How to Locate Aliens and “See” Their Electrogravity

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  1. – How to Locate Aliens and “See” Their Electrogravity

    First, get up to speed on telepathyand remote viewing. The alien version of remote sensingis much faster, more versatile than is the typical military-intelligence version that we often read about. Remote viewing has a good basis in science. Negative energy and electrogravity (see below) are obviously important in understanding how a human can sit and instantly access far distant details (distant both in time, and across “empty” space).

For example, Russel Targ, PhD, says he trained hundred of CIA employees how to remote view during the Cold War.

Targ, himself, is a good, well-educated man, however, not a regime hack, as some might suspect (in the CIA context). His discussions of the subject are exemplary, as are his writings. As a PhD in physics, he helped Lockheed develop the laser system used to detect wind shear at airports.

Telepathy and remote viewing aren’t merely options for a serious investigation of alien-related subjects. They are necessary. Without being able to remotely check and verify at least some details, the student of such subjects may end up judging each individual reporter’s superficial character, rather than the deeply embedded quantum mechanical “memory” of such in space-time (which remote viewers regularly re-visit).

A holographic analogy is often used to describe this aspect of remote viewing. Consistent with recent implications of quantum physics, the holographic analogy suggests that, somehow, a memory (trace, recoverable aspects) of any event in the universe is somehow either embedded in distant parts of space-time, or is somehow virtually connected to all other locations.

Hence, even at a remote distance, such information can be teased out, using a simple Bearden kind of electromagnetism/electrogravity reciprocity. As was noted in earlier pages, Bearden says that when light waves are converged to meet and cancel out along three different axes (i.e. x, y and z, although not always right angles, of course), they bleed into electrogravity, AND CONVERSELY, when electrogravity is converged to cancel out, it bleeds back into light waves (hence the reciprocal relationship between light and electrogmagnetism; it seems to underlay all deeper, inner nuclear “gravity”).

To make electrogravity, simply vary the energy potential, and it happens.

* Your brain has hundreds of trillions of atoms in it, each of which is saturated with light when interacting, by the way…

Bearden aside, here’s how any individual can remotely check on aliens and their locations, their craft: Any and all such craft and locations are deeply interwoven into an electrogravity communications and power network. This is necessary in order to effect psychotronic technology (mind-controlled) and communications, and is necessary to do travel.

Electrogravity borrows so much energy from the virtual continuum (as Bearden outlines in a letter titled “Bearden for Dummies”), that it marginally speeds the flow of time in that section of space-time.

Why? Because, in order to essentially flip the seemingly local into the more deeply non-local (i.e. Bearden’s reciprocal relationship), electrogravity must speed the flow of time to exceed the Einstein limit on light speed propagation.

I know that sounds sticky, if not technical, but it’s the basis for remote sensing, remote viewing. It also underlies alien technology, their communications and more. When aliens run their systems (a craft, a “base”, plus any monitoring of a gray/federation-essential individual), tightly bundled energy streams in and out from other federation craft and tech sites—to the given target.

You can literally “see” such energy, but you don’t see it with your eyes; you essentially feel it with your nerve structure, but you must expand the space of your sensing, you must inflate it outward, to do so. This can go faster than light, so don’t sit thinking that it goes in linear fashion, ray-like. It navigates a precise, negatively cycling, gravitic (essentially inward-phasing) network of coordinates, or references, if you will.

Here’s how you can literally practice this: Find a known gray/federation site or distant craft hovering (i.e. behind the moon – hiding from line of sight view, says Philip Krapf), find a known gray/federation technological site and remotely “view” it—not a visual scan, but the energy, and “delta t” of the target locations (delta t is how Bearden describes the speeding of time caused by so much energy streaming via electrogravity).

So much energy streams to federation sites and technology that it stands out starkly. It is so strikingly different from the normal, ambient electromagnetism (light), that it is most obvious, ONCE YOU BEGIN TO PRACTICE SENSING SUCH ENERGY STREAMING.

Over time, you’ll get the knack, but not instantly, of course. The key to getting the knack and recognizing electrogravity streaming is that most such energy is highly impregnated with information content–due to communications and info-packet aspects of psychotronics. So, it isn’t just energy; it contains information that makes it easy to probe, once you get the hang of it.

So, please, practice doing this.

  • first make your mind blank
  • then project your awareness remotely to encompass a wide area AROUND the target that you are “viewing”
  • then get the feel for it. You’ll get a feel for it and will soon be able to distinguish a given alien grouping’s signature kind of electrogravity network

(For instance, electrogravity use by the gray-related “federation” is all rigged to conform to their larger network, so if you pay attention, you also sense THAT remotely)

One word of cautionremote viewers don’t place themselves directly into the path of unusually high energy focii. You wouldn’t place your perspective right above the upper or lower Tesla axis of a disk, or a larger craft. You wouldn’t remotely view an atomic bomb by placing yourself at ground zero.

Instead, place your perspective (actually a sum of perspectives) to one side. In the case of a large federation disk, for example (assuming you want to practice on it) i.e. the one reported by Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times editor Phillip Krapf to hover above the dark side of the moon, you place your perspective just outside, slightly above the rim of the large disk.

There, you find a kind of horizon – where the borrowing of energy from empty space and the speeding of time caused by the disk’s use of electrogravity (and negative energy) forms a distinct, easily sensible electrogravity horizon, of sorts. It “feels” like an energy membrane. It stands out, albeit darkly, but you can locate it instantly.

After you’ve practiced this for some time, you may begin to tease out the information contained WITHIN the disk by doing abbreviated, nearly instantaneous pulsing along the streams of energy (such energy streams in both directions).

This pulsing isn’t linear; instead, it goes out and into the space-time all around. You probe the info, as such. If you place your perspective INSIDE the disk, you’ll probably be detected, which will be inconvenient, to say the least. Many years of use of psychotronic technology has allowed aliens to be able to sense your probing them if your perspective is so flat-footedly placed WITHIN their disk. So, be careful.

You can remotely probe alien sites here on Earth, i.e. the Tall Whites’ location near Indian Springs, Nevada or the various gray/federation sites (watch out for the tall whites: they’re slightly primitive and prone to violence–they appear to be the lowest level subordinates of the abducting alignment and are small in number, although they pretend otherwise). It’s your planet, not theirs!

Now, if you’ve practiced this and get the feel of it, you’re also ready to detect “direct operatives” of the federation in our midst, humans who literally help colonizing aliens from another galaxy manipulate and abduct, or sabotage humans, here. This is NOT an ability you develop in one day! Take a little time.

Here’s what you do: place your dome of perspective above an entire city or an entire section of countryside or space (even remotely off-world, frankly), and “feel” for that electrogravity streaming. Such streaming is done via what is called “condensed state physics.” Like lasers, dark states and more, electrogravity is a kind of condensed state physics. You “feel” both across and within the energy that is streaming.

You can place your perspective above an entire city and “feel” the exact, precise coordinates of the streaming to ANY AND ALL individuals who pop up as connected to the federation electrogravity network. You “feel” (and essentially see, albeit with the darkened inner sense of your mind’s viewing) the energy streaming out to the remote federation network. You “feel” and sense the greater intensity of the nearest federation craft or sites that are monitoring a given direct operative. You aren’t spying on them “directly.”
Instead, this is all part of a greater universal transparency. All mature populations are expected to monitor the basic ecology. So, don’t dunder in and probe by prolongedly placing your perspective WITHIN a craft. Don’t pretend that you won’t meet a response if you try to leech out details about their technology, for human profit or indulgence. The larger universe is so intelligent that you may find yourself failing in your remote viewing endeavors, should you pretend to do so.

Again, get up to speed on remote viewing. It isn’t merely optional; it’s necessary to even begin to check on who and where are the direct federation operatives. Reliable, non-federation alien sources say they are “3000-4000” in total. Unlike fawningly naïve sycophants of the abducting alignment, direct operatives on this planet aren’t merely sympathetic toward such aliens; they will cause great harm to other humans and not think twice about it.

Direct federation operatives won’t be the human(oid) Goobers. They will be highly placed. And remember, don’t lose hope, don’t feel disheartened when you discover the unexpected by using such methods.

Instead, help expand the human awareness.

Help make humans more responsible.

We are right on the cusp of a phenomenal advance of human awareness in this regard. Just think what others will think if they find out exactly who and where are the direct federation operatives, people who encourage military intelligence trafficking of narcotics to keep alien issues secret (allowing the abductors to act in secret without strong organized reporting on it). The situation regarding direct operatives is highly dynamic and has already excited trenchant, sustained human probing, in various places.

So, please try actual remote sensing of the sort. Practice being able to recognize federation aliens’ signature kind of energy streaming. Tread lightly and also know how to step back from a “direct” (too shallow and physical) sense of yourself.

Don’t allow yourself to be provoked. Always cycle your awareness back into the larger network of human and other helpful interactions.

Don’t allow yourself to be stumped by a low-order provocation.

Electrogravity (also known as zero-point energy and “scalar electromagnetism”) connects “negative energy” fluctuations in space-time.

Negative energy pulls and connects inwardly, both through the inner nuclear “gravities” and across empty space-time (at the same time).

Normal energy curves moves outward from an atom; negative energy (like gravity) pulls inward AND can skip faster-than-light outward at the same time.

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