Appearance Nordic Aliens

In a small village, a local resident was woken by a barking dog. When he went to find out what happened we discovered the object, which landed on the railway track near his home. Police later recorded deeply embedded sleepers. Two beings sent a powerful beam of light on a witness who tried to chase them. He suggested that they were bullies. Ray froze on the spot of the accident, and he recovered only after the creatures disappeared.

Several other cases in France in September and October associated with the same paralyzing rays, produced by small devices such as flashlights that had mysterious beings. From that time began to receive the first credible reports of cars and other vehicles, victims of the accident in the presence of a UFO. Three other witnesses saw a round object with a transparent dome on top. Inside it was a humanoid creature in goggles, manipulated the controls. The object shot up, sent to earth waterfall of sparks.

The most impressive observation in Britain in the cottage near the best matching in Staffordshire. Mrs. Jesse Rosenberg hid with her children under a table when a large object with a transparent dome began circling around, emitting rays of UV light. In the dome there were two blond men in the “ski suits”, they behaved like curious tourists. The flow of similar messages soon acquired a more distinct character. Basically met two types of beings that behave remarkably consistently. First — high, rising almost human, often with light or white hair and blue eyes. In appearance they resembled the Norse gods, and therefore received the nickname nordiques. These creatures are usually simply observed, seemed compassionate, even friendly, and had developed an almost magical ability, for example, passed through walls, appeared and disappeared again.

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