MUFON California Executive Director Shares His Close Encounter With UFO

Jan C. Harzan became a believer when he saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) at close distance. He was 10-year-old boy when he saw the UFO in 1995.
While in his bedroom in Thousand Oaks, California, his brother came in and told him that he had noticed a strange craft hovering around 10 feet off the ground in their backyard.
When he went out to check the mysterious aerial object, he was surprised to see a landing UFO 30 feet from him. He observed that it had no visible means of propulsion, except for its humming noise.
Harzan saw the UFO slowly started to drift away after around five minutes. It then shot off at a tremendous speed.
Harzan shared this story as he walked through the Crowne Plaza Hotel’s corridors in Cherry Hill on Friday where the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) was holding its 45th annual symposium.
Harzan, 59, is now MUFON California executive director. He estimated that around 700 people would attend the four-day event before it will end on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday morning, hundreds of people went to the event and listened to former state security director for a package delivery company John Ventre, 57, who is now serving as a director of MUFON Pennsylvania. Ventre discussed how to better educate the media on the UFO subject.
Harzan said that media people don’t have the knowledge about UFO subject and this is the primary reason they treat it with some skepticism and some laugh factor.


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