Former RAF Lieutenant Recalls Bizarre UFO Captured on Radar Over Air Base

A former flight lieutenant at Royal Air Force (RAF) claimed to have noticed a strange UFO blasted across radar screen while working at an air base.
Malcolm Williams did not expect to witness a UFO activity while working in air traffic control at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire. In an interview, Williams told UFO investigator Philip Mantle that the incident took place during his night shift before Christmas in either 1994 or 1995.
At the time, Williams claimed that he had almost two decades of experience and knowledgeable enough to identify causes of radar oddities, atmospheric variation, and bird.
Williams observed a massive blob on the radar screen while guiding two C130 Hercules aircraft that were around three miles from touchdown. Unable to identify the thing, he contacted the pilots of the two C130s and fed them around the target.
Williams decided to pass control of the inbound aircraft to a colleague and go to the visual control room upstairs.
Philip Mantle interviewed Williams about the incident.
According to Mantle, Williams recalled that the room where he had been based had no windows, so he tried getting a visual sighting of this radar target. Williams failed to see anything, but another radar known as the Distance from Touchdown indicator in the visual control room had the same blob, which was stationary on the screen.
The visual controller could not also explain the target. When Williams returned to the radar room, the blob was still present on the radar screen. He used the suppressors to try eliminating the strange thing, but it was still there on the screen.
Williams then thought of a technical problem, but after checking, he realized that all systems were functioning perfectly fine.
Then everything changed when the blob on the radar was apparently bursting and shooting off at an incredible speed in all directions. Williams said that it was the first time he saw such thing moving that fast.
The visual controller also witnessed the same strange activity on the DFTI.
An agitated airman, who was on guard duty at the base, then telephoned Williams saying that he just observed something very strange. The airman told Williams that he saw a bright light in the east bursting and shooting off in all directions at speeds that he could not believe.
Moments later, another airman on guard duty also telephoned Williams and reported the same thing.
Williams called the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and reported the incident. He also sent a written report of the incident to the MoD in London, but they did not get back to him.

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