Ex-Chinese Government Official Confirms Aliens and UFOs Are Real

UFOs and aliens have been discussed in all walks of life for many decades. This year alone, there are hundreds of UFO sightings reported from different parts of the world, and some of them were from former government officials.
Now, a new claim has surfaced, this time from a former Chinese official who said some of UFO sightings could be real.
Shi-Li Sun, an ex-government diplomat in China, has created exciting news among alien UFO enthusiasts and researchers. The official shared some information during a disclosure hearing. He said that ET life and intelligent aliens are true.
He went on to say that government has substantial proof or evidence that aliens and UFOs have been here on Earth for many years. Shi-Li Sun’s disclosure took place at a recent Paradigm Research Group (PRG)’s UFO disclosure summit organized by Stephen Bassett.
The head of the World Chinese UFO Federation, Shi-Li Sun, claimed he, along with Chinese UFO scholars and researchers, has been studying all pieces of evidence for years. They concluded that UFOs and aliens are authentic.
According to reports, Shi-Li Sun has written various articles on the subject of UFOs and aliens, which have appeared in China’s Encyclopedia, edited by Shen Shituan, a prestigious Chinese scientist.
Shi-Li Sun once claimed that aliens have been here on Earth since many years ago and they are now living among humans. These aliens are difficult to recognize because they are disguised as humans, added Shi-Li.

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