Common Reports on Alien Abductions

June 24, 1947 is considered as the start of the modern UFO age when several crescent-shaped objects were observed by American pilot Kenneth Arnold, who described the objects as saucers if they were skipping across the water. The media started to embrace the term flying saucer from this sighting and the term was born.
Before the middle of the sixties, nobody had any knowledge about UFO phenomenon. Only in the seventies researchers became interested in the phenomenon. Specifically, the researchers were concerned about abduction of humans into a UFO by extraterrestrials. In recent years, abductions seem to be a major part of UFO phenomenon.
Among the common reports by alien abductees include mysterious figures appearing in their room, they are taken from somewhere else and suddenly finding themselves inside an unusual room. Once in the room, they seem to undergo experimental procedures both physical and psychological.
Physical and psychological procedures in women usually include artificial insemination and followed by the removal of the grown embryo after a few months. After the entire procedure is done, the abductees will be returned to their place.
However, only few of the vast experiences on alien abduction have been made public. This few numbers of shared experiences might be illusions. These experiences may not necessary mean what had happened to the abductees, but rather what they believe happened to them.

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