NASA Photo Shows Apparent Mothership On Lunar’s Crater

An Apollo 15 photo sparks another theory of intelligent alien life on the Moon. It shows an alleged 10-kilometer long UFO mothership that appeared to be abandoned near the Waterman Crater. There’s speculation among UFO enthusiasts that the image had not been intended for release.
They say that it is almost impossible to detect the mysterious object because the location where it is located cannot be seen directly from Earth.
One of the two photographs had already been deleted supposedly by NASA. Some UFO researchers decided to preserve the image on video just in case NASA will also remove the only remaining photo.

Many speculate that the one responsible for releasing the photos did not know that they are classified Apollo 15 pictures. Others did not rule out the idea that the NASA employee who released the images tried to play the role of a whistleblower.
Some UFO conspiracy theorists went on to say that NASA knows the existence of alien race on the Moon and that they canceled Apollo 18 to 20 missions, not because of lack of funds. They explained that advanced aliens probably ordered NASA to leave and never return.
As a result, according to the conspiracy theory, NASA failed to bring back evidence of advanced ET technology for reverse engineering.

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