Nordic Aliens Abduct Resident Of Moscow

This happened to me in July 1981. When I was 17 years old. At that time I lived on the Moscow highway in the five-storey building on the third floor.

That night we are with our dogs Tisha was home alone — mom and sister worked the night shift. At 21:00 I watched on TV the program “Time” and waited for the film, which was to begin in half an hour. Sitting, watching TV and don’t understand. I felt a strange depressed state. In the end, and not waiting for the movie, I went to bed. This despite the fact that I’m a night owl: usually go to bed very late.

And then I suddenly woke up. I lay on my left side, facing the wall, and I was paralyzed horror. Before I never experienced. I lay with my eyes closed not to move, as if paralyzed.
I opened my eyes and saw hanging on the wall carpet. I realized that I was floating quite high above the bed.

I feel myself began to turn in the air on the right side and face to the balcony doors. The blanket slid down on the bed. The dog whined softly at the bottom. I hovered, as if lying on his right side, right arm pressed to the body, feet together. The left hand was sluggish, and like I have pins and needles, and yet I was able, though with difficulty, it a little wiggle.

Then I noticed that in a room with a balcony is a man approximately as I. Only I knew immediately that this was not a simple man. It was the clothing color of the metallic mercury and blond hair to his shoulders . Behind the first figure was a second growth on the floor above the head first. The second stranger stood on the balcony. I remember the first time I said something, but I don’t remember.
I again started to deploy the legs in their side and back. The first “man” came out on the balcony and I slowly floated behind him feet first. Strangers stood on either side of me. All my body was immobilized, and yet I still felt lethargic in my left hand, which was hanging down.
When I realized that I was flying on the balcony, in my head thought: “it’s over!” and shock: at the same time and believe in what is happening, and don’t believe. When I was on the balcony, the same unknown force pulled me up. Then I realized: just a little bit, and I drag you away into a starry night sky. And then what?!

Fear gave me strength. I stretched my numb left hand and grabbed the railing. But I still pulled up. I felt a sharp pain in the elbow. The fraction of a second and the fracture would have been provided. And suddenly I feel one of the “men” on the balcony, which is on the left, took me by the elbow and pulled back and down. However, he said something to either me, or his friend. He unhooked my hand from the railing. All these manipulations in the apartment and on the balcony it took “men” about two minutes.

I again flew up. Left eye I saw the receding kindergarten, located at our home. Then suddenly the fear was gone, I was seized with a pleasant feeling. I began to look forward. I was flying upside down at an angle of 20 degrees. Passed quickly, with no pull in the UFO light, which sometimes describe the abduction, other witnesses, I have not seen. And then I just passed out.
I woke up as if nothing had happened and went to work. And the whole day could not understand why I have pain on my left elbow and burns middle finger on his left hand. In the evening, after returning home, I noticed that Tisha is a strange- quiet, not begging on the street and eats nothing. Maybe its something spooked? And suddenly I remembered everything!
Your mother and your sister I could tell nothing happened — tried several times, but was unable to find the words. Besides, there’s not much I could remember from the night of the incident, details were restored to consciousness very slowly. Apparently, aliens can be put in memory some kind of lock.

Later, in late September — early October, at night I suddenly become before eyes float pictures. These flashes of consciousness and helped me to remember what happened after I passed out, and I was able to recover all the events of that night. I now 49 years old, but I remember very well all the details.
I found myself in a small light gray area. To the right were two large semi-circular screen or window.
On the left side in the black chair for the light the table sat side to me man, the screen was right in front of him. No flashing lights on the table, as shown in sci-Fi movies, I haven’t seen, but noticed a black button and yellow symbols. I focused all attention on the alien.
And yet I somehow knew that he was different — not like us. Feeling my gaze, the man turned and looked at me. Now I was able to better review it. The stranger turned out to be a narrow jutting chin, narrow nose, thin lips, bluish eyes, pupils fixed and dilated. Skin pale as snow. The man was wearing a quite spacious purple jumpsuit.

The man stood up from the console and moved closer. He was a head taller than me. I noted that if I used to be petrified by fear, but now I suddenly grew bolder, felt with the stranger on an equal footing. He looked me in the eye. I, too, stared at him for a response, looking directly into his nose. I felt that he didn’t like it. On the face of it appeared a smirk.
We talked for a long time, there was no telepathy — his lips were moving, as the average person. Don’t remember the whole conversation, only part of it. The stranger told that in the USSR there are 16 bases different alien civilizations. Among all these newcomers are allocated some kind of higher, they have on the Ground two bases — one in our country, the other in Norway.
How ended our conversation and how I found myself at home, I do not remember.
I don’t consider myself a contactee, or any favourites and I don’t want to think I mean it. Just told as it was. Of course, everyone embellishes their stories as a fisherman your catch. But not in my case. On the contrary, I wrote here not all. And already this looks like a fantastic story.

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