A Response to “Inexplicable Gaps in the Theory of UFOs”

As our race evolves and learns through the many trials and tribulations, the human race is continually advancing in many ways. As we become more, and more educated, we will eventually come to realize certain things that were once unknown and or was once only theory, then with time, proven and then considered to be fact and or true.

Purposely, I am trying to keep this as vague as possible. This is because we can never tell, what we are to discover to be true in the future. In time things change, perceptions change, facts change.

This is the process of life and evolution. We are not a perfect race; we are, for lack of a better term, learning vessels. If you take a look at our own human body, our 5 primary senses are all input / inward senses… Sight (I see), smell (I smell), touch (I feel), hearing (I hear) and taste (I taste).

These sensors can all be considered to be ‘devices’ that we use, to take in information, that then our brain processes. The more we use them, the more we learn. Individually, we are only on this planet in short spurts, average human life span is approximately 80 years, of which only about 10-20 years, are used to solely educate ourselves, the rest of the time, those of us not in academia, learn through experience (T&E).

You could say that we evolve with lots of trials and errors, through learning and education… All we have to do is look at our own past, to realize that this is a natural course of life. What I learn today, I will pass on to the next, and so on and so on. And depending on certain circumstances, what I learn today to be true, might not be later, based on new discoveries, technologies and the unknown…

I believe that the major religious beliefs originated with some sort of extraterrestrial intervention. The evidence written by ancient man and artifacts being found along with structures built by ancient man, leads me to believe that early man was visited by advanced, interstellar beings, and that these beings, shared with us certain advance ways of building and possibly got us going with proper mathematics and basic knowledge and understandings… this would be my guess.

And Like I said before, we learn based on testing and confirming, if we were visited by an alien species while we were in our early stages of learning… and being a highly superstitious society, it only makes sense that our race, would have perceived these beings as gods, super natural creatures, way beyond the understanding of early man.

There are artifacts, buildings, writings, etc… that point us in that direction. Even in these current times, we are discovering artifacts and structures that defy what we believed to be, early mans’ ability to build some of these things…

Taking all this into account, is it so farfetched to consider that perhaps, ancient man was visited by an interstellar race of beings, explorers perhaps (No assumptions being made here, just a best guess, as to what these beings might of been)…

Our current knowledge of space and space travel, tells us, that if we were to take into consideration the vast distances one would need to travel to get anywhere in space, 1000 earth years, 10,000 earth years, is only but a mere speck of time when it comes to light years, and distances from an interstellar point of view.

And that is not getting fancy with worm holes, warp speeds, etc… These things are no longer considered to be pure science fiction, but things that are being studied and put into practice. One day will discover how to travel to distant planets, providing we don’t destroy our race first, and or we somehow avoid a major global catastrophe.

What will be our ‘prime directive’… would we not want to interfere with other species natural evolution, would we try to help other species, that perhaps, show signs of intelligence, would we simply watch from a distance and try to not be detected?

Who knows the answers to these questions? I certainly don’t… All I’m proposing is for all of us (the human race) to be open minded and to consider all possibilities, and for us to research and debate, and form our own opinions… but to never stay fixed with a single approach as to what the UFO/ET phenomena might be and or mean, primarily because, nobody really knows what is/was the agenda of those interstellar beings, that might of visited earth a long time ago, and could possibly still be observing our evolutionary path.

As we grow and become more aware of the situation, in my estimation, there will come a time when these beings will make themselves known to mankind. Perhaps, we are on the precipice of this awareness, and then again, perhaps, we still have a long way to go.

It is left to us to figure that out. Good luck my fellow researchers, investigators and sky watchers. You are not alone.

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