Four Stories Contact With Blond Aliens

October 12, 1954 in Sainte-Marie-d Herblay on the Atlantic coast of France about 22 hours 30 minutes 13-year-old Gilbert Lele walked 800 metres from home when I saw the strange device standing on the ground, he described it as something like a “glowing disk”. Beside him stood a man dressed in gray clothes, and gray boots. He walked over to the surprised boy, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Look but don’t touch, it’s dangerous”. Under the disk you can see the stairs inside . Gilbert could see something like a side panel with lots of different lights. Soon the man went inside, the ship rose silently upward at high speed made two loops from which the boy captured the spirit and disappeared into the sky.
Misty morning June 1967 Argentina. 72-year-old artist Benjamin Solari Parravicini . He was walking down a deserted street, when in front of him was a big blond man with clear eyes that spoke to him with words in an unknown language. Thinking that he was dealing with a madman, the witness continued on his way, but lost consciousness. He woke up inside a strange device, which, among other things, he said that people from flying saucers watching the Ground to avoid disaster.
July 18, 1967 Boardman. Ohio. Anthony de Polo was awakened by a strange buzzing sound. He had the impression that someone asks him to leave. If under hypnosis Anthony went to the door. He went outside and there between his house and the house of the neighbors saw a silhouette in the glowing robes. Again the noise came, and he received the following message: “You have nothing to fear, I’m not going to hurt you, and I know you won’t do it.” De Polo saw the light, or rather a sort of radiance in the sky. Remember how were in a certain location and blacked out, woke up already at home.
18 October 1954 22 hours 15 minutes about the Saint Point lake in the East of France, a certain Mademoiselle Bourriaud noticed a brilliant light on the road and stopped the bike. She saw next to the light man of medium height. With him were two of the dwarf.

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