Inexplicable Gaps in the Theory of UFOs?

I firmly believe that extraterrestrial races have been visiting earth for thousands of years. I have read hundreds of accounts of contact, and carefully reviewed transcripts of radar showing impossible aerodynamics.

There are thousands of documented cases, each with hundreds of witnesses. It can’t all be a hoax or mistaken identity.

However, when it comes to stories of human contact with aliens, something doesn’t seem quite right. I have never read about aliens being fascinated with our culture. You would think that they would comment about the astounding array of human arts, everything from sculptures to modern painting.

If aliens really have had contact with humans, why have I never read any account of their impression of our culture?

Also, unless there is some “Prime Directive” about non-interference in another culture (ala Star Trek), why has no alien ever offered some new technology to help make wars obsolete?

Something seems to be amiss. What is your opinion?

Wouldn’t aliens be fascinated with our movies? Our music? (well, maybe not Britney Spears, but RUSH should raise a few alien eyebrows, if indeed they have eyebrows.

I appreciate the point of view that extraterrestrials would be so far advanced that we would seem primitive to them, but aren’t we not only interested, but absolutely in awe of the “primitive” cultures we read about?

I would think the sharp contrast between our evolutionary scale and theirs would be cause for them to be quite interested in our culture.

Wouldn’t super intelligent beings crave something as relatively simplistic as our culture?

I am shocked by the snide, flippant comments. If aliens are truly intelligent, then they have an advanced sense of wonderment and curiosity. They would naturally be curious about the huge gamut of art our civilizations have produced.

Certainly, they would be quite different than what developed on other planets.

Wouldn’t there be some scientist on board an extraterrestrial craft who is in charge of cataloguing alien cultures and artifacts?

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