Meet With Nordic Aliens On The River

27 August 1957, a highly respected citizen of Santos (Brazil), Professor of law and writer Guimaraes told a story that happened to him in may of this year.

Arriving in San Sebastiano, he went out for a walk on the beach and enjoy the sea. Suddenly he saw from the ocean scored the stream of water and decided that it was Keith. But then he saw that the shore is moving some streamlined apparatus. He had three ball shaped landing gear and one of them crashed into the sand. The apparatus had a diameter of 20 m, height 6 m. and cast metallic luster. Around his body were seen large round portholes of a material similar to glass. At the top of the object was a small dome, radiating reddish light.

From the machine popped two human beings with a height of 1.8 m with long white hair, pure white skin, light blue eyes. They were aluminized in tight suits without seams, tightly closed at the neck and on the wrists and feet.

The Professor asked them in Spanish, French, English and Italian-“damaged their car?”, but got no response and suddenly felt that his invite to go inside of the apparatus. He was sure that the aliens spoke to him telepathically, although to talk. He felt an irresistible desire to see how this unit looks inside. All three climbed the stairs to the unit, inside of which was a third member of the crew. Then the gangway was removed and the door closed. In the center of the ship Guimaraes saw vertical round pipe around which there was the likeness of a sofa, upholstered something like a leather. Unpleasant was only the strong smell and the cool temperature.

When lifting the machine at first was heard a buzzing sound, which then disappeared. Guimaraes determined that they are approximately 10 seconds overcame the earth’s atmosphere.

Through the Windows he saw on the ground a black sky, which was very clearly visible stars.During the flight, which lasted 30-40 minutes, the Professor asked the crew where they came from and so on. Guimaraes came to the conclusion that the crews of these objects observe the development of humanity on Earth and want to warn us about impending danger.

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