Contact and alien beings

Jacques B. had several meetings with aliens, which completely changed his life. He lived and worked in the small settlement at the foot of mount Canigou. Once in the courtyard of his house he saw a strange man. He was 2 meters tall, had an athletic build and long blond hair. He was wearing a fitted gray suit and gray boots. His eyes were large and slightly slanted, and his hands and face very white.

Jacques asked where he came from. The man said “top”. The witness thought so from the mountains. They had a conversation. The whole conversation he did not remember.
“What are you doing here?”. The stranger answered that explores the countryside around the mountain. He showed him a sheet of strange material, which was a lot of incomprehensible symbols. The stranger expressed his dissatisfaction with human selfishness. “Man believes that he is the only intelligent species in the universe, it is not. In spite of your achievements and proud to be different, which will replace you in due time. Your children will change with each new generation, improved social structure and religion.”

When the stranger decided to leave, Jacques decided to spend it. They walked up the hill and he saw a silver object. Next to him stood a stranger, a woman.
History of Jacques B. similar to the contact between George Adamski, who described a meeting with a high alien with long blond hair.

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