Fox Likely To Re-Visit The X-Files

The possibility of Fox rebooting The X-Files may have been ignored a few years ago. But in today’s scenario and if Fox executives are all game, then the possibility is believable.
Few days ago, Fox declared that they were in the logistical point of rebooting the series. In this connection, they were checking if they could bring back all original players. Without Mulder and Scully, Fox said they’re not doing The X-Files.
But the big drive for the revival of The X-Files did not come from Fox or its creator Chris Carter. Gillian “Scully” Anderson did the big push. Earlier in February 2015, Anderson said that she would be more than happy to make more episodes of the show that contributed much to her career. Anderson is currently part of The Fall. Hosts Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira as well as Anderson encouraged listeners on The Nerdist podcast to tweet the #XFiles2015, and they’ve got an overwhelming response.
The Internet once again wielded its power by bringing the sentiment of people to bring back the 20-year-old television series from the dead. In 2014, leaked test footage from a proposed Deadpool movie circulated on the internet and many believe that it was a ploy on behalf of the creator of the film to generate online buzz necessary for bringing the project back to life. Those responsible for the trick have succeeded due to overwhelming support online. The film will debut in 2016, starring Ryan Reynolds.
With the internet’s very strong support and both Anderson and Duchovny on board, the only stumbling block to bringing back X-Files is Chris Cater. Though Fox says that Carter has interest, it also confirms that he “has a lot going on.” Fox notes that it will not go on without Carter. But there’s a little chance that Carter would turn down the overwhelming enthusiasm from cast members and fans.

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