Man Lived For A Year On The Base Of The Nordic Aliens

During the month, a farm in the South of France worried appearance of lights. Balls of light appeared in the evening and surrounded the house of 20-year-old Robert L., who lived with his parents and grandmother.
For two years, Robert in his bedroom at night caused numerous night visits. Extraterrestrial aliens passed through walls and surrounded his bed. Robert was paralyzed.

The visitors were tall, blond, thin and had long arms. They were dressed in tight jumpsuits, open at the neck and wrists, with a metallic sheen and a wide belt. They introduced themselves as scientists from another galaxy. They took blood samples and told him that they were interested in his genetic structure.They were part of a galactic Confederation in charge of maintaining life on planets inhabited like the Earth.
At the end of two years of visits by aliens, he was invited to accompany them back to their base on Earth and as a donor of genetic material for use in settling a distant planet. He was assured that he would constantly worry, and he will not want for anything.
The spacecraft came to pick him up in a field near his farm. It was a large, flat vessel 65 feet in length, with dome. He was as red as a red-hot iron, surrounded by a yellow-orange cloud. He landed without touching the ground. The door opened, and a ‘Guide’ greeted him. The ship took off, not detecting movement. Robert was worried. “Tour guide” showed him a wall which has suddenly become transparent and Robert saw the city. It seemed to him that it was Marcel.

They were at the height of 4000 meters. The journey lasted less than an hour, they arrived at an underground base in the Himalayas. After a night spent in the bedroom with rounded walls, Robert was served coffee, which, when he tried, it seemed, prepared by his mother. He put on his outfit, reminiscent of a soft, form-fitting material. This was to change and regenerate in case of danger of magnetic radiation.

Two women introduced themselves: “Biologist” and “anthropologist”. The bedroom was a device, shaped like eyes, which was a kind of TV in 3-D, where he could see and hear everything that happens in his house, and listen to the conversations of their parents.
They took him on a tour of the cave, which was actually the base of several floors, constructed over 3000 feet below ground.

The base was surrounded by a triple magnetic belt which insulated and protected it from earthquakes. On the base there were many rooms. The Elevator doors opened onto the platform in the open air where he could go in the evening, although it was accompanied by. The plot area was severe with high snow-capped mountains.
He was allowed to enter the premises inside the base, with the exception of some zones. One day he was forced to enter the premises containing nuclear materials, magnetic and electric fields. However, the invisible wall pushed him.

About Robert cared “biologist”, who explained to him in a pleasant form that was expected of him: a regular sperm donation. This operation, destined to populate a new planet, took place every two days. There were talks between the “Guide” and “ethnologist” the civilization of our Land.
Despite their politics of benevolence and noninterference and of respect for “free will”, caution was adopted in relation to the nuclear threat. In the event of a nuclear conflict, intervention was possible.
Robert observed the atmosphere of peace and harmony on the base. The inhabitants seemed perfectly mastered life in the present and in the future. Everything was planned to the smallest detail.
Order and discipline, seemed to be the motto. They said that the aliens have been here for 20,000 years before our civilization.
They explained to him the structure of the Universe, and interstellar communication.

“The Meeting Of The Galactic Federation”

Once the “biology” invited Robert to observe a meeting. He was ordered to remain perfectly quiet and simply to observe. The room was a large oval table, and he watched with astonishment as one by one the guests of different races began to materialize around the table.
“Guide” also gave Robert information on time and space and the magnetic energy needed for travelling.
The tour guide said that he was able to live 4 or 5 hundred years before the substitute body, and that death does not exist. The only thing that is considered eternal evolution of the soul. The body was just a container.

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