Contact with Nordic Aliens in Panama

Little known contact with higher intelligence occurred on may 1, 1987 in the town of La Horner, Panama. Farmer MAXIMO Camargo was done to make repairs of his house, when he heard a sound like the stroke of a metal wire. He didn’t really pay attention to it. A moment later, the sound became louder and he looked up, where he saw a silvery disc-shaped object, slowly floating over his head.

He watched as the ship hovered 50 meters above the ground nearby. From the bottom of the ship escaped a bright beam of light when he reached the ground, then disappeared, and the land has remained high. The humanoid wore bright clothes with a belt on which a few buttons and boots with thick soles. He had blond hair to his shoulders.

The farmer was frightened and wanted to leave home, but suddenly his body stiffening and he could no longer move. A tall man walked to him, not touching the ground, a couple inches above the surface. He put his hand on the shoulder of the farmer and asked him not to be afraid, saying that he will not be harmed. Together they went to the ship and found himself in a large room where there were many such creatures.

One of them pressed a button on the wall and from the floor rose three large armchairs. The stranger asked him to take any of the seats, the rest were the other two alien.

One of them asked him about the forms of communication that people use on Earth. M. Camargo said he knew: he said radio, television, telephones, Newspapers. Then he said that mankind has not progressed further because it prevented the disasters, wars, epidemics.
The aliens also said that M. Camargo has an almost ideal spiritual level, and he was chosen to stay. They said that they knew him when he was very young, and watched it growing up. They also said that it needs to disclose a special message for mankind. What if people go through wars, violence, environmental pollution, life on Earth closer to extinction.
Then M. Camargo returned back to the house.

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