Contact With Nordic Aliens In England

North Wales married couple Anna and Gaynor Betwen survived an extraordinary experience. With them was also their six-year-old boy. In the summer the day the family went outside the city to relax. The parents were sitting, and the child played nearby. Suddenly they noticed the ground sloping down to the strange object. He was a metallic color, streamlined, no individual parts. It supports forward and he landed. From below came the likeness of the stairs and came down a man dressed in a silver suit with a helmet on his head.

He was tall and broad-shouldered. They thought that it was a man. Using the device as a tube it took a little soil.
The stranger noticed the people staring at them. Anna and Gaynor felt a telepathic influence from which all the body as if needles were covered and stiff. From the aircraft there was a noise, and the stranger climbed the stairs inside. Camera smoothly climbed up, stopped and promptly took off for the sky.

A year later, the meeting with aliens again. Anna is asleep in her bed when she was awakened by a bright light. She opened her eyes and saw that the roof of the house seemed to have disappeared. A bright beam of light drew her to him. Then Anna found herself in a round room, where there were several creatures that were waiting for her. They looked like people, with long light hair and gray-blue eyes. They came from the goodwill. They had a dialogue.

Then one of the aliens approached and touched her arm. Arnaud started to be pulled out with great speed up, she didn’t understand what was happening. Suddenly she found herself in a meadow. The sky was bright blue without a cloud and shone red sun. There were people that were walking. In appearance they were all not more than twenty years. There were animals, she noticed the large cats, but they caused no fear. Arna felt it happening if not in our reality.
Recovering himself and opening his eyes, she again saw him one of the aliens. They also showed the probable future of mankind. She saw the ruined city as if from a tsunami. It caused consternation. The aliens have warned that if people do not choose the right path, then it would happen.
Anna drew attention to one of the huge screens in the room, there was visible our blue planet. The aliens brought her back home, said goodbye and promised another meeting.

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