A Man From Washington Region Encounters A Big Spot Light From A UFO

A man from Randlelt, Washington claims to have felt a beam of bright white light on himself while observing a disc-shaped UFO. This case has been logged in Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness says that he saw the mysterious UFO hovering approximately 1,500 feet in altitude while projecting a light towards the ground.
According to the witness, the incident happened on November 25, Tuesday around 6:55 pm while he was outside to check the water level of a creek since there was a flood warning in their area that time.
The witness says that the UFO was very quite. He only heard the sound of the creek water coming to him. He used his flashlight by moving it from side to side while looking south trying to get a clear look of the water when he saw a ravishing light from the southwestern sky.
The witness then attempted to find the source of the bright white light, but he was amazed to see a round object moving without sound. The strange flying object was approximately 1,500 feet away from the witness with the bottom pointing towards him.
The witness describes the object’s edges as softly rounded, like a thin inner tube. Excluding the edges, the entire bottom of it was lit up. He explains that the light was like a big spot light, the beam widened around him and narrowed from the object. In less than a second, the beam of light was shut off, and the witness saw the bottom of the object still lit up. The witness observed the unusual object while it hovered.
The witness further says that the object suddenly disappeared in just a matter of seconds. The object made a reappearance in the northern sky, behind the mill, in approximately three to four seconds after it disappeared, the witness states. He further reveals that he heard a big boom sound along with brilliant blue light that lit up the sky from one side to the other side of the valley.
Washington region has 12 UFO sighting reports in October 2014 alone, making this case not new to everyone especially people living in the area.

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