History of Contact with Blond Aliens

Ufologists around the world to collect stories about meeting species of aliens nordiques (Nordic aliens). Below are a few contacts:

1) Seven year old Danish boy Jonas was playing with a friend. He noticed that his sister looks out the window and with a frightened look waving and waving to him. He looked at the sky and saw a silvery oval object hovering over him. His body was enveloped in a blue haze, and he found himself in a circular room. There he met a being the man. He was dressed in a silvery one-piece suit without seams, with logo on the chest. He introduced himself and said his name Jahrmin. Approached by a woman with blond hair took her hand and said her name Janviate. They came from kindness. The boy felt that has with them a kindred spirit.On the big screen on the wall showed him the planets of the solar system, meteorites, comets, and other star systems and civilizations. Showed him how to change planet Earth for decades. Then he was returned back to the house.Jonas grew up and moved to the United States, to Arizona, where he works as a spiritual counselor.

2) Marshal sir Peter HORSLEY, tells about the meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence. The incident occurred in winter. On the basis of the received radio signal from an unidentified flying object. They were convinced of the friendliness of their intentions. Sir Peter HORSLEY where he was told to come and saw the aircraft standing on four pillars. He waited for the woman. She held it up to the room where he met the man who introduced himself as Mr. An. The stranger asked what they know about UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations. Then began a philosophical conversation about space travel, the afterlife and humanity. He said that people are spiritually immature and can destroy themselves.During the conversation, Peter HORSLEY noticed that the stranger reads his thoughts and answers questions that he wants to say. The stranger said that they are watching humans at a distance, and while they cannot interfere directly in human Affairs. Before they will reveal their presence, people have to unite, to become kinder to each other. (HORSLEY 1997)

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