UFO Phenomenon Should Be Investigated, Expert Says

If UFOs are a national security issue, and that has been documented hundreds of times over, what does that say about their nature? Perhaps something real, artificial, foreign and under intelligent control. The MUFON recently host a major conference at Cleveland High School. When guest speakers tackled the question: “What does the government know?” The question directed towards the unidentified flying objects. According to the assistant state director Paul Garver, the goal was to have solemn, yet rational conversations regarding the phenomenon of spotting objects in the sky that are difficult for an explanation.
According to him, believers of different objects understand that the general public does not know the reason as to why people research such things. The most probable reason is the fact that people are being associated with all kinds of stereotypes on the subject. The point is; the footage or sighting is being documented. Hence, it is a real phenomenon. Therefore, it deserves research and investigation. In other words, there are no weird object researchers at the conference that do not agree that aliens do travel from galaxies to visit the earth. In fact, they do not accept that foreign nationals do experiments on people. What they believe is they have many objects spotted in the sky that are strange.
There are stories around extraterrestrials, and there are people who saw these flying objects. Though the perfect evidence is not present, research is still going strong. While Hull issued the proclamation, he declined an interview and said through a spokeswoman that he cannot attend the conference. When asked if he is interested in talking about aliens, he issued a statement that said he liked “Star Wars” and “Star Trek,” but didn’t answer the question. One of the speakers named Nick Pope said that he spent years researching aliens in Great Britain, and now speaks and writes on the topic. Pope further said that it is a shame that stigma surrounds research because it has the possibility to answer one of the fascinating questions that humans cannot answer: Are we alone?

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