Creator God Kururumany Who Introduced Death Into The World And Deprived Humans Of Immortality

It is in the nature of humans to wonder about the beginnings of life and how the earth came to be. Therefore, many cultures have developed creation myths; these old stories of our ancestors have the same basic elements.

According to the Arawak/Taino Indians, who were the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida, Kururumany was the creator god of men, while his wife, Kulimina created women.

One legend says that this god had one wife Kulimina, according to another version, he had two wives. One possibility is that Kulimina may have been the sister of Kururumany, since he is described as having two wives, Wurekaddo (“She who works in the dark”) and Emisiwaddo (“She who bores through the earth”). The second name refers to the cushi ant, a red ant that burrows holes and tunnels in the earth.

Kururumany made humans in his own male image but he was not particularly happy with his creation. One day, Kururumany returned to earth to check on his creation of human species and he discovered that mankind was corrupted. He decided to introduce death into the world.

As punishment of humans, Kururumany also deprived them of immortality and left on the planet all kinds of vermin, lizards and serpents to make people’s life uncomfortable.

Kururumany was not, however, the Supreme Being.

In myths and legends of these people, there is also mentioned another important deity, even with higher ranking than Kururumany. His name is Aluberi (“top king creator god”) also known as Aiomum Kondi. He is said to have attempted to create a model world on earth with all its elements, including human beings. When these creatures evolved, they began to show immoral and corrupt behavior, so the god decided to burn all the lands and begin his new work of creation.

After some time, the second world again was not what Aluberi dreamed about, so he flooded this world.

After his first two attempts to be failures, he realized that there would always be corruption in the world, and moved on.

Before he left, he sent his warning about the destruction to one couple, a man called Marerewana and his wife. The couple was humanity’s last chance to survive. These people built a large boat, which was anchored to a nearby tree; when the rains came and the water flooded the earth the couple survived and gave rise to the tribe.

This rather obscure deity – Aluberi – is considered to be a trickster in some versions of the creation myth.

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