UFO Emerges From Portal Over Hollywood Hills

UFO investigators are examining two pictures that show a strange beam of light from the sky and an unidentified flying object. The photos were taken simultaneously over the Hollywood Hills in California.
The unnamed photographer said he did not see anything bizarre at the time of snapping the two pictures, but he spotted anomalies when reviewing the images later.
In a report to MUFON, the witness said that he took some photos and noticed something strange on them. The pictures were taken a day before the witness sent them to the organization dedicated to the investigation of alien and UFO phenomena.
The first image shows a portal-like beam of blue light, which appears to distort the trees as it passes above them. A small dark UFO can be seen to the right of the beam.
The second picture apparently shows a slightly different part of the hills and seemingly in a closer zoom. It shows a translucent jelly-like UFO that somewhat has three dots inside it.
Some UFO believers suggest that it could be a living entity that travels through portals without needing spacecraft. However, there’s no scientific explanation to support this conspiracy theory.
Meanwhile, skeptics would say that strange light anomaly on pictures often due to the result of sunlight refracting inside a camera lens pointed towards the sun.