Irish Government and Flying Saucers in 1950

Irish government received a letter from the Irish Embassy in Washington in 1950. A staffer from the embassy sent a letter to the Department of External Affairs. Along with the letter was a book titled “The Flying Saucers Are Real,” by Donald Keyhoe.
The letter is part of the ninth volume of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy project. It has a phrase indicating that the staff member says, “the book speaks for itself” and points out that it was doing well in the U.S. in terms of sales.
A seminal book, this is a description best describes the book, which investigates various encounters of U.S. Air Force personnel, fighters and other aircraft against UFOs between 1947 and 1950.
Included in the letter home are releases from the United States Department of Defence with the writer pointing out that his “newspaper friends” had made an assurance to him that the book was “completely factual.”
He shares a story about a plane of American Airlines that circled by one of these manifestations three times.
While the letter writer says they don’t give a commitment to believe in any of the views stated in the book, they however say that there has been rumor that the book was American authorities inspired. This has made speculation that there is a possibility of visitors from another planet.

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