A Scientific Study Examining Extraterrestrial Origin Of Asteroid Oumuamua Is Finally Revealed

Astronomers launched a bid to know the origin of the strange cigar-shaped asteroid floating in the heavens when they noticed it earlier in 2018.
After a thorough study for signs of extraterrestrial civilisations on Asteroid Oumuamua, the latest results have now been released.
The asteroid has about 400 meters long, which is two times longer than the Gherkin skyscraper. It is the first space rock monitored in our Solar System.
The discovery raised speculations that it could be an alien reconnaissance spaceship seeking life and civilisations on Earth.
Unfortunately, official research reveals that the rock is either a space vehicle with a broken-down engine or natural in origin as it appeared to be tumbling through space.
Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist at Harvard University, said earlier this year that there is a small chance the asteroid could reveal whether there’s extraterrestrial life.
Loeb explained that aliens likely have a mothership travelling at tremendous speed and releases small spacecraft free falling into planetary systems to do research. In such case, according to Loeb, scientists might intercept a communication signal between the different spaceship.
A team of scientists used the Murchison Widefield Array, a telescope in Western Australia, to examine the asteroid and the result might bring disappointing news to UFO hunters.
They checked the object if it had signals or transmissions to know if it was an alien spacecraft. Unfortunately, they found nothing with non-terrestrial origins. They say that Oumuamua is most likely a cometary fragment and cosmic rays’ bombardment during its long travel through interstellar space almost lost its surface water.
However, the researchers noted that if ever there is an advanced civilisation elsewhere other than Earth, they may have spacecraft that can travel interstellar distance and that they may use radio waves to communicate.


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