Hundreds Of People Spot A UFO Across Florida Skies

More than a hundred people witnessed a massive, mysterious object flying across the sky from West to Florida Panhandle at around 11 pm on November 23. The unidentified flying object (UFO), according to the witnesses on Florida’s western coast, looked like a fireball. People living in the area thought aliens invaded them after seeing the strange bright light in the night sky.
Many people from Key West to the Florida Panhandle, who observed the UFO, reported the strange sighting to the local authorities as alien invasion speculation unfolded.
Meteorologist Josh Stone, who works in ABC7, described the light as bright as the sun with a little rumbling after it disappeared. Josh claimed that the North Point Police Department even caught the unusual event on their dashboard cameras.
Some residents have concluded that the rare fireball was a UFO controlled by space aliens. It seemed like a lot of paranoia in social media as some were declaring it was indeed an alien invasion.
Unidentified flying object (UFO) is generally defined as any apparent anomaly or event in the sky that can’t be identified as known phenomenon or object. However, sometimes a UFO becomes identifiable because of the low quality of evidence.


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