Cylinder-shaped UFO Photographed over Queensland, Australia

On March 14, at approximately 6:50 – 7:00 A.M. at Dalrymple Heights, Queensland, Australia, I was outside with my wife and son at the front of our house when he pointed up at the sky and said “Moon?”

When my wife and I looked to see what he was pointing at, we saw a white, cylinder-shaped object going right by us in a south-easterly direction at a fast rate.

If I had to guess I’d say it was moving 10-20 kms an hour. It was approx. 400-500 feet above, at an incline to us of about 70 degrees in the sky.

The object was approx. 20-30 feet in length, with a breadth of 5-10 feet, and was definitely a cylinder in shape. No noise was heard and no markings on it were visible.

By the time I ran into the house to get our Tablet and come out again, the object had crossed by very fast. So that was disappointing I couldn’t get pix when it was closer. I managed to take 3 photos and a short video.

We live in a sparsely populated rainforest, so this was a very strange sight to see early in the morning. The whole event was witnessed by me, my wife and son, and lasted for about 10 minutes before sighting was lost over the trees.

Now my wife is saying it was moving much faster, and she believes the sighting was only about 3-5 minutes long, which would put the time of sighting at approx. 6:55 AM. Sorry for the confusion and emails, I just want to be accurate. I also filed a report with MUFON. Thanks!

Upon seeing the time stamp on the photos, I realized I was slightly off in my time. Sighting was approx. 6:50-7:00 AM, so about 10 minutes that the object was within our view. The 3 photos were taken at 6:59 AM.

Camera – Samsung T800

Derek W.

Dalrymple Heights, Queensland, Australia

UFO over Australia

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