India: Massive UFO Hovering Behind Clouds

Stunned eyewitnesses believed they had spotted a large circular object floated above them that looked like the craft from an alien movie.
One of the witnesses Lincoln Liba said that the massive disc surfaced from within a cloud and as a rainbow appeared. In one of theseveral pictures taken, one boy is seen pointing up at the object. Residents and students in Imphal, India claimed to have seen the UFO last week.
Local weather experts explain that it isn’t a UFO but a lenticular cloud, which is a formation of clouds that usually mistaken for UFOs in the past as it often appears in an almost oval-shaped structure.
But other witnesses argue that the thing appears solid.
An identical mothership-look emerged from the clouds in a photo that was allegedly taken from Brazil and uploaded two days ago.
Other pictures also featured the same image said to have taken in different parts of the world, including above a heavy traffic.
The same image was also found in pictures released by a news agency this week, which were apparently captured in Heilongtan Reservoir in Sichuan Province, China.
Other online viewers suggested that the UFO in the Indian images was created using digital editing software or a mobile phone app.

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