A New Petition Hopes To Add New Light On The Mysterious UFO Incident In UK

Rendlesham Forest Incident in 1980 is one of the most mysterious UFO incidents in the United Kingdom. Now, a new petition hopes to give new light of this famous event where various soldiers had witnessed lights, hovering vehicles and unusual marks, which many believed were from extra-terrestrial craft that made a landing.
Also often described as Britain’s Roswell, the Rendlesham Forest Incident have been the subject of several UFO conspiracy theories. Several UFO enthusiasts have believed that there is still information being hidden despite the release of a big file about the incident by the Ministry of Defence. In this connection, a new petition demands that all information and staff be declassified from the Official Secrets Act.
Retired Colonel Charles Halt says that their security team saw a light that appeared like a big red eye, travelling throughout the trees. This object started dripping something after a few minutes that looked like molten metal, according to Halt’s report.
The object produced blue and red light, wrote Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston. He explained that the blue light steadily projecting under the object. He believed it was mechanical in nature.
Others reported strange howling noises like screams of women, mysterious light, and losing time periods.
Meanwhile, sceptics believe that the UFO landing marks were rabbit holes.
The craft resembles like classic flying saucers based on drawings and descriptions of several soldiers.
The demand of the new petition is to declassify all witnesses, and military personnel involve with the famous UFO incident in Rendlesham Forrest from the Official Secrets Act.
It has been believed by many that government retrieval teams whisked off all the remains of crashed flying saucers and their pilots.

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