Popular UFO Sightings From Project Blue Book Files

Project Blue Book, investigation effort by the U.S. Air Force on UFO sightings spanning from 1952 to 1970, has been available for quite some time now. But the compilation of all cases into an easy-to-search database has just launched recently by The Black Vault. Here are some of the most interesting and famous cases from the files of Project Blue Book.
Mantell UFO Incident
On January 7, 1948, Kentucky police spotted a UFO and Captain Thomas F. Mantell, a pilot at Kentucky Air National Guard, chased it. Godman Army Airfield received a report from an officer about the UFO too. And officers in the control tower also noticed the same mysterious aerial object. Mantell chased the UFO up to 20,000 feet, but moments later he blacked out because of insufficient oxygen. Mantell lost control and crashed.
Lonnie Zamora Incident
Several people reported similar UFO sightings over Socorro, New Mexico on April 24, 1964, including State police officer Lonnie Zamora, who saw the unidentified flying object on the ground before it took off. He described the object as white in color and oval or egg in shape with girder-like legs. He reportedly heard a roar and at the bottom of the object, he saw smoke and flame. The now known Lonnie Zamora Incident received extensive media coverage, and Project Blue Book author described Zamora as sincere, honest, and reliable.
Betty and Barney Hill Abduction
Betty and Barney Hill both said they spotted a UFO following their vehicle as they were returning home in September 1961 and that aliens abducted them. Through a regression therapy session conducted in 1963, the abduction was revealed. Barney and Betty detailed their abduction and scientific experiments done to them by aliens under hypnosis.

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