Cloaking Triangle UFOs

One of the most recent UFO news from a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) news story highlights a Christmas Eve sighting in Clearwater, Florida. The latest UFO sighting involves an unknown triangle object that raises speculations about the cloaking abilities of these kinds of UFOs.
The sighting can be likened to the UFO sighting in Los Angeles that took place at the beginning of December. The UFO that spotted in Missouri also made the rounds online because of its strange translucent appearance, which strengthens theories on alien cloaking technology.
The Clearwater UFO involved two objects that disappeared when they passed behind a tree line, but the third one vanished completely before the witnesses’ eyes.
In Missouri UFO sighting, the conspiracy theory focused on a possible skin of ceramic material that could make people difficult to notice an aircraft in flight.
Triangle UFOs often reported to be flying low, and many enthusiasts suggest that flying at low altitude could be part of their missions. It brings to the theory that these UFOs find using cloaking technology a necessity.

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