground. I do not know how to interpret what I saw but It was either an airport of some kind or a bus terminal.

At the time she showed me this, she stated that (as a matter of fact, in her own view) If I were to see where she had come from, I would be amazed by the technology. Which she doesn’t find amazing herself. She said I would honestly think that some of it was magic even though I knew it wasn’t. (Jun 26, 2007, 8:17am)

She said she was going to a world near by to study how to manifest herself physically completely. There are a few things maybe some people should know about them.

I learned this over years of time with her when she taught me how to profile entities when they would not reveal their identity.

  1. They are semi-physical
    They posses bodies that while they may look like us they have an extension of themselves and their powers surrounding them. Some would call this a golden halo or an aura that is markedly Gold like and overwhelming.

  2. They do not seem to be all of the time be situated in our time

    For example, one day when I was young she told me if I loved my little birds to go and pet it. I asked her why. And she went roundabout in her conversation and when pushed finally told me my little bird was going to die.

    I said to her that I didn’t believe her, she said it was true. I asked her when this was supposedly going to happen? She said for her in the next three minutes. I waited three minutes and nothing happened. So I called her a liar.

    Three days later the little bird died.

I thought of nothing about that incident, and maybe around when I was 10 or so she had left for a few days.

She came back announcing from far away somewhere that they were “finishing synchronizing to your time”. As you can imagine, I raised my eyebrow wondering what she was talking about this time. (I didn’t think she was an alien, just a really odd being). When she got closer to me from her “place” she said that she and I were “now in synch”.

I asked her what she was talking about but she (I don’t remember honestly) ignored me I think.

Time passed and she made more predictions which I scoffed at the idea she could. So she told me when things were going to happen and they did. I thought all the time it was coincidence. Then when I got into my “your not real and I must be crazy!” years she started to show she was not a figment of my imagination by predicting things and telling me what others around me were doing and what would happen tomorrow down to every detail.

When I went online in about 1998 and against her wishes looked for information by asking people in yahoo chat rooms. She would make predictions and ask me to tell them. In one prediction, she predicted 3 years ahead of time that there would be a large explosion in New York city.

She said that I should tell them it will happen in some time and roughly around September/October/November. She made it sound like a large explosion so I thought she meant a nuclear bomb.

But she never said it was a nuclear bomb she just said there was a lot of “artificial terror”. This was 9/11 by the way.

Point is, they can see the future. They know what will happen tomorrow, rev, and what you will talk about in detail and what is up ahead in several months to years time.

  1. Their known mind to contactee’s are just fronts.
    When she was making those predictions to people . Which this made me feel like a fool telling them about her and saying what she wanted till she proved her point.

    They believed she was real but I didn’t accept the possibility. She read their mind and told me what they were thinking and many things. But I was a hard person to accept her as real. In one experiment in 2002 after 6 years of training with her to learn how to use my abilities, she was aligning my energy patterns to a new configuration and help me unblock the garbage that builds up in the non-physical body.

    She was having me do remote viewing while I was talking to a friend of mine. Suddenly I see a flash in my sight and I can’t see anything for a microsecond and suddenly I am seeing through the friend’s husbands’ eyes. The friend was asking me how her husband felt about her. I was her husband seeing through his eyes for about 4 seconds. When I relayed this amazing thing to her she replied that what I saw happened about an hour ago.

    The caretaker fooled about a bit more a couple hours later and suddenly it happens again and I see through the caretakers eyes and I see the back of my head and I see through her eyes, peering over my shoulder reading a conversation I’m having within a chat-room and seeing conversational possibilities that didn’t take place.

    But the little I read it was very close to what actually happened. For a second, I was her and I felt humanoid in shape and even saw her arms. Amazing I thought. She acted like she had committed a mistake and was “kicking herself” type of expression. A few minutes later the top of my head seems to start having hot sensation of energy flowing through it and suddenly I have another flash and this time I AM HER for about 4 to 5 seconds.

    When I start seeing my normal vision again I hear her being frustrated and upset that she messed up big time. She didn’t want me to see that! I was in her shoes for a second time and I had such expansive thoughts! Super complicated thoughts that even today I cannot make sense of and were completely unhuman.

    That’s when I started referring to her as a über human type.

    The thoughts were so profound and knowledgeable that it would take a month to render such a complex idea. I cannot imagine these people as having two arms, two legs, and one head. Whatever they are they are unlikely to be related to humans.

  2. Non-Linear planners
    They do not think nor act nor plan like us.

    After she showed me how to understand a psyche and so many other things. I started to notice developing patterns and with my higher mind now within my control (well almost back then) I started becoming more and more suspicious that they were holding back information and I started to see lines of deception and psychological tricks, manipulative behaviors, pre-programmed responses in other contactee’s, abductees/experiments, and consistency.

    Consistency of contactees and their behaviors and how they react and how the aliens “keep” them began to light serious warning signs about this whole phenomena.

    When I began to see evidence that she was indeed

    1. Real

    2. Semi-Corporeal

    3. Had a consciousness separate from my own.

    4. Had a presence and observational abilities separate from my own.

    5. Intelligence.

    6. Consistent tests passed.

I started to panic and became worried that I was being brought up to do something that might indeed not be in humanities best interest. And worse brought up in a blind fashion unable to observe what the agenda was nor it’s final intended result. (Feb 4, 2007, 10:56am)

These are highly valuable details concerning their semi-physical nature, their needing to synchronize with our time rate, and the trans-temporal factors involved in their strategic planning and manipulation of human society.

The traits may be termed hyper-dimensional, though on the lower end of the scale. It’s important to recognize the time travel capabilities of these beings, because the implications are immense.

For instance, it leads to the idea of time-wars and what I have written concerning demiurgic technology shifting the timeline at key moments in history.

I don’t remember how that conversation led to this one but we somehow jumped to the conversation of Atlantis.

This I did know some about. Mostly that the people were super advanced and about Plato describing their land or something. I asked her about that and she told me after a few hours that the people who were alive in “atlantis” were not how people pictured them to be.

She said before one of the resets that occurs to human beings (read: die-off) there was a people who interacted with humanity. She said the people who were here during this time were of many types of races.

She said the human beings who were alive during that time in the place we tended to call “atlantis” were in open contact with other races and that some knowledge about math and astronomy was passed to those people. She said there was a very large misconception about “Atlantis”.

She said the mainland used to be where Antarctica is now. And that the places people look for evidence of Atlantis is actually just outposts. She said that “Atlantis” was full of a people who were given information about certain fields of knowledge but not others. She said they understood geometry and math but had almost no knowledge of metallurgy. She said they were actually less advanced than we were. As you can imagine I was interested in what she had to say.

She kept on saying something about the technology that is now folklore were technology that the people visiting the earth at that time was sharing with these people. The generators she said weren’t using electrons based technology but were solid state (fuzzy) nuclear reactors. She said the reactors were really old technology that they no longer used even at that time.

She said the casing was made of a crystal and that it was portable which she said layed the current mysticism of energy coming from crystals. She said the people who were human were actually ignorant of how to use it and how it worked. They supposedly had a lopsided understanding and she said in some aspects they were very smart in knowledge and understanding of certain fields but were not knowledgeable in chemicals or science as we have made it today.

She said there was a lot of technology loaned to those people to build a basic society but they were dependent on the technologies loaned at the time. She said they were very mystically orientated (unsure about this part, it was a long time ago). She said (I’m sure about this) the people came in contact with aliens on a regular basis.

She said the outposts were north of Cuba and to the east.. The other was in the Indian ocean south of Australia and to the west. The last she said was a minor outpost that no longer exists that used to be near Japan and east of Hawaii. She said it was more of an independent nation than an outpost.

She said from the outposts they spread some of the knowledge after the resets.

She said these people had, at the end, the technology taken from them and were left to fend for themselves. She was unclear around here about what happened next. She also said something about people who look like human beings but were alien used to “fly” and had some special belt. I don’t recall all of it at this time.

All she said in basic was that these people were materially primitive but had subjective knowledge. She said most of the big designs that the aliens built for them are probably still under sheets of ice. Oh and she said that some of the devices that weren’t recovered were still active and were creating problems.

Also said something about the devices intermittently working.

About the nuclear reactor that looks like a pretty sizeable crystal. I just remembered her saying something about it being safe and that it didn’t use a type of technology that we use now (electronic). She said that in the old days, of her people, they used to use assembles that were structured on an atomic level.

She said that the old technologies used casings that were built out of atoms that were put together in a perfect shape and that because of it they looked like crystal that glows when the reactors are active. (Feb 16, 2007, 6:56am)

As the previous Gnosis articles explained, the Grail and Ark Stone are remnant alien technologies that have been with us since Atlantean times.

Fore wrote,

“some of the devices that weren’t recovered were still active and were creating problems. Also said something about the devices intermittently working.”

There may be more buried around the world, but at least some of that technology was passed among human hands and employed with great effect.

And just as the Israelite priests used the Ark Stone with only limited knowledge on how to activate and direct it, so were the Atlanteans using technology beyond their comprehension.

That is why these artifacts have never been duplicated by humans, why petty wars have been fought over them, because they were of limited supply and originally manufactured by aliens and later leased to humans with only a basic set of operating instructions.

More on alien technology:

One of these was a chamber which she showed me in my mind eye.

She said they posses a technology that can grow organs rapidly. This was an offshoot conversation from her talking and answering some of my questions (and others) about bodies of theirs. She showed me a chamber which looked like a rectangular box that seemed to be made of a material that looks like Plexiglas. It looked roughly transparent.

She said in these chambers that were kept underground in habitats that groups could grow organic bodies or if the need arose supposedly organs.

She said that her people were already capable of time travel so they understood the mechanics of what time is in actuality. To this I gave my standard “sure, you must be feeling creative today?” kind of mental pokes.

She told me the chamber is transparent so they can keep an eye on the materials that are below the casing and so that they can keep an eye on the progress of the growth in an accelerated time state (I don’t know what to translate that into).

She said they used their knowledge of what causes time to occur to cause a limited portion of space within the casing to accelerate while the organs or bodies were rapidly absorbing the materials underneath the chamber. She showed me what looks like two transparent boxes that seemed removable and contained a red liquid and the other liquid I don’t seem to recall what color it was.

She said the usefulness of the bodies was that they could produce replicas in a matter of hours or days depending on the method. She said the maximum the chambers could produce was about a year in close to a 24 hour period of normal time. She said that the chambers were useful to them if they needed to temporarily inhabit a body of a different make up.

She said this involved another science they had made that was used to separate the non-physical body from the physical body.

She said they then (sorry little details, she made generalizations) removed the spiritual essence that is them, and for example, can prepare a body that is of a different type and rebuild certain things of the connections between the new one and then embed the spiritual presence into that new body. (damn that was hard to put down.) (Feb 11, 2007, 9:18am)

This gets into the human simulacra problem I have written about, where alien and shadow human groups are manufacturing fake humans to take up positions of influence within society.

Therefore, reports of human-looking aliens, especially those seen in everyday situations, may include both alien beings who have materialized here fully and can pass for human, and artificial avatars grown in time-acceleration chambers. Encounters with individuals who speak as if they were Nordic aliens, but whose eyes, physiques, hair, etc… look entirely average, may be examples of avatars.

This would be necessary to evade detection in high profile positions.

The use of avatars or cybernetic probes, regardless of the shape they take, is common alien technology. It allows a consciousness incarnated in one realm to temporarily operate in another without the side-effects and problems associated with having to translate the physical body itself. Consider the technical difference in cost and logistics between astral projecting into the past and possessing someone there, and building a device to transport you physically to the past.

Another potential example of this technology is in UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:

Off to the right of the giant screen TV, is a series of cylinders that are the height of the room and about the diameter of telephone booths. There are door size openings, no sharp angles of course, on each of them. I would say there are 5 of them arranged in a row.

Each of us instinctively, at least for me, heads for a booth. I enter the booth and the opening disappears behind me. No noise, just suddenly the cylinder is sealed.

Inside the cylinder, there is suddenly a brilliant blue light and a hum. the hum starts out fairly low-pitched and picks up in intensity. It’s not the intensity of the sound, it is the frequency getting higher and higher causing the sound pitch to change.

As the frequency gets higher, I start getting bigger. When the sound stops and the light returns to white, I’m adult sized. I don’t look like me, like my current adult version, I look different but there are some similarities.

Rather than the kid clothes I arrived in, I now have on coveralls like the personnel I saw in the hanger. The extra-terrestrial driving the shuttle device had on little moccasin type shoes. They’re soft but have somewhat of a sole on them and now I’m wearing some myself.

Obviously, some serious matter transformation occurred. I felt really charged, really energized. The door of the cylinder reappeared. When I came out, everyone else was coming out too and everyone is different; full size adults wearing the same coverall type of clothes.

The one thing I quickly notice is that everyone looks ageless. By this I mean almost an ephemeral quality. I can’t really describe it any other way. We’re in different bodies but not really. It’s a rearrangement our bodies.

It seems that the blue light in the cylinder corresponded with my vibration and that the others had different colored lights in their cylinders that corresponded to them.

So, I have this feeling of, “Well, it’s good to feel normal again,” type of reaction.

The little room with the transformation cylinders has an entrance to another rectangular room that now appears in the wall. We enter this larger room that is also rectangular. As I mentioned, there are NO sharp corners. Where joints meet, it is rounded.

In this larger room, there is what reminds me of a conference table. We go in and sit down on one side of it and a group of male and female extra-terrestrials, dressed similarly to ourselves, sits down on the other side.

This seems to be a information exchange session. They are asking us our impressions of being in our other form. They ask us how we like being in our regular form and the general consensus is that it stinks. It is too primitive.

The extra-terrestrials say that they are working on enhancements to it that they will introduce over time, to improve it’s capacity, whatever that means.

They say that their main limitation is that they can’t alter our physical forms too much or we could be readily identifiable to humans with even their primitive technology. Hummm, this is interesting. If we aren’t humans as such, what are we?

In following the flow of this experience, detailed information will have to be presented separately in another article on the topics discussed at this meeting with the extra-terrestrials because the information was presented as if it was already known with no explanation.

Some background information is necessary for the next section. When I was a child, I never felt related to my biological family.

The older I got, the more pronounced this lack of identification with my family and feeling of not belonging to them became. Thus, I was constantly seeking information about my birth because I had come to the conclusion that I was adopted. What other logical conclusion can you draw?

Whenever I asked my father when I was born, he would always say the same thing,

“You weren’t born, you were hatched.”

This really aggravated me as a child. No matter how many times I asked the question, that is what he ALWAYS said. My father did have a sarcastic sense of humor, but his persistence on this topic was unusual even for him.

So, this next part of the story is dedicated to my father who passed on in 1991. You were right Dad, I was hatched.

Returning to the experience. Here we are in a rectangular conference room inside of a mountain; two 4 year olds, a 15 year old, an 18 year old and someone approximately 22 or 23.

All TRANSFORMED into adults. Physically PERFECT adults I might add.


Continuing with Fore’s post:

She said this was one of the functions of the chambers but they were generally used for many things.

Someone I knew asked her about ships and the government having them. And this for some odd reason made her mood turn sour. She said to me that the government had a small squadron of ships. But she said that the prototypes were badly built. She claimed that the cabal used the technologies they were developing to shoot down their craft.

She said this with a rare annoyance that she doesn’t show much. She started to tell me things that she didn’t want me to relay to the person asking the question. She claimed that the non-public government had created ships that she said were prototypes that the groups of aliens were aware of.

She said though that the ships were incomplete and lacked many things that their ships do have.

She said to me for example that she can communicate with her ship with her mind. I was wondering what crack she was on cause she was on a roll. She ignored me and kept saying that the ships they have, have an artificial intelligence. She said though, the ships were aware but did not have sentience. She said it could be given commands to bring together information or to navigate and figure out what it needed to complete it’s task.

But she said interestingly (I was interested in her tales however unlike her they may be) that the ships could not initiate a task on their own and were not capable of creating decisions on their own.

The automaton-like nature of their ships may be comparable to that of purebred Grey aliens, who also seem unable to initiate their own decisions.

Both are likely grown, manifested, or projected rather than assembled. The same cybernetic, psionic, demiurgic technology may be involved in both cases, as well as in the Grail Stone.

The artificial intelligence they employ is not founded on microchips programmed with lines of code, but but etheric energy programmed with conscious intent.

She explained that in the past, where she came from, scientists had created artificial bodies that were capable of carrying a spiritual essence/artificial intelligence but she said the history of the project showed that when someone’s limitations were lifted, that the consciousness and personality of a person begins to warp out of control.

She said some of the people within the designs started to not carry themselves the same and started to act abnormally. She said the lack of limitations causes the personality of a person to (hard to put) become unstable. She said some became arrogant and some didn’t see limits to their interactions.

She said a lot of things that were mainly negative but I’m finding it hard to express and remember. She said from then on they took from that project that limitations on beings are what causes a healthy personality and that artificial intelligence should be non-sentient and unable to deviate from the tasks. (Feb 11, 2007, 9:18am)

She claimed that at some point in the past, people of her kind had been captured, and were cloned as slaves. I asked her what she meant and I also noted that when she gave emotional responses which was odd and unusual for her to do. She told me (paraphrased) about atrocities that “these others” committed with their kind.

They reproduced the individual as clones and would (according to her) be embedded with black rods in their head.

I was confused at the time by what she meant. When I asked her to explain she said these “others” Greys used to grow people of her kind underground. She said that they were socially programmed to be deeply obedient. She said these cloned beings were reproduced a lot as slaves.

I asked her the obvious question of what kind of slave.

And why would Greys need slaves? She said these “others” would be grow the slaves as labor and security. She explained that the system underground (could also mean cavern, not sure) with these clones was to grow them up and as children embed the devices that looked like iron rods into their heads.

I thought that was kind of both stupid and interesting. I asked her how the hell are they going to live with rods in their heads? I took her to task about sleeping and all that. She told me the rods she was showing me were not visible and physical.

She said the rods extending from the heads of the people she was showing me were a kind of technology where…get this…they could embed material objects into the minds of the clones while at the same time keeping them separate from physical reality. ?Sort of like shared space?

I assume she was telling the truth on this one because the other technologies of implants and things she talked about seems to also base themselves in these kinds of concepts. Which I admit sound silly on the face of it. Till she explained to me that abductees during grey experiments usually have “subsurface injuries and bruising” below the surface. Subsurface = below the outer tissue. […]

Anyway she claimed these clones of her people had these invisible ?multidimensional? rods sticking out of their temples and heads. I think I could draw them. She claimed these devices were there in the clones to produce pain if they didn’t obey. Which seemed to make her both sad and in a bad mood to recount it.

She was very plainly pained to talk about it. Which was a rare thing to sense in her. She was usually detected in her own way about explaining things.

Anyway, she said that these clones are often trained as little children to obey “the others” she said some of them become security guards and others are bred to be slaves and/or trotted in front of a contactee so that they can say how safe and good they feel.

I asked her: how do I know your not one of them? She said because there were few genetic slaves to account for all the clones, they pretty much all look alike. She said I might hear of an oddity present in a clone and she said that this had more to do with genetic tampering and experimentation on “the others” part than anything else.

She said the vast majority (both female and male) look the same. She said that most of the slaves are content to work with their masters. She said the ones that disobeys have pain induced via the implants sticking invisibly out of their heads. She said if I ever met her kinds of people who all looked the same then that would be a sure sign that they were clones.

She also said they wear military uniforms and two piece clothes somewhat like a regular person. She said her people usually wear clothes that look completely different (which I didn’t know what she meant and she didn’t care to explain at that point in time.)

I asked her what happens to slaves that don’t obey period? She gave me two responses at once in her own language method.

If I understood correctly back then, (not sure) she expressed in a snappy way,

1) they are parts,


2) they are food.

Which is strange since she never said anything (ever) that greys eat meat. So I don’t know if I am interpreting it wrong. Whatever the case may be.

That topic seems to affect her emotionally. (Aug 7, 2007, 2:32pm)

The phasing technology used to allow two material objects to share the same three dimensional space (by being separated along some other variable) is something Fore mentions frequently, and I have written about it under the term “dimensional shifting” or “dimensional rotation.”

See Discerning Alien Disinformation and Timeline Dynamics for more on this subject.

It’s what is used to levitate abductees out through closed windows and solid walls, and what allows alien bases to exist inside mountains without hollowed out physical caverns. It’s also related to optical invisibility; if, while phased, one can pass through matter, then one can also pass through light without disturbing it.

Phasing technology would come in handy during interplanetary travel to bypass radiation and asteroid bombardment.

Shadow human groups (black ops military and secret corporate groups) have a primitive form of this technology, first tested in the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. The term “phasing” is entirely appropriate because it likely involves the artificial alteration of the quantum phase factor that normally locks us into physicality. This can be done via special electromagnetic methods, or more direct etheric methods.

As Fore and others like Al Bielek explain, slight alteration of phase leads to optical invisibility, further change allows passage through solid matter, and full phase detuning takes one out of physical reality entirely with unpleasant consequences.

Quantum phase is one of many factors separating one realm from another, and if artificial methods can change it, what about natural factors?

The latter would imply there are natural cycles in which the phase separation between worlds varies. In other words, the same principle behind phasing technology could explain why Willy Schroedter noted that,

“In the time of Charlemagne and Pepin, the astral world seems to have drawn especially near”… and why soon it will draw near again.

Should it do so, the “veil” will grow thin, if not drop away entirely, as our world phases into theirs and vice versa. Then aliens would find it difficult staying cloaked and our skeptical materialistic paradigm will go up in flames.

That may be the prime reason why the alien disinformation campaign drives forward with ever increasing speed, because should they be unable to maintain the secrecy of their existence, they better be prepared in advance to use the situation to their advantage, such as portraying themselves as benefactors who need our collective acquiescence to save us.

Fore writes of such a scenario:

She began telling me about the future roughly around 1999 or 2000.

“The others” she said were going to begin their plans to come to the earth openly and she said they were worried. I humored her and I asked her what was bad about aliens showing themselves?

She said that “The Others” didn’t care about people they just cared about controlling. She said many things about them but I’ll try to put it in chronological order and the arguments she made to me about the others. These are several conversations put together for sake of clarity. They should not be taken lightly nor too seriously but should be taken with a grain of warning in my opinion.

Firstly, she had me understand that part of the conspiracy theories were true (how cliché). She said there was a group of people who had power and we not elected who decided a long time ago that a crisis was coming that they could not control (I’m paraphrasing her words for simplicity). She said that they made plans long ago to build installations underground because there was a perceived threat to them and that they were building “just to be safe”.

She said it started out back in the 1860->1862 that the two people who started a group to establish research for UFO’s and aliens. She said back then these few men did not have any authority over anything but were a small project started to study the phenomena. She said around the 1900’s they gained importance and were granted a budget and became a small department and were in charge of budgets (small time) to organize the “structures” (I have no clue what she meant but that’s what she said) to more easily collect information about aliens.

She said from here on they grew rapidly and already had a good wealth of information but very little technology. She said in the early 1920’s different groups like hers made contact but were rejected and that the different aliens started revealing information about themselves. She said this made the now established but mildly influential department/group/affair department VERY paranoid (I have no clue how to put that idea into a word that would fit).

She didn’t explain why but she said they became very concerned that they were not going to survive and they began building in excess underground installations. She said they were very paranoid about aliens. She said that some of the groups revealed to them the future and this was why.

She said by the time the so called famous 1947 Roswell incident happened.

They were already well established and had overriding control over the branches of military. She said several things about the controlling group changed and they became desperate to gather technology and make deals to advance both the public and the non-public sciences.

She said they for example couldn’t land anywhere on the earth without being detected almost immediately and that there was very few places they could arrive without the phasing technology that kept them protected, She said there should be stories about the armed forces intercepting arrivals very quickly (yeah I looked and there was.)

She said that by the 1940’s the non-public science was already more advanced in ideas than the public was in the 1960’s onward. She said as time passed the Groups like hers and “the others” began to spy on them in the underground sessions they had and kept pace with the knowledge that was being retrieved. She said the only reason she revealed technologies to me was because it was already knowledge that was known on the earth and in the non-public sciences.

She said there was nothing to lose by showing me what was already known. She said the cabal (she changes the title at this point.) would meet underground and in the 80’s were planning what was known as artificial terror. She said they wanted to play “the game of the gods” (why she called it that I don’t know).

She described this “game” as a game that many races including hers and her faction had played with humanity. She said in the old days on earth they would even fight openly (yeah right!) between them and “the others”.

She said “the others” (greys/pleiadeans/whatever) would implant and manipulate thoughts and start religions and create wars over them to decimate mankind so that they would not evolve beyond a certain point.

She said her groups way of thinking was to introduce a counter movement to spread knowledge and stabilize the religions or impart knowledge to dismantle “the others” plans. She said there was a lot of instability with these fights and the people on the earth became very “fractured” from the constant introduction of ideas and counter ideas.

She said eventually “the others” and Their groups were stopped by a third group of aliens. (she does not describe them in detail or otherwise.) She said the third group did not care for either side but wanted them to stop interfering. She said this group was very powerful and that even if the two sides went against the third group they would not win.

She made it sound like they didn’t have a hope in hell united, let alone apart. She said they both agreed to an uneasy peace that they would not interfere. She said this stopped the interference to a large part.

“The others” still kept starting movements in very small ways to keep people at war. Then her people’s side would go to the third group and the third group would allow interference from their side and they would start a counter movement. She said this slowed down the ideology war but did not stop it. She said the earth was already very divided in many ideals and fronts but both generally obeyed.

She said the bible was one example of being edited and re-edited (I don’t believe her on this but I used to). She said that around the time she was telling me this the amnesty between both factions was ending. I asked her why amnesty if I thought that was used only for immigrants.

She insisted on the word amnesty (I looked it up in the dictionary since I didn’t know what it meant :shrug:).

She said that once the amnesty was lifted that “the others” would immediately go back to trying to control mankind. She said they were worried about what might happen if “The Others” came first to humanity. She said they were pretty sure that they would. They were preparing themselves and a lot of them were leaving because she said a war between them was likely to happen.

She said in the future many things would happen. Which I will post in another post rather than this one so I don’t break the long a$$ “truth” she left me with.

First, She said “the others” would go back out into space and make an entrance, as if they were not here already. She said this would allow them a clean entrance and blame the rest of the past on aliens from her faction. She said they would probably go and pick the people among them who were human-like.

She said this is what abductions and grey experimentation was trying to bring about for a long time (thousand of years into the past when a couple of races handed us as a project down or abandoned us.). She said the human-like beings were either slaves who would talk very little or genuine people of hers and others who look like humans who had an agenda to control humanity and stop it’s progress.

She said the others were itching to stop our progress because at a certain point we would be acknowledge-able as independent beings. She said on her world about 60% of her kind thought of human kind as an experiment to be observed but generally do not care one way or the other. Roughly, 30% constitute “the others” mentality. While she said, the minority constitute her point of view 14%.

She said when “the others” arrived they would do what would look like miracles to mankind (of this she kept talking about) and they expected the people on earth to quickly believe “the others”. She said “the others” were likely going to present themselves as being Gods. She said this would lead to human beings accepting them as the leaders. She said that because “the others” would very likely choose human-like front men with their powers intact.

The genetic manipulations both factions had committed to, a long time ago, would cause human beings to give in very quickly. She said a long time ago when other races had lost interest in humanity they picked up and modified humanity to be planet squatters (my word interpretation but pretty accurate.).

She said the reason that human beings become very easy to manipulate when they see a pretty person is because they are pre-programmed genetically to have this behavior. She said this was an easy trick back when people were very primitive and they wanted workers and slaves. She said that before those projects were ended that the aliens modified the human beings more to create a very xenophobic response to other aliens. And that human beings were given the cultural push to breed at will.

She said this way both factions past founders could prevent other aliens from occupying the earth in the open; nor the human beings from helping them. She said that some of that has degraded over time but it was still a dominant trait. That was the reason some aliens use greys as front men because it is less problematic and they are humanoid enough to be accepted when they continue the experiments on mankind.

The next interesting bit she said was that “the others” needed contactees for the future. She said some of the grey experiments are about how human beings react to certain situations and that the greys were looking for weaknesses and lessening the possibility that the human beings they choose will have conflict against them when they bring about their “arrival”.

She said some of those human beings would be “go-betweens” in the contacts with those who follow “the others”. She said “the others” needed a close enough… spokesman… to represent their interest and that the association with these beings would elevate these human beings to a higher status.

She said that is why a lot of “the others” choose human beings who will readily accept a title or illusions of grandeur and are usually told they are “the one”.

She said that both sides could be accused of this since they both engage in a little bit of everything. Hers supposed a lot less (yeah right!).

She said “the others” would institute a government where there would be three tiers of contactee’s; the local, regional, and the special few. She said the locals would be in charge of their smaller communities while the regional would have limited contact with the aliens directly and the special few are supposed to be less than 25 (fuzzy) who would have to represent their slab of the world.

She said “the others” would divide the world up into sections and each “special contactee” would be in charge of it. She said “the special contactees” would also have very high abilities endowed to them (pet slaves anyone?)

She said the first thing “the others” would do is stop progressing technology. She said they would introduce their own technology to produce energy but that it would be off limits to human beings and that they would fix a lot of the earths problems as long as they could coerce power from the former leaders of the governments.

She said the few skeptical human beings would probably by that time be thinking they are “gods” because they would take the time to display their powers which she said is common knowledge to everyone except human beings who don’t see those things.

She goes on to explain to me how miracles (or seemingly miracles) are performed and that this will impress many. This is where she warned me about not listening to “what they say” but “seeing what they do” if I have doubts as to which side they represent. She said any alien could say anything.

She said actions though would easily reveal their true intent. She said “the others” would quickly order the executions of millions of people world wide who would not obey them because of religion.

She said since these people on earth who would believe them would think they are “doing the right thing” and have the backing of “the Gods” they would turn in their neighbors to be executed. She said that if people knew the future they would not want any part of it.

She explained that the reason why “the others” will win over so many is because they will give people what they want and create a new super religion. She said the religion will unite pieces of old religions and that they will lie and say they are the Gods of the old religions and that they will create a new one and even spin lies that they created mankind.

She said people won’t notice it but they will be tricked into a lot of manipulative situations. And she said if people accept them then there is nothing they can do except watch. I’m sure I left out some things.

She said this is why (at the time they were racing to “prepare”) to present themselves anyway. She said because her people were the minority that they would not have much of a chance in changing the minds of people but she said they would try. She said at the time that there was a big debate as to whether her faction should come in first or second, because they did not know which would yield the best results.

She said when her faction did come that they would show up shortly after the others most likely, and they would present to the world their side of the case. She said they would show mankind what they could of how the miracles were happening and how they came to be and even perform for them to see.

That they were not miracles, but common understandings and knowledge shared by both sides.

She said her faction would also reveal information and the truth to people at this time but the general consensus was that the human beings of the future would be unlikely to believe them. I asked her why “the others” would let them make their case? She said because of the third group they would have to allow it or the third group would probably come in quickly and put them in their place or worse. (Squish)

She said that they had a growing fear, that if the people of the earth did side with her faction. That then “the others” in spite, would burn the earth while leaving. She said this was a likely possibility.

Background info

She said a lot of things that lead up to this is volcanoes all going off at the same time in some area’s.

Many earthquakes in places where there had never been before. She described the future from that time (1999-2000) to be getting worse and worse weather wise as the years progress (seems to be accurate on that one).

She said that the cabal (that I described at the beginning) was trying to “play the game of the gods” and making artificial terror to force people to give up their freedoms. She said there would be rumors of wars in the future and that there would be a very big war she called “the war of contracts”.

Those things I’ll write down next because my hands are very tired. (Feb 7, 2007, 7:03am)

This deception scenario is highly plausible, although the endgame strategies are continually adjusted according to the shifting probabilities of success, so it’s hard to say how much is still under preparation in 2011.

Regardless, in relation to the present article, the point is that not only are there competing alien factions who have fought various cold and hot wars over the millennia, but it seems to be coming to a head. The alien endgame is building toward another shift of the timeline, perhaps the biggest one since the dawn of our species.

If the Grey hybrid breeding program is any indication, victory for the fascist factions would result in full genetic and spiritual crippling of the human race. At worst we would be augmented and programmed into becoming tools deployable to other worlds to continue their campaign of spiritual enslavement. It would spread the cancer that is the Corrupt Demiurge and further imbalance the Universe.

As mentioned, alien wars are subsets of a larger cosmological war between the Corrupt Demiurge and the Divine Logos.

Just as human wars play into alien agendas, so do alien wars play into cosmological agendas.

Nordic Origins and Identity

Who are these beings?

We can rule out several possibilities:

  1. They are not all spirits, demons, angels, or elementals because they can appear in the physical for extended periods of time, leave behind DNA evidence, interbreed with humans, and display an internally consistent assortment of high technology. Anyone with sufficient experience can differentiate between aliens and metaphysical entities.

  2. They are not all members of some benevolent “Galactic Federation,” since there is warring among their opposing factions and some display fascist tendencies, even within the Nordic typology.

Because traces of their presence on Earth go back thousands of years:

  1. They are not all hoaxes perpetrated by the shadow government. Nonetheless, the latter may have hoaxed a portion of the “space brother” fad to hijack the real thing and subdue xenophobia. Examples include Commander Ashtar, a sappy caricature of a Nordic, who is frequently channeled in the New Age community.

  2. They are not curious “visitors” who arrived here only in the 20th century. While lesser alien races may have visited more recently for scientific observation, the Nordics are not among them.

  3. They are not all remnants of some secret Nazi space program. It’s a non sequitur to say Nazis are responsible for the UFO phenomenon when it was through their occult research and communication with aliens that they achieved that level of technology in the first place. If anything, their advanced remnants were later assimilated into the same confederation of negative factions that have likewise assimilated the modern shadow military.

More viable theories include the following:

They are the original human type, and we are chimeras genetically engineered in their image

The writings of Lloyd Pye and Zecharia Sitchin come to mind here.

As Lloyd Pye explains, our tattered genome bears the scars of heavy genetic engineering. Human evolution underwent jumps so sudden as to be anomalous.

As everyone knows, Sumerian myths speak of the Anunnaki who created humans for slave labor, while in the Book of Genesis the same Elohim said,

” Let us make man in our image.”

Was it all the work of the superhumans discussed in this article, or were they themselves also the products of genetic engineering?

They are our cosmic relatives, created by the same primordial alien progenitors that created us, but seeded on other worlds

This is the only viable aspect of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.

It would explain why they could be from other planets yet share compatible DNA. When intelligent life arises naturally on one planet, develops into a super-civilization, and achieves mastery of genetics and space travel, life soon spreads to nearby compatible planets.

All carbon-based humanoid aliens share common ancestry, as the odds of two completely independent evolutions producing the same form is infinitesimal. Then one world can discover another and genetically modify it further, despite both being the creations of an even older alien race.

What could be their cosmic origins? The nearest candidate is the ancient planet whose remains populate the Asteroid Belt.

Otherwise one would have to look further, toward Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Procyon, Bernard’s Star, Arcturus, and Aldebaran. Alienology research points toward Orion and the Pleiades as well, but the stars of those constellations are many hundreds of light years away.

Most of their alleged home worlds are less than one hundred light years, which, relative to the size of our galaxy, makes them our next door neighbors.

They are ancient offshoots of the human race who surpassed the rest of the species

This is along the lines of what Mac Tonnies proposed.

If true, the evolutionary branching must have occurred recently, since they look so similar. They could be direct descendants of Cro Magnon man, who appeared suddenly in Western Europe around 30,000 years ago and had larger brain capacities and better physiques than modern man, matching two characteristics ascribed to Nordic aliens.

On the other hand, Cro Magnons could equally well have been Nordic populations who emigrated to Earth around that time, or simply their initial genetic experiments, which fits the sudden arrival of the Cro Magnons and their genetic distance from Africa.

They are Atlantean/Hyperborean survivors who did not devolve like other humans

Surviving elite who held onto their knowledge and technology would have later emerged as virtual gods to the rest of the population who degraded to the level of primitives.

But did they develop that technology on their own, or was it given to them by aliens?

More likely the latter, since the archeological evidence of ancient advanced civilization is scarce and localized in small pockets around the world, indicating a small elite who, even before the cataclysms, ruled over a more primitive population. If that antediluvian civilization had advanced on its own, it would have taken far longer, been more uniformly advanced throughout, and have left behind more traces.

The aliens of today are probably not identically the Atlantean survivors, though the latter could have been their human/hybrid proxies who received assistance and forewarning. Think of Noah being told by “The Lord” to build an Ark, modern contactees and abductees being warned of imminent cataclysm, or the shadow government manically building underground bases due to receiving privileged information from their alien contacts.

If nothing else, strong ties exist between Nordic aliens and the descendants of these ancient surviving elite.

The Basque, Celtic, and Asian DNA recovered from Peter Khoury’s case suggests as much. Nordics seem interested in people of mixed East/West ancestry, of which a portion traces back to these post-Atlantean bloodlines.

Prominent examples of ancient bloodlines include the Basques, Celts, Minoans, and Phoenicians.

The latter three consorted with the 18th Dynasty of Egypt and consequently the tribe of Levi, who were the only people among the Israelites allowed to operate the Ark of the Covenant.

They are human avatars or proxies for another alien intelligence

The DNA evidence from Peter Khoury’s case could equally suggest Nordics were created from us.

Some third party alien race could have collected desirable genetics from humans throughout history and assembled a race of superhumans. In that case, they are either cybernetic creations worn as “meat suits” by completely foreign alien intelligences, or they are genuinely spirited people who were created as proxies for their nonhuman masters.

These proxies could then interbred with humans to spawn bloodlines functioning as yet another tier of earthbound proxies.

This is something Fore speculated on, after discovering that the human-like personality of his Nordic advisor was a front, and that her true mind was far less human and more profoundly complex than it seemed.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that these aliens undergo training to step down their consciousness to our level to make interaction possible. Orfeo Angelucci’s contacts hinted likewise.

The question is whether they are just superhumans who downshift their personalities to our level for interaction, like any adult does when talking to a toddler, or whether they are total fabrications by some monstrous alien intelligence. The latter is attractively conspiratorial, but not really substantiated by the available evidence and anecdotes except in the case of awkward human simulacra such as the Men In Black.

Not to mention, if they were created to put a human face on the alien presence, then there shouldn’t be so many reports of other alien species like the Greys and Reptilians.

They are from a parallel timeline or hidden realm where a superior civilization has developed

What is the nature of their world, and how does it relate to ours?

It’s not enough to say their world is just a parallel Earth where things advanced more quickly on the technological and evolutionary front. For one, these beings along with ghosts, elementals, demons, etc… have always been able to observe and influence us, but not vice versa. Our two worlds are not equal in terms of fundamental tangibility

Etheric energies play a more visible and active role in their realm.

Therefore it’s not a simple matter of Nordics inhabiting a parallel 3D physical timeline, rather they seem to inhabit a higher “density,” as the term is used in the Ra and Cassiopaean material.

Gnostics know our world is an illusion created by the Corrupt Demiurge. It follows that beyond the borders of our reality exists the real world, or at least something not so hermetically isolated from the greater Creation.

Could beings from that world be popping into ours, injecting their influences into this petri dish we call reality?

They are our time traveling descendants

Experience proves they can see into the future.

It’s hard to tell whether this ability comes solely from clairvoyance, mathematical calculation, or hindsight from the future. Probably a combination of all three. Regardless, they are obsessed with the future and how present developments affect it.

The delicate manner of their manipulations, the aeons over which they carry them out, and the knowing determination inherent in their efficiency suggests their vantage point is outside linear time.

The one consistent element in what abductees and contactees are told, is that our world will soon undergo a time of great upheaval.

Times of change, especially collective change, are significant choice points on the timeline. They are windows of chaos that spawn many probable futures. Those windows seem to function as apertures allowing the influx of time traveling influences from the futures they generate.

If nothing else, they would be strategic pivot points on the timeline that attract the greatest attention from warring time travelers.

Consequently, if aliens like the Nordics are time travelers, then since multiple futures issue from a singular past, they would have to be time travelers from various probable futures engaging in a time-war of sorts. Different factions are exerting opposing influences upon the present to reshape the future to their advantage. As we approach the primary nexus point, these probable futures will play a game of musical chairs, with only one future quantum-collapsing into the final tangible one.

Furthermore, with time travel, the issue of where and when they originated becomes obscured.

If they claim to come from Procyon, that could be true, but it might mean Procyon ten thousand years from now after human descendants have long colonized space and achieved time travel as well. Or if ancient astronaut research indicates they genetically modified the human race in their image, it could just as well be those time travelers from Procyon (or wherever) visiting our prehistory and accelerating human evolution to rewrite the timeline in their favor.

Then they would be time travelers tweaking the genetics of their ancestors, possibly even interbreeding with them, training some, leasing them powerful technology, all as part of a time-war waged over the battlefield of space and time.

Alternatively, some malevolent alien faction could do likewise in order to dumb us down so that, when the time of great upheaval occurs, odds are shifted in the favor of a successful deception. Conditions that now allow for the imminent implementation of a global totalitarian system under negative alien control have been under construction for many thousands of years.

Religion and scientific materialism will play a large part in that deception, and both play on fundamental human weaknesses genetically programmed into us.

Furthermore, subtle timeline nudges in the form of visions and visitations have also greatly altered the landscape of the future: Saul, Joan of Arc, Joseph Smith, and Adolf Hitler come to mind as examples of characters targeted for that purpose.

Lastly, for the sake of speculation, if Nordics are time traveling descendants from our current population, one has to wonder what land today is their ancestral land – assuming they aren’t descendants of an alternate Earth that existed prior to the time-war that spawned our current timeline.

Based on the “Nordic” or “Scandinavian” nomenclature assigned to them, one might initially guess northern Europe, but that area doesn’t even have a manned space program. Careful comparison between stereotypical Nordics and existing populations shows a good match with the Slavic people: Eastern Europeans and Western Russians.

Theosophists and Anthroposophists both had occult reasons to believe that Slavs would birth the next evolution of mankind, that they were a golden mean between East and West in terms of culture, wisdom, and of course genetics. Certainly the volksgeist of the Slavs is one conducive for that role, as even the Soviets were especially open to investigating the enhancement of psychic powers and achieving manipulation of time and space.

Some of the brightest papers on fringe science have come out of Russia. There are several synchronistic oddities surrounding the Russian people, their language and history, to suggest some degree of involvement in time travel, or manipulation by time travelers.

Additionally, areas where Russia has built underground bases capable of surviving global cataclysms are also the regions where the Proto-Indo-Europeans emerged out of nowhere many thousands of years ago and seeded cultures across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Trans-Temporal Meta-Civilization
In all likelihood, Nordics consist of different groups with different histories.

Some could be time travelers from our future, others remnants of an ancient off-planetary superhuman civilization. Both share “fourth density” characteristics, both possess demiurgic technology, and both seem genetically related.

After time travel paradoxes, timeline dynamics, and other complications settle out, what’s left is a transcendent civilization whose cultures are distributed over spatial and temporal geography – cultures that mingle and tussle with each other across space and time. This civilization stands outside linear time.

To us they would seem like time travelers from the future, beings from parallel timelines, travelers from other star systems, and ancient genetic manipulators all the same, since these are just different aspects of a common meta-civilization that has simultaneously inserted various extensions of itself into opportune locations along our linear timeline.

Negative Nordics

Perhaps the best-kept secret among alien disinformers is the existence of hostile Nordic factions.

We hear plenty about Reptilians and their ubiquitous Grey underlings, but the common perception of Nordics is overwhelmingly positive. This is unfortunate because, as explained in Discerning Alien Disinformation, negative or cloned/impostor Nordics will be the first to initiate open contact with humanity, largely due to the psychological advantage offered by an appearance that is pleasing and familiar to humans, and because they may have the greatest vested interest in doing so.

Recall what Fore was told regarding such a scenario:

“[T]he human-like beings were either slaves who would talk very little or genuine people of hers and others who look like humans who had an agenda to control humanity and stop it’s progress.

She said the others were itching to stop our progress because at a certain point we would be acknowledge-able as independent beings.

She said on her world about 60% of her kind thought of human kind as an experiment to be observed but generally do not care one way or the other. Roughly, 30% constitute ‘the others’ mentality. While she said, the minority constitute her point of view 14%.”

If this is accurate, then almost a third of that civilization could be classified as negative Nordics.

In another post, Fore’s advisor mentioned Nordic genetic engineering projects that went awry:

“She explained that in the past, where she came from, scientists had created artificial bodies that were capable of carrying a spiritual essence/artificial intelligence but she said the history of the project showed that when someone’s limitations were lifted, that the consciousness and personality of a person begins to warp out of control.

She said some of the people within the designs started to not carry themselves the same and started to act abnormally. She said the lack of limitations causes the personality of a person to (hard to put) become unstable. She said some became arrogant and some didn’t see limits to their interactions.”

While she also said corrections were made to prevent this, it highlights a pattern of arrogance and psychopathy in superhumans who revel in their superiority.

The pattern is reminiscent of the Lucifer Rebellion myth, where one third of the “angels” grew arrogant and refused to serve mankind. Even if only on a symbolic level, negative Nordics can be equated with the so-called Fallen Angels of Biblical myth.

The pattern is also reminiscent of the Nazi Master Race program that attempted to reconstruct the original antediluvian Nordic people, complete with their occult powers and mastery of space-time.

There is no better modern example of negative Nordic alien mindset and influence than the Nazis.

  • Why were they so obsessed with blond-haired, blue-eyed, cold-hearted superhumans?

  • Why did they want to turn humanity into these technologically-advanced super-aryans?

There is an interesting anecdote suggesting Hitler himself was a contactee of negative Nordics:

Hitler was talking one day to Rauschning, the Governor of Danzig, about the problem of a mutation of the human race.

Rauschning, not possessing the key to such strange preoccupations, interpreted Hitler’s remarks in terms of a stock-breeder interested in the amelioration of German blood.

“But all you can do,” he replied, “is to assist Nature and shorten the road to be followed! It is Nature herself who must create for you a new species. Up till now the breeder has only rarely succeeded in developing mutations in animals – that is to say, creating himself new characteristics.”

“The new man is living amongst us now! He is here!” exclaimed Hitler, triumphantly. “Isn’t that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.”

“In uttering these words,” added Rauschning, “Hitler was trembling in a kind of ecstasy.”

It was Rauschning, too, who related the following strange episode, about which Dr. Achille Delmas, a specialist in applied psychology, questioned him in vain.

It is true that in a case like this psychology does not apply:

“A person close to Hitler told me that he wakes up in the night screaming and in convulsions.

He calls for help, and appears to be half paralyzed. He is seized with a panic that makes him tremble until the bed shakes. He utters confused and unintelligible sounds, gasping, as if on the point of suffocation.

The same person described to me one of these fits, with details that I would refuse to believe had I not complete confidence in my informant.

Hitler was standing up in his room, swaying and looking all round him as if he were lost.

‘It’s he, it’s he,’ he groaned, ‘he’s come for me!’

His lips were white; he was sweating profusely. Suddenly he uttered a string of meaningless figures, then words and scraps of sentences. It was terrifying.

He used strange expressions strung together in bizarre disorder. Then he relapsed again into silence, but his lips still continued to move. He was then given a friction and something to drink. Then suddenly he screamed:

‘There! there! Over in the comer! He is there!’ – all the time stamping with his feet and shouting.

To quieten him he was assured that nothing extraordinary had happened, and finally he gradually calmed down. After that he slept for a long time and became normal again…”


Readers may be familiar with the Thule and Vril Society, the occult forerunners and influencers of the Nazi movement.

Activities included communicating with beings from Aldebaran, building advanced technology according to the guidance they received, and promoting supremacy of the Aryan/Nordic race. The Vril ladies were also “unusual.”

Unlike all other totalitarian bodies of history, Nazis stood not on the human ground of political theory or religious dogma, but on the alien ground of occult dynamics and demiurgic technology. The Nazi flag is a good example.

Its black, white, and red colors growing outward symbolize the black, white, and red stages involved in the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The black swastika itself symbolizes the Black Sun, which is none other than the Corrupted Demiurge. The latter goes by another name in occultism: the Dead Head, meaning Dead Logos, represented as the skull and crossbones by the Templar Navy and Nazi SS.

It is the central cosmic power source of all demiurgic technology, the Demiurge itself. It represents the ultimate power, at least within the physical domain, and as Persephone commented in Matrix Reloaded, what men with power want is more power.

As mentioned, there is antagonism among Nordic alien factions, and now it should be clear that some are quite arrogant, fascist, and psychopathic. In the Grail lore, there were those who protected the Grail, and those who were its enemies seeking to usurp it.

We must keep this in mind should Nordic aliens show themselves to the world one day.

Off-Planetary Ancestry

 Finally, let’s examine portions of the Nordic meta-civilization located in our distant past. Several sources link them to a planet once located between Mars and Jupiter.

Michael Tsarion has this to say:

We read from various sources that approximately 50,000 years ago a certain planetary body in our own solar system was mysteriously destroyed. This body has been called Tiamat, Phaeton, Lucifer, Marduk, Maldek, Rahab, and even Luna (not connected to the name later given to the moon).

It was believed to have existed between Mars and Jupiter and was referred to as the “second sun” and may have been mistaken as such, because its atmosphere was resplendent with reflections of the actual sun. This is not as improbable as it sounds since Venus, the “Morning Star,” the second planet from the sun and the third brightest object in the sky, is so bright that it casts a distinct shadow on a moonless night.

Around the time of this event, the solar system, and later the Earth, was colonized by extra-terrestrial beings who were either attracted to this solar system by that conflagration or upon coming here caused the calamity themselves. Whether the disaster was natural or not, the result was that mankind on Earth experienced total and long lasting chaos and confusion.

The surface of the planet Tiamat consisted mostly of great oceans. Upon its destruction, these vast saline waters entered into the Earth’s atmosphere causing the first of two massive prehistoric deluges and tribulations that mankind would experience. It is thought that the alien invaders took full advantage of this predicament and moved in to bring about colonization.

They met no resistance from the disoriented and weakened inhabitants of the Earth who believed their visitors were powerful gods.

Some theorists, like the energetic Erich von Daniken, have also determined that there was a great intergalactic war between two (or possibly more) extraterrestrial forces in a neighboring galaxy or solar system. The result of this titanic war had enormous consequences for the Earth because, it is postulated, the losers on being pursued into our system pretended to take refuge on Tiamat.

They even erected a makeshift radar-type station there to decoy their pursuers. However, the defeated ones had really taken refuge on planet Earth, not on Tiamat. Upon their arrival, they almost immediately went underground into existing caverns that through scans of the planet they knew existed.

They also descended into other caverns that they themselves cut out of the living rock. There were at least five entire continents on Earth in primeval times called Appalachia, Tyrhennia, Beringia, Fennoscandia, and Oceania. Our present continents are remnants of these. Beneath them were literally thousands of miles of subterranean passages, caverns, and refuges.

Some of these remain today and experts know that many of them were not made naturally.

Many of our quaint myths and tales, like those of Dwarves, Trolls, Elves, the “Little People” and the Scandinavian “King Under the Mountain,” for example, concern these subterranean worlds. Almost all the native American Indian tribes speak of their original residence beneath the surface of the Earth.

The pursuers, the victors of the war in the heavens, erroneously thinking that their enemies were on Tiamat utterly annihilated it.

(Tsarion, 5-6)

A similar story was given to Orfeo Angelucci:

Time is a dimension as your scientists now correctly surmise.

But it is only a dimension when applied to the various densities of matter. In the absolute, or non-material states of consciousness, Time is non-existent.

So let us say that in one of the time frames or dimensions, there was once a planet in the solar system of Earth, called Lucifer. It was of the least material density of any of the planets. Its orbit lay between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Among the etheric beings, or heavenly hosts, it was called the Morning Star. Among all planets it was the most radiant planet in the universe.

The name of the prince of this shining planet was also Lucifer, a beloved Son of God. Earth’s legends about Lucifer and his hosts are true. Pride and arrogance grew in the heart of Lucifer and in the hearts of many Luciferians. They discovered all of the secrets of matter and also the great secret of the Creative Word. Eventually they sought to turn this omnipotent force against their brothers who were less selfish.

Also against the etheric beings and the Father, or Source, for it became their desire to rule the universe.

You know the rest of the legend: how Lucifer and his followers were cast down from their high estate. In simpler words, the Luciferians who were embodied then in the most attenuated manifestation of matter “fell” into embodiments in one of the most dense material evolutions, which is the animalistic evolution of Earth.

We were among those who did not join the Luciferians in their revolt against the etheric hosts. Thus although the Luciferians shattered our radiant planet in the holocaust of their war, we entered the etheric, non-material worlds in the higher octaves of light as liberated Sons of God, while the Luciferian hosts fell into the dream of mind in matter upon the dark planet of sorrows.

While our brothers are lost in the hell of unreality and turn their blinded, imploring eyes to the mute heavens, we can never forget them. We intercede unceasingly for your peoples’ liberation. Thus today every bondsman upon Earth has within himself the power through the mystery of the Etheric Christ Spirit to cancel his captivity.

Eventually all of mankind deep-drowned in Time and Matter, will surface to reality when they recognize their basic unity of being. When man is for man honestly and sincerely and not selfishly arrayed against himself, the hour of deliverance from the underworld will be close at hand.

We wait now beyond the great, sad river of Time and Sorrows with open arms and hearts to receive among us our lost and prodigal brothers in that great day when they rejoin us as liberated Sons of God.

(Angelucci, 98-103)

Another source, the Cassiopaean Transcripts, also conveys the same basic story.

According to the transcripts, approximately 80,000 years ago a planet named Kantek existed between Mars and Jupiter. Its inhabitants were “fourth density” superhuman Nordics who were polarized into two opposing factions. They possessed the equivalent of demiurgic technology and deployed it in their war. The result was irreversible destabilization of the planet and its subsequent shattering.

A portion of the civilization was evacuated to Earth, and they brought with them one or several devices equivalent to the Grail Stone, termed TDARMs (trans-dimensional atomic remolecularizers) in the transcripts. On Earth, they encountered the relatively more primitive and swarthy Atlantean natives, who were forced to coexist with the newcomers

Thus Atlantis remained, until later widespread abuse of demiurgic technology once again destabilized the planet and, along with various cometary disasters, ended that civilization in a pole shift. Numerous cataclysms happened in the millennia to follow, each one further scattering and devolving the remaining survivors.

In essence, these sources suggest that a portion of the Nordic civilization “fell” into the physical domain of Earth and submerged directly into its history and gene pool. In essence, they became human.

Genetic and Cultural Legacy on Earth

The implication is that white people are their most direct descendants, and are therefore the most “off-planetary” of the human races, although portions of those same genetics can be found in other races due to mixing over the millennia.

As many have observed, the proclivity of Western culture for exploiting and ruining the environment makes sense if whites are not even from this planet. Likewise with their affinity for scientific innovation and its use for war, and an imperialistic drive to dominate lesser cultures.

A close scrutiny of the anomalies in the supposed evolutionary history of the white race shows they could not have descended from Africans adapting to colder climates.

In any case, the point is that after the fall of Atlantis and subsequent cataclysms, the earthbound descendants of Nordic emigrants resettled in other areas of the globe. One portion seems to have settled in Western Russia near Turkey, and they are now known as the Proto-Indo-Europeans. Another settled somewhere in the Northern Atlantic, and a smaller fragment took root in the Pyrenees.

As a matter of speculation, the R1b and R1a haplogroups (genetic markers) could trace back to these two primary branches.

In time, they developed into,

  • the Hyperboreans

  • Indo-Aryans of India

  • Indo-Europeans of Europe

  • the Indo-Iranians,

…which went on to seed further cultures like,

  • Sumerians

  • Egyptians

  • Dravidians

  • Celts

  • Persians,

…and so on.

Locations include,

  • Iceland (probably Hyperborea, and the source for Plato’s given dimensions of Atlantis)

  • Turkey

  • India

  • Egypt

  • Spain

  • Malta

  • Canary Islands

  • Ireland and Scotland

  • Central America,

  • and later archaic Greece, Phoenecia, northern Japan

  • and lastly Easter Island

Megalithic technology was their signature.

According to researcher Jim Alison, the “sacred sites” they left behind form a great circle on the globe whose northern pole lies in western Alaska – close to where Charles Hapgood determined the previous geographic North Pole existed 80,000 years ago. That doesn’t indicate when the sites were built, only that the builders desired to encode the old North Pole in the distribution of their post-pole-shift structures.

For example, Easter Island is on this circle, but it wasn’t colonized until roughly 500 C.E. by tall red haired whites, probably from northern Scotland.

Each of these cultures had close ties with their transcendent Nordic counterparts; for instance, the mysterious Tuatha de Danann, a technologically advanced race of fair-haired people who fled to Ireland after the destruction of their homeland (likely Iceland, though some propose they were a tribe of Israel), eventually made their exit from Irish history by joining the Sidhe underground, who were a transcendent race of godlike beings and, like the Sylphs, could have been their un-fallen, non-devolved, Nordic alien counterparts.

As detailed by Frank Joseph in his book Survivors of Atlantis, the Nordic diaspora also built the Great Pyramid and installed the Grail Stone therein, founded pre-dynastic Egypt, and seeded the Meso-American civilizations. Their standard procedure was to command a large native populations using only a small number of their own, which is easy enough to do with advanced technology and knowledge.

For instance, in India they were the earliest Brahmin kings. In China, they were the demigods known as the Three Sovereigns who, according to Chinese mythology,

“used their magical powers to improve the lives of their people.”

In Egypt, they were progenitors of the pharaonic dynasties.

In Meso-America, they became the basis of the Quetzalcoatl myth and established the Mayan Calendars.

Every culture they founded was impressed with the same proto-myth, which encoded the “situation” regarding the nature of our reality, how this timeline came to be, and where it’s all going. These myths encode the cosmological war between the Corrupted Demiurge and the Logos, the off-planetary history of the ancient Nordic civilization, the true role of demiurgic technology, and the cataclysms that accompanied its abuse.

This same stream of Gnostic revelation is repeated in certain works of fiction today – films, books, and television series – which are the modern equivalent of myths, consciously or subconsciously inspired by the same forces.

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