Black Triangle UFOs

By Cheryl Costa

Columnist Cheryl Costa examines appearances of triangle-shaped UFOs.

Triangle-shaped UFOs have been in the media for the past 20 years or so. Numerous television shows have reported cases from different parts of the U.S. and Western Europe. These craft are usually about the size of a football field and nearly two stories thick. They are typically reported as having three major glowing orbs on the underside.

They are non-reflective and black in color, but they’ve also been reported as glowing orange or yellow. The strangest element is that most reports say that they are unnervingly silent.

The CNY region is not without its reports of these triangle-shaped crafts. Among the earliest-known upstate reports of a triangle craft was in January 1979 in Herkimer.

One winter’s night, a snowmobiler who lived in the country went to visit a friend five miles away. He stated that suddenly it became quiet; he couldn’t hear his sled’s engine and the snowmobile’s lights went out. He looked up and could make out the outline of a huge black triangle blocking out the stars. It had no lights and was silent.

He said it took about two minutes for it to pass over head. It was perhaps 100 feet off the ground and when it passed under the power lines, arcs began jumping from the wires to the top of the craft. He watched it continue moving away over a hill and then out of sight. When he got home, nobody believed him.

Other sightings include:

A sighting in October 1982 in Owasco.
In October 2010, one was reported in Skaneateles, observed by a number of people at a football game.
In December 2011 near Sylvan Beach, a family observed two of these crafts.
One was seen over Hiawatha Lake moving northwest in June of 2012 in the late-night hours.
Notably this year, a number of sightings of black triangles occurred in May 2013 in the regional New York City area.

The most recent report was logged in Earlville on July 15, 2013. A young woman was called outside by her excited boyfriend. She reported that he pointed to the sky and some distance from them was a huge orange triangle craft. They watched it for a few minutes as it slowly moved away and disappeared.

A curious aspect regarding these black triangles is the frequency of their sightings. When I examined the sighting data for the 20 years between 1979 through 2000, there were a total of 34 reports for the entire state of New York. Yet from 2001 to 2016, the number of black triangle sightings for the state totaled 414.

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