Newcastle UFO Sighting Photo Shows Strange Black Dot In the Sky

A black dot in the sky hovering over Newcastle has left the witness baffled. It could be a bird or a plane, but the one who snapped the photo think it could be a UFO.
Alien enthusiasts cannot find a reliable explanation of the strange object that was observed hovering above Tyneside.
The witness who took the picture of the apparent shape-shifting vessel said that he was in the back garden when he looked up in the sky and saw the clouds with a wake in them as if a mysterious force had pushed through them.
According to the witness report, he looked up and saw nothing, but when he moved his view to the North West over his fence, he noticed the triangular craft about a size of a transit van. He described the vessel as black in colour and seemed to be shifting in shape.
After rushing to get his camera, he saw the craft changing shape and smaller in size. The UFO then started to go up without making a sound, added the witness. He said that three boomerang type jets then flew around the UFO as it continually changing shape.

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