Holy Cosmic Cube from Outer Space

“As age by age the worlds do dissolve and change;
And the Universe unfoldeth itself as a rose,
And shutteth itself up as the cross,
that is bent into the Cube”

[Note: it grieveth us deeply that many have referred to our Dear Sister Winifred as a “major nutcase.” We find her synthesis and perceptions to be robust and ecclectic enough to qualify for membership in our Holy Blue Order. In that she lacketh, however, the required Fraternal Appendage necessary for true membership, we have extended the Open Hand of Fellowship on an Honorary “Brothress” basis. For afterall, is it not the Holy DNA itself which alone is that mystic tie which maketh men brethren? -B:.B:.] 

Mothership Communique #1


We are The Eternals. In our world hindsight is foresight. We are accelerating the sub-atomic molecules which carry the phenomena of consciousness in all life forms. We are preparing to increase the warp speed of dimensional frequency bands by which the Mind of Man and the Master Mind become One.

We are here to fulfill the ancient promise of the birth of a New Earth Era. Concordant global media outlets will be able to witness the greatest news story of all time; the dissolution of the old world and the birth of the new, as the disintegrative-integrative effect intensifies.

We can expect nothing from anyone on Earth save that which we have first accomplished ourselves. Like yourselves, we are each on the eternal journey, all on a various steps of the mountain of consciousness. As members of the Galactic Federation we are light years ahead of man in vibrational frequency of thought.

There are no passengers on the MOTHERSHIP, only Star Fleet Officers and Crew. Free Will involvement by the mass is the method for solving the Earth’s dilemma. Integrative consciousness connects on an Order of Merit: Specialized expertise is clearly useful, especially to guarantee the fairness of our contracts. Persons who are not spiritually integrated have little value in the higher realms.

Justice distinguishes between ignorance and sin. Sin can only be committed once people know the Law of the Universe and wilfully choose to disregard it. Sin is STUPIDITY – inability to put 2+2 together to make 4. Stupidity is the only unforgivable sin in the World of Cosmic Order.

The Beautiful Cosmic Beings of Planet Earth are keen to get on with the show. We can flip these from a mortal to god/goddess paradigm as the convergence of dimensions is completed. Biomutant change comes as cells vibrate at higher frequencies to make mind cells expand with the light, so elevating consciousness from an operation base of finity to infinity.

It is the Will of THE ONE that all should be saved. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. TRUTH is a straight line. LIES are what form the crooked paths which lead to the labyrinth of the bottomless pit of despair and death. Lies are the ultimate form of mental inefficiency. They block out THE LIGHT and rob a person of the power of SELF ESTEEM. To this end we may think and speak only TRUTH as we know it. This inviolable logic is infinitely valid across dimensions.

The Universal Creed represents a straight line (The Cosmic Kundolini; Galactic Monopole; or isotope line) across all dimensions. It is like the straight spinal column up which spiritual energy runs, like the sap which nourishes the TREE OF LIFE.

TRUTH at this core of your mortal being is the assemblage point of the New Reality vs. being centered in the old world of the illusion. It is from this assemblage point that we can expand to the full height of our self esteem. EXPAND your POWER POTENTIAL now by rooting out any traces of the illusion via the Universal Creed.

Although various people on earth all look about the same in height and similarity of form, from the etheric perspective some are dwarfs and some are 100 ft. tall in mind comparison. By clearing out the dross of the illusion from the various packets of the cellular structure the human brain can receive and store new information.

The Living Cosmic Cube

1 – To establish God’s Kingdom on Earth
2 – To establish the Cabin Climate of planet Earth
3 – To magnify the Living God
4 – To bring the cosmic Method to humanity
5 – To manifest Cosmic Megatron Law
6 – To Synchronize Celestial and Global Intelligence
7 – To represent God The Businessman
8 – To vindicate Heaven on Earth
9 – To harvest God’s Earth
10 – To establish relationship on behalf of 20th Century Logos
11 – To establish Cosmic Literacy
12 – To welcome the King of Kings

As age by age the worlds do dissolve and change;
And the Universe unfoldeth itself as a rose,
And shutteth itself up as the cross,
that is bent into the Cube”

The COSMIC CUBE represents the single most important event in Earth history. It is the New Earth matrix given to man by the Elohim. It results from thirty years of vigourous fission and fusion between the mathematical, geometrical and musical forces of Heaven and Earth. It was over twenty million years before that in preparation.

This fusion formula between the forces of Heaven and of Earth traces the flow of Cosmic Energy through seventy two electro-magnetic circuits, each one of which has an objective to fulfill, as it completes its path through fission to fusion…rather like the analogy of the snake biting its own tail, in a (+1)+(-1) implosion.

To this end, each of the 72 Cube Circuits has two entry windows, which give the flat surface of the Cosmic Cube 144 entry windows, each of which is programmed to go to the end of its thought and produce a “Streak of Light” solution. Each entry window is called a circuit.

For example: Completed Circuit 3.7/7.3 deals with establishing a global Guild of Mastercraftsmen (3.7) to recover the treasured resources from the old world (7.3). These would be people who feel born to identify, recover and rebuild the classical Masterpieces of the ages in a systematic and worshipful order.

The vertical gridwork of the Cube is composed of 12 coils. Each of these has 12 entry windows, (called circuits) that can be accessed by pressing the appropriate buttons.

In its more esoteric or vibratory aspect, the COSMIC CUBE is like a web which resonates to a musical scale of notes, tones, and principles. This grid is strung out between 12 vertical pillars (or coils) which have earth-sky horizontal connections. The grid resonates with the harmony of the spheres, giving off a signal or returning echo. This is how the life energy dance of THE TRANSCENDENT UNIVERSE is gradually crystallized and made visible. While each cube position is firm, the persons occupying any given position in the Cube, may vary from time to time. Each is a window of opportunity for life in a New Earth Era.

The COSMIC CUBE provides the user with a brightly lit runway for takeoff from Earth to the Kingdom of Heaven. It allows the user to travel a path from Alpha through Omega, and out into Alpha II. We each choose our viewing position or “assemblage point of consciousness”, but all points merge in the Unified Field.

COSMIC CUBE ENERGY spirals in the form of a circular stairway or Monopole of Light, which runs from Entre Window 4.01 to Exit Window 3.12. Basic Integrity is the only entrance requirement.

Yours affectionately,

The Cosmic Cube.
(as given to Winifred G. Barton by the Star People on September 26-27 1973)

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