Medieval Painting Shows A UFO Over Count Dracula’s Homeland

A work of art in the Monastery Church in Sighisoara, Transylvania could show evidence of alien UFO visitation hundreds of years ago. The medieval painting shows a large flying saucer with a beam of light above of what looks like a church building.
According to the book “UFOs over Romania,” by Dan D. Farcas (Amazon link), the work could be done before 1534, but experts have yet to determine when it was exactly done and who created it.
Mr. Farcas, 76, who has a doctorate in computers and maths, said there are possibilities that images in these paintings do depict a UFO.
Images in paintings depicting something that would be described today as a UFO have been found in centuries-old paintings. Some researchers suspect they may be evidence aliens have visited Earth throughout history.
The UFO sighting near Dracula’s castle is also featured in the book. It involves a couple who claimed to have seen a large flying disc out of a lake when they toured the ruins of Poenari or popularly known as Dracula’s Castle. The pair said the mysterious object then flew north over mountains towards Transylvania.
The book also notes the case of police sergeant Marian Mancu and voluntary guard Maricel Rusu. They reportedly saw strange flashing lights in the village of Certesti, Romania at around 12:30 a.m. on July 8, 1996.
Mr. Mancu said they saw a flashing red and blue lights from an object that hovered half a meter from the ground. Allegedly, the object eventually landed, and they saw three aliens got out. He described them as white-faced aliens with big heads, pointed ears, and covered in gray scales.

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