Latest UFO Crash Incident In Manitoba: Seen By Many and Reported By Different Individuals

Mysterious lights were seen over Jackhead Reservation in Manitoba, Canada last week. UFOlogists suspect a UFO crash into Lake Winnipeg as military forces allegedly spotted on snowmobiles pulling a massive disc out of the lake. But in response to reports about the UFO crash and recovery, Canadian Forces said it was merely a military training exercise. Seriously?
On Wednesday night, February 18, reports started to make rounds on social media about the lights over Lake Winnipeg. According to the Facebook post by Brent Mancheese, there were reports about the UFO crash on the Jackhead reserve in Manitoba, Canada. Allegedly, vehicles of the Canadian Military were lined up on the north shore. Taking pictures in the scene was strictly prohibited, and the army even issued a threat to anybody who tried to do so. Lots of eyewitnesses were in the area. These witnesses apparently saw a round object being hauled across the lake and pulled out by snowmobiles and bombardier. Eight fishermen reported the incident, but Mancheese wonders why the authorities did not let the media know if it was a plane crash.
In another report, bad thing happened to one witness with a camera. It said that a disc shaped craft was spotted diving into the frozen lake. At least one witness managed to get a photo of the craft. Unfortunately, that person has since been detained by the Canadian military.
According to Lt.-Col. Paul Davies, the Canadian army was taking part in Exercise Arctic Bison 2015, a program that trains military personnel to handle emergencies in harsh environments. Was UFO crash emergency included in the training? Davies said not so.

Davies, the commanding officer of 38 Territorial Battalion Group, explained that there were no aliens or a UFO and just his friends in the Air Force helping them on this exercise.
So, what about those UFO reports? Davies said that it was a craft with quick takeoff capabilities. He explained that it may have appeared like it was going straight up in the air from a distance, but in reality it wasn’t.
Seeing an airplane taking off from a frozen lake is quite unusual. So, what about the crash reports? What about the large disc-shaped object? What about the evidence in the photograph? What about the eyewitnesses?
What actually transpired at Lake Winnipeg last week?

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