Bizarre UFOs Witnessed by Many in Florida

By Jon Austin

Paranormal investigators are investigating one of the biggest mass UFO sightings since the Phoenix Lights Incident.

The Phoenix Lights incident 20 years ago is still seen as unexplained by some UFOers. The National UFO reporting Centre (NUFORC) based in the US has been inundated with witness accounts about a series of UFO sightings on April 25 over parts of Florida.

The reports were submitted in rapid sequence by witnesses in multiple locations in Florida.

“Three adult witnesses in Largo reported having had a disc-shaped object descend out of nearby clouds, and hover briefly near their residence in the night sky. “They report that the object suddenly darted back into the same area of the sky from which it had first come, disappearing again into the clouds.”

The first report came from Bradenton at 8.40 pm when three orange lights were seen in a triangle formation. There were 11 further reports of odd airborne activity between 11 pm, when at Jupiter, “something traveling in a straight line leaving a trail of fire or sparks” was seen for two to three minutes, and 1.47 am, when, in Orlando, “eight spherical balls of light’ emerged from the clouds.

The spectacle went on for three to four minutes when they “whipped back and forward across the sky in a straight line, then stopped and formed a circle and began to rotate around each other and form different shapes, “according to a witness report.

Eight of the events took place in the 15 minutes between 11.45pm and midnight. A witness describes encounter with the ‘Phoenix Lights.’

Approximately a dozen high-quality sighting reports were submitted in rapid sequence by witnesses in multiple locations in Florida.

These were:

*11.45pm Apollo Beach – A “high-speed circular object moving west to east just south of MacDill US Air Force base was seen for 30 seconds”

*11.45pm Plantation – A “UFO sighted over the Everglades in Broward County” for three seconds

*11.45pm Clearwater – “Bright green lights moving west to east” for 20 seconds

*11.50pm Port Charlotte – A “white ball shape with red and orange flames flew across the sky” for five minutes

*11.52pm West Palm Beach – “green flash/meteor-like objects breaking up for three seconds”

*11.53pm Seminole – unidentified “huge silent object seen for ten seconds”

*11.53pm Plant City – “Very low-flying cylinder craft with mostly green lights that trailed behind it for 20 seconds”

*12.00am Largo – A “dark-coloured plane with all the windows lit like the lights were on in the plane” was seen for ten to 15 seconds. Although many UFO sightings often have rational explanations, a small number truly are unexplained.

Here’s our pick of the most compelling UFO sightings from all over the world.

There was another sighting at 12.27am at Pinellas Park, when for 15 seconds, a “plane with a red blinking light seemed to be pulling what looked like a sparkler.” It reportedly went into a cloud and stayed stationary.

” NUFORC says it usually receives just a fraction of actual UFO sightings, so expects many more people to have seen something and urges them to come forward.

The infamous Phoenix Lights incident happened on March 13, 1997, when five lights were seen in a formation by thousands of people over three hours from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. The sightings took place across a 300-mile area from Phoenix to Tucson. It is considered one of the world’s biggest ever mass UFO sightings but was later blamed by officials as military flares at the time.

(Peter Davenport)

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